Structural Characteristics Of BT-150E Tool Grinding Machine
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Structural Characteristics Of BT-150E Tool Grinding Machine


BT-150E tool grinding machine is used to process end mills, ball nose milling cutters, step drills, reamers, forming milling cutters, deep hole drills, triangle chisels, and ox head planers. It can sharpen the edges and grooves of metal cutting tools and the outer circles, planes and complex shapes of small and medium-sized parts. The maximum grinding workpiece diameter is 250 mm. So now it is widely used in various industries. The following Beijing Demina will introduce the structural characteristics of the device.

Structural Characteristics Of BT-150E Tool Grinding Machine

1. Specially made high-strength polymer bed, self-weight, stable structure, good rigidity, strong shock absorption. No special requirements for installation.

2. Finite element design, reasonable design of the five-axis structure, compact space, convenient operation, and larger effective stroke.

3. BT-150E tool grinding machine to grinding inserts, the spindle undergoes high-speed dynamic balancing treatment, labyrinth seal. The spindle is water-cooled to effectively control the temperature rise.

4. Large workbench design, standard T-slot table, easy to install various auxiliary fixtures. Effectively expand the application range, easily face the processing of various special tools.

5. Equipped with a 3D tool automatic measurement system, which can be automatically measured and completed within a few seconds.

6. A unique and ultra-high-precision cutting oil cooling filter device greatly improves the processing effect. Ensures the lasting cleanness of the machine tool, and the quality of the tool.

BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine is a high-quality, high-precision and sharp key equipment for high-quality grinding and manufacturing of precision, complex-shaped tools. High-tech products of mechatronics. And for China’s current grinding machine production technology, its research and development have considerable technical difficulties. Using a 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine to grind the tool must rely on tool grinding processing technology and programming technology. And the grinding processing technology and control system of various complex shape tools is also core technologies in the field of CNC. Therefore, in the future, the improvement and development of CNC tool grinder technology is also a problem that we need to pay attention to.

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