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  • Operating Instructions And Precautions Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine

    Steps of APE-40 drill grinding machine First, boot Press the power switch and unscrew the emergency button. Second, return to the origin Turn the knob to the origin mode and start the hydraulic pump. In order to raise the positioning ball, the y-axis is not affected when it returns to the origin. Press F1, F2, F3, and F4 to make the corresponding X, Y, Z, and A. The axis returns to the origin. Third, repair the wheel After the new grinding wheel is replaced, you must first enter F7 (ie working coordinate), press &#135. Key X, Z, the value of A axis is set to “zero”. Then adjust the knob to handwheel mode, press F4 (A), Rotate the handwheel to make the trimming pen touch the grinding wheel, set the value dropped by the A axis to the column A of the working coordinate G54. Start the hydraulic pump, the spindle rotates forward, the knob is adjusted to the automatic mode, press F7 (initial repair), and then press the program to start, the amount of trimming and the number of times are set in the parameter settings. Fourth, the knife Feed the workpiece into the Y2 axis, press and hold the Y2 key to turn the workpiece to the exact position, and the value of Y2 is input to the Y2 adjustment angle in the parameter setting. The Z-axis working coordinate should be set according to user requirements, that is, the grinding wheel Next, the smaller the back angle of the workpiece. Therefore, the X-axis to the front Z-axis must be adjusted to the exact position by a hand wheel and set in G54. Fifth, start After completing the tool setting and confirming the error, the knob is adjusted to the automatic mode. When the program is started, it will enter the working state. At this time, you can press F1 (program pause) at any time. Operation  precautions of drill grinding machine 1. The “Reset” button is often used in the work. When pressing this button, you must pay attention to whether the grinding wheel leaves the workpiece. Otherwise, the workpiece will hit the grinding wheel. Because the gearbox returns to the starting position, the workpiece on the Y1 axis will touch. Grinding wheel. 2. . In the case of sudden power failure or power failure, that is, when the Y2 feed rod is sent out if the power is turned on at this time, the hydraulic pump and the material box are started. And the Y2 feed cylinder will return to the same position and collide with each other. The solution is  use the hand to pull back; &#130. Press the magazine button to make the solenoid valve light up, then start the hydraulic pump. Use of drill grinding machine 1. Shorten the chisel edge, but it can't be repaired. Feed resistance can be reduced. 2. Take advantage of the opportunity to shorten the chisel edge and try to improve the negative rake angle at the chisel edge. Increasing the rake angle at this point reduces the cutting force and makes drilling easier. 3. Use a larger change angle. Reduce frictional resistance and make drilling lighter. 4. Reduce the apex angle. Usually, the feed pressure of the hand drill is insufficient, and a proper reduction of the apex angle can increase the positive pressure of the cutting edge on the cutting surface. Which is a reason for the V-belt drive. But too small will affect the rake angle of the cutting edge. 5. Holes with poor hole diameter and roughness requirements can properly maintain the two edges slightly unbalanced. The aperture of the hole portion thus drilled is slightly larger, and the friction between the land and the wall of the hole can be reduced. Demina's professional APE-40 drill grinding machine supplier, our drill grinding machine is of good quality and high efficiency. Welcome everyone to buy.
  • How To Use The The Drill Bits Correctly?

    Precautions of drill bit (1) Check whether the equipment is installed securely before drilling the drill bit and whether the workpiece clamping is firm. (2) When installing the fixture on the workbench or directly mounting the workpiece, the chip and dirt on the tabletop must be wiped clean. Otherwise, the fixture or workpiece cannot upright place. (3) When drilling, pay attention to the operation, and wear protective glasses when drilling. In order to prevent the cuttings from falling out to hurt the eyes. (4) Do not wear gloves and use cotton yarn ends. The cuffs must tight to prevent the drill from getting caught in the gloves and hurting the fingers. Do not directly support small workpieces and thin workpieces by hand to avoid injury accidents. (5) When drilling the through-hole, the iron should place under the workpiece to prevent damage to the workbench. When the hole is drilled, the feed force should be minimized. (6) When the spindle of the drill press is changing speed, changing the drill bit and assembling and disassembling the workpiece. It must stop after stopping. (7) Remove the chip and apply the brush. Do not wipe it with your hand or with your mouth, and it must be done after parking. (8) The head is not allowed to be too close to the rotating cymbal spindle. When stopping, the spindle should stop naturally. Do not use the hand to brake, nor reverse the brake. Drilling method for a drill bit (1) Two-hand grip: Hold the head of the drill with your right hand and hold the handle with your left hand. (2) The relative position of the drill bit and the grinding wheel: the angle between the axial line of the drill bit and the cylindrical busbar of the grinding wheel in the horizontal plane is equal to half of the apex angle of the drill bit. And the main cutting edge of the sharpened portion is in a horizontal position. (3) Sharpening action: When sharpening, the right-hand makes the state mouth contact the grinding wheel. And rotates the drill bit from bottom to bottom around its own axis and applies appropriate state grinding pressure. The left hand cooperates with the right hand to make a slow synchronous downward swing, and the angle of the swing is the back angle of the drill bit. In order to ensure that the drill has a large relief angle near the center, an appropriate right shift motion should also be made. After grinding one main cutting edge and grinding another main cutting edge, the two main cutting edges are required to be the same. And the length of the cutting edge is also consistent. (4) Bit cooling: When the bit is sharpened, the two-handed action should be coordinated and natural. The applied pressure should not too large, and it should cool frequently with water to prevent the hardness from being lowered due to overheating.
  • Product Update: Standard Board

    The introduction of cemented carbide board Cemented carbide board, also known as cemented carbide plate. It is one of many cemented carbide materials, named for its rectangular plate shape. Cemented carbide board is mainly made of WC tungsten carbide powder and Cobalt by the metallurgical method through the process of powder making, ball milling, pressing and low-pressure sintering. The product has good compactness, no holes, no trachoma, and high dimensional precision (blank tolerance is controlled at ±2.2~±2.2, blank precision is controlled at ±0.01). In addition, less processing allowance is helpful to improve your production efficiency and in the meanwhile, can greatly reduce your processing costs. The characteristics of the cemented carbide board's material Cemented carbide board have excellent red hardness, high hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic module, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (such as acid, alkali, high-temperature oxidation resistance), low impact toughness, low coefficient of expansion, and its thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are similar to iron and alloys. The range of application 1. It is used to make punching die. 2. It is used to make wear-resistant cutting tool. 3. It is used to make the high-temperature resistant part, wear-resistant parts and shield resistant parts. For example, the guideway of the machine tool. 4. It is used to make corrosion-resistant parts in the chemical industry. 5. The material properties of the cemented carbide board for different purposes are not the same. The suitable material should be selected according to the use. We offer different dimensions of the cemented carbide board.  If you have any interest in our product, please leave a message on our website. And welcome to make orders.
  • Common Testing Tools Of BT-560E Tool Tester

    The tool testers of BT-560 series are commonly adopted in tool factories, tool grinding centers, tool purchase, and inspection departments. It can inspect the geometric factors and precision of all kinds of cutters with high accuracy and efficiency. Universal template In the field of view center of BT-560E tool detector, there is a universal template with cross-scale line and angle line. The universal template plays the role of "triangle ruler" and "protractor". Placing it on the tool image, the geometric size and angle of the tool can be measured intuitively. The operation of this template is very convenient. In addition, it is very suitable for measuring some simple geometric elements. CAD template The standard model of the measured object which is drawn by CAD software is regarded as the input system( in the form of DXF file). The difference between the template figure and the image can visually display when compared with the real image of the tool. Templates of common cutting tools (such as end teeth of two-edge, three-edged or four-edge end milling cutters) can store in the system for reserve. The principle is that if the cutting performance of the tool is affected by the geometric shape of the tool. It must a comprehensive function of the geometric elements. By comparing the templates, and then evaluating qualitatively the coincidence between the geometric elements of the tool and the model. The users can discover the problem at a glance. The model is suitable for high-efficiency and large-scale testing of standard tools. Free drawing Free-drawing measurement is a kind of measurement which is achieved by the users using the mouse to draw and fit the boundary of the measured object. There are many measuring methods in free-drawing measuring tools. Such as "point-line-angle", "arc", "parallel line" and so on. This method can use to measure the tool with complex shape flexibly. The measuring accuracy depends on the calibration accuracy. Besides, each time the optical magnification is changed, the corresponding ruler must re-select.
  • PCBN Tool Grinding

    BT-150N tool grinding machine for PCBN tool grinding Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel bond diamond and ceramic bond have the common characteristics, grinding force is strong, grinding temperature is relatively low, grinding tool wear is relatively small. Can adapt to a variety of coolant action. The shape of the grinding tool is good, and the precision of the grinding part is high. There are a lot of air holes in the grinding tools we usually use. The design of these air holes is conducive to chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding. It is not easy to block and burn the workpiece. Generally, the abrasives we use have the advantages of higher sharpness, longer trimming intervals, and easier trimming, which greatly improves our production efficiency. Selecting reasonable process parameters, ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel in grinding PCBN tool, due to the resin bond is soft, easy to deformation in grinding, can not effectively grinding PCBN tool. Due to the strong binding ability of metal binders to the abrasive particles, the grinding tool has poor self-sharpening and low grinding efficiency. Moreover, metal binders can cause the most serious damage to the edge of the PCBN tool. Combined with grinding efficiency, grinding tool durability and workpiece surface quality, ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel is an ideal choice for grinding PCBN tools.   Advantages of BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinder 1. the main part of the auxiliary time is a sharp reduction in the time required for tool operation. The turning of the working table forms the arc of the blade. Adjusting the center of the tool's arc to coincide with the rotation axis of the table is a prerequisite for grinding, and the "knife setting action" runs through the entire process of tool grinding, and is repeated continuously. This is the fundamental reason that traditional machine tools cannot get rid of manual operation. 2. Easy and reliable operation, try not to rely on the manual skills of the operator. These two processes have the effect of "giving in" to natural brittle diamond knives with strong brittleness. Traditional equipment uses a cylinder feed method to achieve this effect, which greatly sacrifices the grinding efficiency of PCD and PCNB tools. 3. Increase the proportion of indexable blade grinding, which requires the equipment to have a strong specificity, a simple and rigid structure. But for a single requirement, the structure of the machine can be simplified and the rigidity of the equipment can be greatly enhanced. This not only reduces equipment costs but also lays the foundation for a solid and efficient production.
  • The Exclusive Interview Of Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co.,LTD

    According to the current market trend, what is the strategic choice of CNC tool grinding industry in China as far as you're concerned? CNC tool grinder is not a large-scale industry either at home or abroad, and can not obtain the advantage of repression from the scale of operation. I think the strategic choice of CNC tool grinding machine in China should: according to the production model and market positioning of domestic tool manufacturing. According to the overall level of domestic machine manufacturing and machine tool production. Carefully study the technological requirements of tool grinding and develop a variety of targeted products. What effective measures have been taken or what products have been introduced in time to meet the increasing demands of users for tool quality? Can you explain it in one or two cases? The new BT-150B superhard tool grinder introduced recently by Demina can manufacture and grind PCD, PCBN and CVD tools economically. The characteristics of the machine are mainly embodied in two aspects: efficiency and accuracy. The machine adopts electronic handwheel and control servo structure. Grinding feed and fast forward and fast backward are realized by manual and programmable control. Which not only ensures the operation safety but also reduces the technical requirements for operators. This greatly shortens the auxiliary time and improves grinding efficiency. The grinder can also realize on-line CCD measurement. By using an optical microscope zoom and CCD camera zoom technology, the magnification can reach 100 times. The "electronic dividing line" generated by computer software replaces the traditional optical comparison lines. So that the machine tool can accurately detect various tool-tip arcs from R0.05 to R20. And can also accurately measure the width of the slotting tool and the angle of the tooltip to realize on-line monitoring and measurement of real significance. Moreover, the machine also supports many functions such as "no mechanical adjustment", "automatic center search", "automatic edge search", "automatic measurement", "coordinate display", "image acquisition", "video recording" and "on-line teaching" after adopting software technology. Thus improving the working efficiency by more than 30%. Based on years of sales and service experience, this machine tool developed by Demina reflects the current most realistic user needs. And also represents the development direction of automation and numerical control.
  • Installation Process OF Micra-10 Micro Drill Sharpener

    Micra-10 drill bit grinder has become a piece of common equipment for current tool grinding. It is easy to operate, but some operators may feel that they are operating normally. The installation of the tool is always difficult to meet the standard when the manufacturer is debugging. Then we grind the tool. What is the process at the time of installation? Below Micra-10 drill bit grinder supplier Demina tells you about the installation process of the device. Installation process OF Micra-10 micro drill sharpener 1. If the horizontal adjustment of the tool holder is adjusted by rotating the handwheel with the hand tool holder. Adjust the handwheel directly to the tool post platform to the horizontal scale (0°). If it is a one-button recovery tool holder horizontally placed can directly adjust through the PLC panel or button. 2. Measure the size of the tool. If the tool is smaller than the tool holder platform, the conventional placement method is to place the blade face up. And then the front end of the blade slightly protrudes from the tool holder (some tools can be aligned with the upper part of the tool holder). The remaining portions at both ends must bilaterally symmetrical and of the same size. If you find that the tool is bigger than the tool holder, congratulations. Your business scope has been expanded, you need to purchase a larger range of sharpeners. But if the tool is only a little larger than the tool holder, then you can grind the reciprocating stroke of the grinding machine of the knife increases. That is, the stroke of both ends is adjusted. But it should note that in this case. The excess of the two sides needs to place symmetrically on both ends of the suction cup and passed through the cutter block or the steel ruler. Proofreading, in this process, must keep the electromagnetic chuck not energized. Otherwise, the tool is firmly attached to the tool holder and it is difficult to move, and may also pose potential hazards. 3. For tools that are within the processing range of the . The tool holder needs to be 5-10mm higher than the tool holder for routine installation, except for the special tool. 4. After all the above procedures are completed. Immediately lock the positioning bolts and energize the electromagnetic chuck to fix the tool to be ground. Complete procedure OF Micra-10 small drill grinder 1. Drill sharpener Complete the tool installation and adjust the tool holder angle. The tool holder angle is horizontal during the process of installing the tool. At this time, the angle of the tool holder needs to adjust to the horizontal position of the tool edge. After the adjustment complete, the two ends of the tool holder are adjusted. The locking device is locked. 2. If the grinding wheel is not adjusted, first run back and forth for several strokes to confirm that the grinding machine is running correctly. This step is similar to the car start, the car system will start the self-test in the program. 3. Open the wheel start button and coolant valve. 4. Rotate the lifting handwheel of the Micra-10 micro drill sharpener to adjust the lifting and lowering of the grinding wheel. And gradually reduce it until the spark is repaired during the reciprocating motion. If it needs manual adjustment, it must control by the person. Reciprocating several strokes and then adjusting the grinding wheel to fall. And if it is a CNC grinding machine, then only need to set the reciprocating stroke and the amount of feed for each drop. The conventional tool grinding is mainly divided into three parts: rough grinding, fine grinding, and light grinding. The total number of working reciprocating strokes is within 10-30 times. If the number of times is too small, the effect of tool grinding may not be expected. If the number of times of grinding is increased. It may cause the wear of the tool to increase. Which will affect the long-term service life of the tool. 5. After finishing the reciprocating operation, remove the cutter, scrape the curled edge of the knife with a large amount of fine stone. And wipe the surface of the blade with a clean non-woven fabric to clearly understand the fine powder generated during the grinding process. There is a certain degree of danger, requiring the operator to have no distractions, otherwise, it is easy to get hurt. 6. Wipe the tool with anti-rust oil, then wrap it with oil paper and wrap it in a certain thickness to prevent it from being damaged by bumping during storage. At the same time, if the sharpener is suspended. The water stain on the knife holder must wipe clean, butter or oil should wipe on the moving parts to ensure its lubrication function and rust prevention measures. Oil is injected into the oil filling hole of the sharpener before.
  • Knowledge And Safe Use Of CNC Tool Grinder

    Introduction to BT-80 CNC tool grinder In many cases, you can find something that you know what the name is, but you don't know the specific use is in that place, so it is easy to happen. This is a different situation, BT-80 CNC tool grinder is one of them. If you think this is appropriate, it is acceptable, after all, you will only use it whenever you want. In many large factories, the work that needs to be done is the tool grinder. This is the useful use. After all, in many cases, you will only know what the BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder are. What you can think of is that since you have created these things, what you have to think of is to solve this problem well. This is something you have no way to control. Even if the tool grinder is manufactured, it can't be used. This can still guarantee. This is the difference. In general, what industry is not so easy to manufacture, so It will be very expensive. This is still a matter of detail, and it is also a key point to learn how to control the tool grinder, otherwise how to know how to start it. When you want to use the 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine, pay attention to safety, thinking that these are not so simple, you can still know. In many cases you can know and understand, especially when you use your hand when you need special attention, it is still relatively important in this regard. Safety specification of CNC tool grinder is a machine tool that grinds the surface of a workpiece with a grinding tool. Grinding machines are used in a wide range of applications. Not only for high-precision, high-efficiency grinding but also for grinding with very low surface roughness. They are suitable for processing a variety of hard and brittle materials, so they are widely used in industrial applications. Here is some safety knowledge about grinding machines to introduce to you, I hope to give some advice to friends who need help. The first is self-protection. When using a tool grinder, work clothes and work caps are the clothes that must be worn. In addition, for different work requirements, there are other accessories, such as if it is processed by dry grinding. Pay attention to the dust problem, so wear a special dust mask. For the grinding operation, because the volume of the residue is large, you need to wear special goggles to avoid damage to the teeth. Then check the grinding wheel. An important part of the grinding machine is the grinding wheel. Therefore, the source of the safety problem is the grinding wheel. Therefore, when using the tool grinding machine, first ensure that the grinding wheel itself is not damaged. And ensure that the installation between the grinding machine and the grinding machine is not the problem, one more point is that the size of the selected grinding wheel meets the processing requirements. Then the process is in progress, the staff should ensure that it is in a safe position, and if it is told to polish, a special baffle is needed to protect the staff. During work should avoid the limit of the machining stroke. Finally, after the end of the work, it is necessary to ensure that all the operating rods of the grinding machine are in a neutral state. This is a reason for the car, and everyone should understand.
  • Tool Grinder Accuracy For Tool Grinder Manufacture

    Tool grinder accuracy for tool grinder manufacture As a tool grinder manufacturer, it is important for us to understand how tool makers can use our machine tools to make the tools they need.Si lai fu Lin mainly through the following two generous surface to meet user needs: one accuracy satisfaction. The other is efficient machining of complex tool shapes.  Users of the product requirements are increasingly high. Including the noise of machine tools, stability and reliability requirements, in the final analysis on the machining accuracy of the tool requirements. But the emphasis here "precision" does not refer to a knife precision, for machine tool manufacturers. "Precision" represents the accuracy of the maintenance, to ensure that a period of time to manufacture the tool accuracy are the same. Even if there is stability, also a very small range.  Accuracy of tool grinder Accuracy is mainly guaranteed by three aspects, first on the machine machine mechanical structure. At the lower stage of design, it is necessary to consider how to ensure the mechanical accuracy of machine tools. Such as the WalterHelitronic series. The bed is made of marble, which not only has an unusually strong vibration resistance, but also has a small thermal deformation. Cast iron bed on its Helitronic BasicHelitronic Power, which can ensure machining process was immovable. In addition, the series of products also adopted a special gantry structure desig. Compared with the general column tool grinder, the series of products have a substantial increase in stability and rigidity.  Secondly, the choice of spindle drive components on the machine tool accuracy is also very important. Let's use the spindle are relatively coarse, to ensure good rigidity, the application of screw is absolutely big, can reduce wear. Finally, the machine tool has good thermal performance and can not produce dynamic bed components distortion. High speed machining can make the oil temperature rise quickly. How to avoid the hot deformation of the part in contact with the oil is very important. Through a reasonable mechanical structure design, the part affected by the temperature reached a balance. Linking the table and the machine tool, so that the workpiece mobile to prevent contact with the high temperature sector.  In addition to ensuring accuracy, complex tool shape processing is also a provocation. At present, tool manufacturers are renovating their products faster and faster. And the product shape is more and more complex, which requires a set of flexible software to keep up with their development pace.
  • Grinding Standard

    Grinding standard of drill bit Whether to have a good tool grinding standard is to measure whether a grinding center is professional standards. Standard of grinding, the general rules for different cutting tool in cutting different materials when the cutting edge of technology parameters, including the blade Angle, apex Angle, rake Angle, Angle, blade, after chamfering, etc parameters (in the , make the blade passivation process is called "blade".The process of chamfering the edge of an edge is called chamfering. Each professional company has its own years of summary and grinding standards. Differences between HM bit and HSS bit HSS bit: the top Angle is usually 118 degrees, sometimes more than 130 degrees. Sharp blade. The accuracy (edge height difference, symmetry, circumferential jump) is relatively low. Cross edges are modified in many ways. HM bit: the top Angle is usually 140 degrees. Straight groove drills are usually 130 degrees, and three-edge drills are usually 150 degrees. Blade and edge (edge) are not sharp, often passivated, or called the edge and chamfering. High precision requirements. The cross blade is often shaped into an S- shape to facilitate chip breaking. After the Angle: The back Angle of the blade is very important for the tool. The back Angle is too big, the blade is weak and easy to jump, and it is easy to "prick". Back Angle is too small, the friction is too large, cutting disadvantage. The back Angle of the cutting tool varies with the material being cut, the type of cutting tool and the diameter of the cutting tool. Generally speaking, the back Angle decreases with the increase of the tool diameter. In addition, the cutting material is hard, the back Angle is smaller, otherwise, the back Angle is larger.
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