CNC Tool Grinding Machine Maintenance And Maintenance During Running-in
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CNC Tool Grinding Machine Maintenance And Maintenance During Running-in


BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine

Due to the complex, precise and versatile work of BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine, we pay more attention to the life and maintenance of the machine. The service life can dive three stages, the new machine running-in period. The normal trial period and the state maintenance period. Just talk about the new machine running-in period that is easily overlooked by everyone. The maintenance of the new machine running-in period is easy to neglect. The maintenance of the new is about 24 hours. During the running-in period, the machine is running normally, reducing the machine's malfunction, and more importantly. It is to make the tool grinding machine last longer. Some people bring benefits to the rapid production of the machine and ignore the new machines in the running-in period. The losses received later are often more beneficial than this. Several characteristics of the running-in period, fast wear, poor lubrication, looseness, leakage, and many operational errors can cause different degrees of damage to the machine.

CNC tool grinding machine Maintenance and maintenance during running-in

New CNC tool grinding machine Maintenance and maintenance during running-in. Because of the special nature of the new machine, during the running-in. You should refer to the relevant instructions and materials, fully understand the machine performance. Master the operation of certain machines and maintain the experience of the new machine. The working load of the new machine tool during the running-in period should not too large. After working for a period of time, the machine should stop for a period of time to avoid the excessive temperature of the machine during the running-in period. During the other periods, you should check the use of various oils of the machine to ensure the timely addition of lubricating oil between the shafts to prevent wear. At the same time, keep the machine clean and adjust the loose parts. Adhere to the timely cleaning of the scraps on the machine after the daily work, to develop the habit of constantly checking the machine and adding lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. Coolant, etc., to maintain the normal machine operation, thereby improving the CNC honing machine service life.

Application OF Grinding machine

Nowadays, the grinding machine of BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine produced by the grinding machine manufacturer has become mechanical equipment commonly used by all industrial tool users and companies. Due to the appearance of the sharpening machine, all industrial tools have a new life. Bid farewell to the past one-time use. That is one installation, one disassembly, greatly improving the use-value of industrial tools. Extending the service life of the tool and reducing the production cost of all producers. However, with the increasing use of grinding machine sharpeners, the demand for use is increasing. And the user's improvement of the sharpening machine is getting higher and higher. Especially the core components of the sharpening machine - grinding head, grinding The improvement of the head is extremely demanding on the skill of the manufacturer. It is necessary to protect the advantages of the original knife sharpener, such as accuracy and speed, and to add other functions. First of all, the grinding head can add a grinding head from the base of the first grinding head. When sharing a grinding head, the large feed grinding and fine grinding. That is, adding a grinding head, the grinding machine runs. The cutter blade is quickly ground by the grinding head. And then the cutter liquid cleaning device is used to clean the tool after refining grinding with a fine grinding head until the spark is eliminated to meet the expected accuracy requirement. Secondly, it is possible to increase the grinding head, starting from the two aspects of power and contact surface. First increase the width of the sharpening machine body, enhance its rigidity, increase the size of the electromagnetic chuck between the guide rails. And then enlarge the casting part of the grinding machine. Increase the power of the grinding head motor and match the large-diameter grinding wheel. So as to avoid the tool clamping again, and ensure the straightness of the cutting blade section. First grinding with high power, then polishing with low power, one-time processing, saving time and effort.
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