About Rational Use Of Cutting Fluid
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About Rational Use Of Cutting Fluid


The rational use of metal cutting fluid can effectively reduce the cutting force, reduce the cutting temperature and reduce the thermal deformation of the machining system, which can not only guarantee the machining quality of the workpiece but also extend the tool life and reduce the processing cost. The main functions of metal cutting fluid in mechanical removal are cooling, lubrication, cleaning and rust prevention. The effect of cutting fluid depends on the cutting fluid itself in addition to a variety of properties. It also depends on the processing requirements, workpiece materials, tool materials, and processing methods and other factors, which should be comprehensive consideration, reasonable choice, and correct use.

Demina PCBN tool grinder uses micro electric water for grinding machines. The fluid can not become smelly. This cutting fluid is very environmentally friendly. It is water-based cutting fluid. When roughing, the cutting amount is large, produces a lot of cutting heat. In order to reduce the cutting temperature, they should choose the cooling performance of the good water-based cutting fluid. During finishing, the workpiece is required to obtain better surface quality and smaller surface roughness value, so the cutting oil should be used. The cutting fluid can be recycled. For the factory, it can save costs.

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