With The Rapid Development Of China's Industry
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With The Rapid Development Of China's Industry


With the rapid development of China's industry, tool applications are very wide, so no matter for the tool manufactures or tool manufactures, tool grinding machine is necessary equipment in industrial production.

The Model of BT-150H tool grinding machine

Our product model BT-150H is designed for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, carbide cutting tools. It uses constant pressure grinding.  The PCBN and PCD cutting tools can be ground with good finish. The base of the machine is made of solid casting with high quality, so the machine stability is higher than other brand grinding machine. Our company uses a big screen to display tool images in front of the operation position. An eyelift can cooperate. It improves production efficiency by about 50%.

Features of BT-150H tool grinding machine

1. The whole grinding work cycle is fully automatic. The whole automatic working cycle is: automatic loading of the workpiece - automatic clamping of the workpiece - the grinding wheel quickly approaches the machining surface - rough grinding - fine grinding - no flower grinding - Micro feed to size - Retraction - Loosen the workpiece - Remove the finished work (no cross feed to no spark) In the automatic cycle, you can also select "with grinding wheel" Corrective action" or "no grinding wheel correction action"; 2. The workpiece size is controlled by a fixed gauge or automatically controlled by an automatic measuring instrument; 3. BT-150H tool grinding machine layout, often using the wheel frame with the worktable for vertical reciprocating motion, and the head frame only for the layout of the horizontal feed movement, thus simplifying the automatic loading and unloading mechanism of the workpiece; 4. BT-150H tool grinding machine uses a special transverse feed mechanism, such as the lever test feed mechanism, which is better than the screw-nut mechanism, and the positioning accuracy is higher. Therefore, the internal grinding machine has a high production efficiency and can be used in an automatic line.
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