Use And Adjustment Of BT-560 Tool Measuring Machine
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Use And Adjustment Of BT-560 Tool Measuring Machine


The BT-560 tool measuring machine is a sophisticated instrument. It is mainly composed of a bed, a workbench, a headboard, a tailstock, and a transmission. Each part has its own function and is indispensable. Let me introduce the use and adjustment of the various components of the device.

Use and adjustment of tool measuring machine

1. Measuring the use and adjustment of the machine tool The measuring machine is a box casting. The front of the bed can be used as an oil pool or with a separate hydraulic station. Comes with a separate electrical cabinet. 2. The use and adjustment of the workbench The measuring machine table is mainly composed of an upper table and a lower table. Loosen the hexagon socket head cap screws on the upper two pressure plates and turn the adjustment handle. The upper table can rotate within the specified range to adjust the taper of the workpiece. After rotating the upper table to the desired angle, tighten the hexagon socket head cap screws of the two platens before grinding. There are two calibration marks on the right pressure plate, one for the taper and one for the scale. When the upper table rotates more than 6 degrees, the wheel frame must rotate at an angle to avoid collision between the tailstock and the wheel carrier. 3. The use and adjustment of the headstock The measuring machine head frame consists of a bedside frame and a bedside frame. The head frame can be rotated about the axis of the headstock floor. The angle of rotation can be read from the dial. The headstock dial achieves stepless speed regulation through pulleys and frequency converters. The pre-tightening force of the V-belt at the end of the head frame motor is regulated by the movable head frame motor. Adjust the pre-tightening force of the V-ribbed belt on the headstock turntable by turning the eccentric sleeve. When turning the eccentric sleeve, loosen the fastening screw first. Then transfer the eccentric sleeve to the appropriate position and tighten the fastening screw. Adjust the gap between the headstock spindle and the bearing by rotating the calibration sleeve. The calibration sleeve rotates clockwise and the gap increases. On the contrary, the gap decreases. When grinding with a dead angle method. The clearance can reduce to zero and the spindle can lock. When the spindle needs to rotate, there must be a certain gap between the spindle and the bearing. A general radius of 0.005mm is suitable. 4. The uses and adjustment of the measuring machine tailstock Turn the wrench to retract the tailstock sleeve. The pedal moves the tailstock sleeve back and forth automatically. When the foot is at the bottom, the sleeves recede; when the feet are relaxed, the sleeves move forward. The force of the top workpiece can be adjusted by rotating the adjustment grip. When grinding the slender shaft, the force of the top surface workpiece should not be too large to avoid bending the workpiece. The diamond pen can mount on the tailstock for repairing the grinding wheel of a cylindrical workpiece with a lower roughness requirement.

Advantages OF China BT-560 tool analyzer

(1) The roundness error is small, and the workpiece deformation probability is small when the workpiece is processed. (2) All the processing can complete in one loading, thereby avoiding errors caused by multiple loadings and reducing labor intensity. (3) The small footprint allows for more space for operation. (4) No dust is generated during processing, so the processing accuracy can not affect. And the service life of the machine can extend.

Safety Operation Procedure China BT-560 tool analyzer

(1) Before starting the machine, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding inspection. And the safety device, the baffle, the travel limiter, etc. Can drive only after there is no problem. (2) When the gear is lubricated, the grinding machine should stop before lubrication. (3) the electrical system should protect from moisture, damage and keep dry to prevent accidents. (4) During the operation of the grinding machine, the workpiece cannot be measured. And the various parts of the grinding machine cannot touch to prevent danger. The feed should carry out slowly to prevent damage to the grinding wheel.

Maintenance of BT-560 tool measuring machine

(1) The appearance, motor, and heat dissipation parts of the measuring instrument should be kept clean and tidy, free from dust and dirt. (2) Perform necessary inspections on the tightening handle, feed handwheel, screws, and nuts. Is it normal and correct? (3) How tight the screws and belts are, whether they need to tighten or adjust. (4) The motor and electrical box should clean frequently, and the button switch should inspect regularly. If there is damage, it should replace in time. Demina is a professional BT-560 tool analyzer manufacturer with advanced technology and good equipment performance. Welcome to come to the test machine.
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