Universal Tool Grinder
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Universal Tool Grinder


PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder for cutting tool resharpening

Over the years, Beijing De Ming Na Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has acted as an agent for various kinds of tools and drill grinding equipment in developed countries. It can provide the most suitable products for different users and provide comprehensive technical consultation and after-sales service. Modern machining equipment and technology represented by machining centers have put forward high requirements for cutting tools. Tool accuracy, service life, and tool structure have increasingly become bottlenecks affecting processing capacity and production efficiency. Expensive cutting tools are a big part of the cost of production. Therefore, the re-grinding of cutting tools and drills has become a problem that can not be ignored in the manufacturing industry. With years of accumulated technical and service experience, our company provides the following solutions.

Tool Grinding Equipment Configuration Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder for cutting tool resharpening:

Universal tool grinder pp-50 adopts precision rolling guide table, the table movement is smooth, the friction force is small. And the grinding wheel motor can be easily tilted and rotated 360° in the horizontal plane. These two functions can easily set the front and back angles of the tool, expanding the range of use of the machine tool. With all kinds of optional devices, the grinding requirements of many conventional tools can be met.

Variety Of Grindable Tools of PP-50Universal Tool Grinder for cutting tool resharpening:

The main machine of the tool grinder is equipped with certain accessories, which can grind the following cutters: 1. Accessory 50F, turning tool is grindable. 2. Accessory 50H, cutter and gear hob are grindable. 3. Accessory 50B and 50K, grindable, bit, step drill, sinking drill and tap are grindable. 4. Accessory 50E, end gear cutter, end-teeth ball cutter, R cutter and ball-end turning cutter are grindable. 5. Accessory 50D, end mill peripheral tooth (Side Edge) is grindable.

 Automation And Grinding Efficiency Of PP-50 Universal Grinding Tool:

According to different cutters, different types of accessories are selected and installed on the worktable to finish the grinding of various cutters. In most cases, grinding can be accomplished by one-time loading. Operators are required to have experience in tool grinding, preferably in the use of various types of tools. Operators need to use experience and spatial imagination to choose the most suitable equipment to grind different tools. For experienced middle-aged and old technicians.
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