Ultra Hard Tool Grinding Machine
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Ultra Hard Tool Grinding Machine


BT-150N tool grinding machine is a four-axis CNC tool grinder, which is composed of four axes. Including the wheel swing axis (X-axis), the wheel inclination Angle (b-axis), the workpiece horizontal rotation axis (c-axis) and the workpiece feed axis (Y-axis).The workpiece feed axis (Y axis) is equipped with a grating ruler for closed-loop position feedback to ensure the grinding accuracy at the micron level.

Application of BT-150N Ultra Hard Tool Grinding Machine

BT-150N Ultra Hard Tool Grinding Machine is suitable for medium - volume production of alloy blades, PCD blades and CBN blades. As long as the alignment is completed, the system will automatically finish grinding under the action of heavy hammer gravity at the press of the switch, realizing the ideal state of "constant pressure grinding, flexible feed".The machine can be switched to manual mode through the control panel to suit the production mode of small and medium batches and various varieties.

Main machine and general configuration

1. variable speed (1000-8000 rpm), spindle motor power: 5.0Kw; And the cooling water system of the equipment has circulating water, which can keep the water of the cooling water system in a clean state at any time; 2. Spindle Declination can be arbitrarily adjusted -5°-25°; 3. Max oscillation length is 30mm, max oscillation frequency  is 50times/min; 4. Optical CCD system with 80x zoom and 12 inch monitor; 5. IPC(Industrial Personal Computer) and grinding application software(including video display); 6. One Diamond Grinding Wheel; 7. Height fixture; 8. Wooden case.
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