Turning Tools
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Turning Tools


The improvement and development of turning tool material are one of the important issues in the development of metal processing today because good tool material can effectively and quickly complete the cutting work, and maintain a good tool life. Commonly used turning tool material has the following kinds.

Types and uses of turning tools

1. High carbon steel A high carbon steel turning tool is a kind of carbon steel with a carbon content between 0.8% and 1.5%. It is used after quenching and hardening. The use range of high carbon steel turning tools is not very wide, usually only suitable for cutting of soft metal materials, commonly used are SK1, SK2, SK7 and so on. 2. High-speed steel High-speed steel is a kind of steel base alloy common name white turning tool, carbon steel of 0.7~0.85% carbon content is added W, Cr, V, and Co alloy elements. The friction heat generated in the cutting of high-speed steel turning tools can reach up to 6000C, suitable for turning the speed below 1000rpm and the thread. 3. Non-cast iron alloy cutting tools This is the alloy of cobalt, chromium, and tungsten, because cutting processing is very difficult, to casting forming manufacturing, so it is also called super hard casting alloy, the best representative is stellite. Its tool toughness and wear resistance is excellent, at 8200C temperature, its hardness is still not affected, far more than high-speed steel, suitable for high speed and deeper cutting work. 4. Sintering carbonization tool The carbide tool is the product of powder metallurgy, the main component of tungsten carbide tool is 50%~90% tungsten, and add titanium, molybdenum, tantalum and other cobalt powder as the binding agent, then through heating sintering. Carbide cutting tools of hardness is higher than any other material, has the hardest three times of high carbon steel, suitable for cutting hard metal or stone material, because it's material brittle hard. So can only be made into a sheet, welded again in its toughness on the handle, so the blade passivation or split, can change another new blade, blade or change this enough tool called abandon type lathe tool. 5. Ceramic turning tool Ceramic turning tool is made of aluminum oxide powder, add a small number of elements, and then through high-temperature sintering, its hardness, thermal resistance, cutting speed is higher than tungsten carbide, but because of brittle, it is not suitable for discontinuous or heavy turning, only suitable for high-speed precision cutting. 6. Diamond cutter For advanced surface processing, diamonds with round or edge edges can be used for optical processing. A smoother surface can be obtained, which is mainly used for precise turning of copper or light alloys. High turning speeds must be used, with a minimum of 60~100m/min and usually 200~300m/min. 7. Boron oxide Cubic boron oxide (CBN) is a widely used material in recent years, and its hardness and wear resistance are relatively strong, second only to diamond. CBN tools are suitable for hard and wear-resistant machining of iron alloys, nickel-based alloys, and cobalt-based alloys.
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