Tools Grinding Industry
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Tools Grinding Industry


The PCD tool needs to be sensitive in its operation. The stroke stop in the equipment needs to be adjusted according to the length of its workpiece grinding. It is fastened in use and the PCD tool is in the second step. The process of the knife needs to be slow. When measuring the workpiece with a plug gauge or meter, the PCD grinding wheel should be withdrawn from the workpiece and stopped.

Composition of the PCD tool

The compensation of the PCD tool or the feed is mainly performed by two non-interference transmission mechanisms so that the fore feed system in the machine will have a fixed grinding function when used, and the whole device will effectively use its liquid. Both dynamic and manual feed modes. PCBN Tools Grinding will effectively have a fast-jumping mechanism, so the equipment does not have to be manually re-retarded with a medium-stop device after exiting the grinding wheel for measurement or trimming. The retracting distance can be adjusted as needed to reduce the auxiliary time. The starting handle on the workbench will be effectively equipped with safety interlocking device, which will effectively ensure safety during loading and unloading and measuring work to a certain extent. The high speed of the machine tool wheel shaft is 24000 rpm, in order to improve Grind the holes.

Use of PCD tool

It can be divided into an internal grinding machine when it is used. It is a widely used tool grinding machine on the market. It is equipped with an inner cylindrical surface, an inner conical surface and a stepped shaft end surface for grinding various shaft and sleeve type workpieces. Wait. The main components of PCBN Tools Grinding are the bed. The bed is the basic support of the grinder. The top of the parts will be equipped with the workbench, headstock, wheel frame, tailstock, etc. so that these parts will work. The exact relative position can be effectively maintained during the process, and the inside of the bed is used as an oil pool for hydraulic oil.

Advantages of PCBN Tools Grinding

1. Tools Grinding The electric spindle lubrication is oil-lubricated. Compared with the oil mist lubrication method commonly used in similar machines, the lubrication flow control is more stable and more environmentally friendly. 2. The hydraulic pump adopts the variable frequency hydraulic pump, which is more energy-saving than the ordinary fixed-speed plunger pump used by similar machine tools, and the energy-saving rate is over 30%. 3. Machine tools, grinding wheels, rollers, and machining software make it easier to optimize product performance and provide users with grinding solutions. 4. The oil valve seat internal grinding machine has the same performance as similar machine tools and has the advantage of price and service. 5. Refer to the standard design and manufacture of the cabinet, the internal space is spacious, the size is reasonable, the heat dissipation is faster, and the system is stable. Reduces the aging speed of components and extends the use time of components.

Technical Parameters of  PCBN Tools Grinding

Spindle and Grinding Wheel
The diameter of the Grinding wheel 150mm
Grinding wheel center hole 40mm
Power of grinding spindle 3KW
Adjustable range of grinding speed(RPM) 1000~3,000RPM
Servo motor swing, the adjustable oscillation frequency 0~50times/min
Grinding wheel movement range(X ) 350mm
Changeable Clearance Angle -5°~25°
Tool work-head
Max. Oscillation Range 30mm
Max. Oscillation Frequency 60times/minute
Table movement range  in the feed direction 130mm
Work-piece rotation range in the axial direction 360°
Linear scale resolution 0.001mm
encoder resolution 1'
CCD Monitoring System
Max Magnification of Optical Microscope 0.7~4 times
Magnification of CCD Measuring System, roughly 80times
12Industrial Displayer 12 “
Coolant Tank with Filter Paper About 70 L
Power Supply and Dimensions
Electrical Supply 12Kw
Overall Dimensions L╳W╳H 1890╳1650╳1980mm
Voltage Requested 380V/Three-phase /50Hz
Weight With Coolant Tank 2000Kg
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