Tool Manufacturing Order Processing System
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Tool Manufacturing Order Processing System


FOREMAN V2.0 is a tool order processing system developed by Demina company for domestic small and medium-sized tool manufacturing enterprises. Which can greatly improve the management ability of the company. The principal line of the system is the order processing, meanwhile. Is characterized by information communication and statistical analysis. So the following common management problems can solve easily with the help of FOREMAN V2.0.

The convenience of order processing

As far as many small and medium-sized enterprises' concern, order means the secret of the company. In common cases, daily works such as order processing are done by business operators in person. The workload is heavy, repeatable, and complicated, which has consumed a lot of energy of business operators for a long time. However, FOREMAN V2.0 has memory ability. As long as any data previously entered into the system. Including customer information, tool type, process plan and working hours record, etc. Will store in the data input interface. Therefore, the only work you should do is choose what you want. In that case, without entering, without checking, a piece of correct. Complete and normative "order form", "task list" or "invoice" can generate in only three or five minutes.order processing picture

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Accepting quotation and placing orders does not mean that everything is going well. This is just the beginning of the tool manufacturing process. Followed by splitting the "order" into several production "task sheets". The reason is that according to the equipment capacity of the factory. The cutting tools should be allocated to different machine tools, some of which need to be CNC and some of which can only be manually equipped. What's more, according to the different supply deadlines of cutters in order. The urgent work should be given priority, and the non-urgent work can do later. According to the proficiency and workload of employees, a single order can be made by several people at the same time. Or by an experienced master, or by an apprentice. All of these require splitting an order into different task orders.

Profit and statistic analysis

Aimed at different customers, sometimes we need to offer different quotations. For example, if the customer plays an exemplary role in the industry. Then we'd better offer a competitive price, but at the same time, we also hope this is not a non-profit business. Of course, generally speaking, we should chase a reasonable profit target. Such as a 40% gross profit. Under the changing order quantity, the system can recommend a reasonable price. Which will guarantee our constant profit target. The price analysis function of FOREMAN V2.0 benefits from its abundant basic data: the material, material price. And the size of each tool type; the working hours and wages of each tool type. The cost of machine tools required for each tool type and their depreciation life are stored in the system. Thus, we can draw meaningful conclusions from this data. Such as how many milling tools, drills, and blades we produced. Such as which employees have high qualified rate and which employees have frequent quality problems. Such as which businesses should develop continuously and which businesses should stop? All of these play a guiding role in enterprises' running and management work. report form  
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