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Tool Cloud - Tool Company's Good Helper


What is Tool Cloud?

  1. define
"Tool Cloud" is an order management and execution system based on the Internet and cross-platform, which can make the orders’ process transparent, technical process standardized and parameters traceable. It is a small ERP management system customized for the tool industry.
  1. C2M mode
The design theory of "Tool Cloud" is a C2M business model. C stands for Consumer and M stands for Manufacturer. The end-user can directly issue personalized orders to the manufacturer and participate in the whole process of order execution.It is an effective tool for small and medium-sized enterprises to divide labor and cooperate and build flat social production mode.
  1. Targeted users
Tool manufacturers, tool traders, and tool users can all register on Tool Cloud to manage their businesses and customers, who can check online for business progress and details. This can encourage customer participation and improve their experience.

Internal and external functions

  1. Externally, "Tool Cloud" can make the order process transparent.
  2. Internally, "Tool Cloud" can make technical processes standardized, make parameters traceable and realize individualization based on standards.

Data security strategy

Platform services and data storage are built based on the highest level of security named Ali Cloud platform, operated and secured by the professional and rich operational experience team. This can guarantee the customer never lost data and 7 x24 hours non-stop operation and build a security wall for the customer's business and data by automatic downtime migration, automatic snapshot backup, automatic data backup and multiple numbers of data backup in different places, intrusion detection, DDoS protection, Trojan killing, brute force, and other technical service. "Tool Cloud" is a management system developed and used by our company for many years, which makes the order management of tools convenient and simple. If you would like to know more, please call or leave a message below.
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