Tips For Buying A PP-60N Drill Sharpener
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Tips For Buying A PP-60N Drill Sharpener


Nowadays, the market is quite chaotic, and the sharpening machine is dazzling. How to polish your eyes and pick a sharpening machine that is suitable for the customer's processing profit is not easy. Demina below will give you some tips on choosing a sharpener.

Tips for buying a sharpener

First, the PP-60N drill sharpener can grind drill. As a machine tool, the motor is its heart, if the motor is broken, this machine can not work and use. This is a property, but as a consumable to buy, then because of the small loss of the general. The general cheap knife sharpener is about 200W brush motor. Low power, high noise, high energy consumption, short life, more problems, difficult to protect, easy to short circuit. Second, the cheap sharpening machine generally divides the milling cutter into the red front angle. One rear corner and two rear corners, and then complete the grinding of the milling cutter after three simple piercing actions. From the purely sharpening theory, the correctness is correct. But the milling cutter that it has milled has only one shape, which can not ensure the use, can not be used, is not durable, and can not satisfy the diversification of processing needs. Third, in general, the sharpening machine on the market can only use for special planes. One machine for one machine, can not satisfy the needs of different customers. And Demina grinding machine selects the plan of the main unit plus module, one function is a sub-module group. A host is free to deploy the module, and only need to replace the module or the grinding wheel. You can add or modify the function of the machine, the customer can select one or more sub-modules according to their own needs, saving money and saving Knife money. Fourth, the general fool type sharpening machine has no technical content, and the price is cheap, so there is no technical support and after-sales service. Some customers have spent money to buy a machine, but because they have no service, they will not be used, or they are not easy to use. It can shelve in the workshop or warehouse. After purchasing a suitable drill sharpener, some sharpeners will have some troubles after using them for a while, so how do users detect these faults?

Service system failure detection method of grinding machine

The initial shortcomings of the service system are actually viewed directly by the repair personnel. In this respect, the power supply transformer on the detection component of the sharpener service system will actually appear. The phenomenon of disconnection. It is precise because of this, after the transformer is replaced directly, there will be a phenomenon of speeding. At this time, we actually need manual emergency parking. In addition, we actually need to pay attention to the power failure view of the drill resharpening machine service system. In fact, it is due to the damage of the power supply module on the service system. In addition, we actually need to pay attention to it. In fact, there will high-power tube cracking, and the printed board will directly burn a large hole. In the printed circuit board of the power supply module on the sharpener service system. When some components are damaged or burnt, we can not only identify and have no way to test. In terms of it, the printed circuit will also blow a lot. In addition, we must pay attention to it. Since it does not have technical information, in this respect, it will directly bring more difficulties to our surveying and mapping operations. Regarding the above-mentioned shortcomings of the drill sharpener service system. It is understood that it is a shortcoming of the sharpener service system and in terms of this shortcoming. We actually need to pay attention to what is happening from it. Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to the fact that it is most important to deal with this shortcoming in a timely manner.
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