Three Sharpening Characteristics Of The Sharpener
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Three Sharpening Characteristics Of The Sharpener


Precision APE 60 - Sharpening Machine is a device for dressing tools. It is used by companies in general to repair high-speed steel tools. And a small number of tools are used to trim carbide and other super-hard materials. But do you know why companies like to use a sharpener? That's because the sharpener increases the strength of the blade, increases the life and processing capacity of the blade. And the sharpened blade is in a straight line. Another important reason is that it can save costs. is not only beautiful in appearance, novel in structure and good in performance. It is suitable for milling cutters of various diameters, shapes, and angles for sharpening and milling machines. By the tip of the mold. Therefore, the sharpening machine is the necessary equipment for computer engraving machine and engraving and milling machine and is specially designed for sharpening and milling machine.

Three sharpening characteristics of the sharpener

The sharpening machine was first called APE 60 drill tool grinder. Mainly for sharpening center, large book, a printing factory. And other institutional enterprises, book printing center, medium-sized grinding room. In general, the correct sharpening edge of the blade is divided into three types to achieve the purpose, namely: rough grinding, fine grinding, and finishing curing. One of the sharpening methods of the sharpener is coarse grinding. Its characteristic is that the feed rate is relatively large, and the purpose is to remove the cutting edge defect. However, it is worth noting that during operation, the temperature at the point of contact between the blade and the grinding wheel should not be too high. The surface of the grinding surface should not light yellow or even blue-blue. The second method of sharpening of the sharpening machine is fine grinding. It is an important step in sharpening the knife. "Uniform micro feed" and "sufficient cooling" are two key points. In general sharpening, the water and saponified oil must use in the sharpening zone with a 30:1 mixing ratio of the cooling liquid. Which is directly sprayed on the grinding wheel and the blade grinding contact point, so that the friction heat generated during the entire grinding process is fully obtained. Cooling has a triple effect of cooling, rust, and lubrication. The third method of sharpening of the sharpening machine is photo-curing. It refers to the fact that the grinding wheel travels several times in the lateral direction without feeding, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the straightness of the cutting edge and the quality of the sharpening surface. Generally, a blade with a length of 1 meter has to go through 7 to 8 strokes, and a long blade has to go through more than 20 strokes to meet the requirements.  
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