The World's Largest Exhibition In Metal Processing And Machine Tools
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The World's Largest Exhibition In Metal Processing And Machine Tools


The world's largest exhibition in metal processing and machine tools

Exhibition Date: Sep.16 to Sep.21 2019

European machine tools exhibition EMO is launched by the European machine tool industry cooperation committee (CECIMO) and sponsorship, founded in 1951, has so far held the nineteenth session, held once every two years, two famous exhibition cities in Europe, in accordance with the "Hanover, Hanover, Milan" pattern on tour, extension by eight days to shorten to 6 days.

Internationalization: exhibitors travel to EMO Hanover from all over the world and from all areas of metalworking technology.EMO Hannover is one of the world's most international metal processing trade fairs, with about 60% of foreign exhibitors. As the leading exhibition of its kind, it serves as the hub of the network, embodying a high level of expertise between the provider and the user.EMO Hannover is the only trade fair to enter the global market - located in the heart of Germany, EMO is one of the world's leading markets for machine tool sales.

Extensive exhibition scope: EMO is the world's leading machinery manufacturing technology exhibition. Covering the whole process of metal processing such as machine tools, tools, mold manufacturing, software, surface treatment, accessories, waste disposal, and related services, it has the reputation of being a vane of innovative production of engineering technology. Considering the number of exhibitors, the quality of exhibitors, the release of new products and technologies, the introduction of new ideas and other aspects, EMO is the epitome and barometer of the international machine tool market and a superb exhibition in the field of metal processing and machine tools in the world.  
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