The Working Nature Of BT-150M Tool Grinder
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The Working Nature Of BT-150M Tool Grinder


Maintenance of BT-150M tool grinder

1. You must read the instructions before using the tool grinder, familiar with the structure of the machine. The functions of each handle, the transmission, and the lubrication system. 2. Add lubricating oil according to the lubrication instructions of the machine before starting the machine. 3. Check whether the locking parts are clamped first. Check the movement of the wheel frame lifting system and the worktable and whether the electrical equipment is normal. 4. When using, select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the requirements of the material of the grinding tool and the processing part. And repair the grinding wheel working face on the working face of the grinding wheel in time. 5. If the BT-150M tool grinder malfunctions or does not sound normal during the work, immediately cut off the input power and check the cause. 6. Keep the surface of the guide rail clean during use. After work, remove the sand, iron filings and dust on the machine, and apply anti-rust oil on the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion.

Safety technology of Semi-auto tool sharpening machine

Most of the semi-auto tool sharpening machines are ground using high-speed rotating grinding wheels. A few are processed with other abrasive tools such as oilstone, abrasive belts, and free abrasives. They can combine with machine tools for one-time clamping. One-piece grinding, fully automatic intelligent operation, one-time processing finish to Ra0.2 or less. The surface of the roll directly reaches the mirror effect. The processing efficiency is greatly improved, and the roughness Ra of the parts is ≤0.2um. More importantly, the fatigue performance of the parts is improved, the surface microhardness is increased by more than 20%. The wears resistance and corrosion resistance are improved by more than 50%, and the surface is pre-treated. The ideal compressive stress and metal lattice nano-arrangement are arranged. And the processing efficiency is more than three times higher than the conventional processing technology. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine is especially important to carry out the safety work during the grinding process. When manufacturing, it is necessary to take reliable safety protection devices. And the operation should concentrate on the spirit and ensure that nothing is lost. At the same time, the fine sand and metal scraps splashed on the workpiece of the grinding wheel during the grinding of the sharpener will damage the eyes of the operator. If the operator inhales the dust in a large amount, it will be harmful to the body. Protective measures. Pay attention to the following safety technical issues when grinding. The arrangement of the grinding wheel is different. The grinding wheel of the material is shaken with different grinding wheels. The grinding wheel is sharpened with a sharp diamond pen. When the grinding wheel is closed, the rotation speed of the grinding wheel should adjust. And the sharpness of the grinding wheel can adjust to smooth the workpiece. A Semi-auto tool sharpening machine can use for a long time. This requirement is very important. It seems to be ordinary, but it must be consistently maintained. The table is clean, the grinding machine is comfortable, and the machine tool is clean. The accuracy can also be maintained.

The working nature of BT-150M tool grinder

Based on the working nature and machining accuracy requirements of the precision BT-150M tool grinder. The following requirements are imposed on the power drag control scheme: (1) Precision BT-150M tool grinder is a precision machining machine. In order to ensure machining accuracy requirements, the machine requires a stable operation. The reciprocating motion of the table requires small inertia and no impact force when commutating. Therefore, the reciprocating motion of the table is hydraulically driven. The hydraulic pump is driven by the electric motor to supply the pressure oil. And the longitudinal feed motion of the worktable is realized by the hydraulic transmission device. And the hydraulic reversing valve on the bed is manipulated by the collision block on the worktable to change the flow direction of the pressure oil to realize the worktable. Reversing and automatic reciprocating motion. (2) In order to simplify the mechanical transmission mechanism of the grinding machine, multiple motors are used for separate dragging. The precision tool grinder is driven by three motors, and the rotary motion of the grinding wheel is directly dragged by the load motor. The hydraulic pump is dragged by the hydraulic pump motor, and the reciprocating motion of the table is completed by the hydraulic transmission device. The lateral feed movement of the grinding wheel frame, the rapid lateral movement of the grinding wheel frame, and the lubrication of the table rail. Drag the motor of the cooling pump to provide coolant for the grinding process. (3) In order to improve the grinding quality, the grinding wheel is required to have a higher rotation speed and is usually driven by a two-pole cage type asynchronous motor. In order to improve the wind of the grinding wheel spindle of the adjusted operation, the motor is dragged by the motor. And the motor is coaxial with the grinding wheel spindle, thereby improving the machining accuracy of the grinding machine. (4) in the grinding process, due to the high grinding temperature. In order to reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece, the workpiece must be sufficiently cooled, and the coolant can wash away the grinding debris and sand to ensure grinding precision. (5) Electromagnetic chucks for precision tool grinding machines are easy to install and machine small workpieces by electromagnetic suction. And the workpieces have free expansion and contraction due to heat deformation during the machining process, thus ensuring machining accuracy.  
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