The NC Technology Of PCD Tool Grinder
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The NC Technology Of PCD Tool Grinder


With the continuous development of tool grinding machine technology, not only are the types of tool grinding machines diversified but also the scope of use is getting wider and wider. Among them, the most significant feature of tool grinding machines is the development and use of numerical control of tool grinding machines. Beijing Demina introduces the NC technology of tool grinding machine.

The NC Technology Of PCD Tool Grinder

The numerical control of the tool grinder not only reduces the difficulty of the operation of the machine tool but also there is an innate connection between the technology and the tool grinder. The complexity and diversity of tools can satisfy with the flexibility of software. Therefore, the control unit of a tool grinding machine should give up the commonality of many types of equipment to meet the special requirement of tool grinding.

The use of numerical control technology can reduce the complexity of the machine tool structure. And these mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle, which greatly shortens the equipment research and development cycle, and can even reduce costs. Secondly, in general, the user group of tool grinding machines is not large, and manufacturers are not enthusiastic about storing spare parts. Simple mechanical structures can also reduce the risk of future equipment operation. Product upgrades resulting from competition require equipment to be “flexible”, and software maintenance and upgrades can just meet its needs.

The “NC system” and CAD / CAM software of the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder were not developed for these “non-mainstream” devices. Only can use dedicated and simple control units. The software technology plays a key role in the data processing and control of the tool grinding machine.

In the development process of the PCD tool analyzer, the reciprocating swing of the grinding wheel that affects the quality of the tool edge is a priority issue. We abandoned the traditional crankshaft connecting rod swing mechanism and controlled the position, speed, and acceleration of the swing through electronic intelligent components, which greatly improved the accuracy and stability of swing motion. At the same time, it also brings other advantages such as short manufacturing cycle, simple maintenance, and easy operation. As an economical tool grinder, using an industrial monitor instead of a computer as a monitoring method not only reduces costs but also greatly reduces the failure rate caused by the computer, which is more suitable for the user group of small and medium enterprises.

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