The Hardness Of Diamond Grinding Wheel
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The Hardness Of Diamond Grinding Wheel


The hardness of the diamond grinding wheel is very important in grinding, and its influence on the grinding wheel is obvious. The hardness of the diamond grinding wheel refers to the degree of difficulty that the grinding grains fall off the surface of the grinding wheel under the effect of grinding force. The scientific expression of hardness is the ability of a substance to resist being scratched or pressed into its surface by another object. It can also understand as the energy required to produce local deformation on a solid surface. Then, what are the influencing factors for the hardness of a diamond grinding wheel? How can we avoid these problems? Below, to explain how to correctly treat the impact of diamond grinding wheel hardness factors.

The influencing factors of the hardness of the diamond grinding wheel

Firstly, the metal band formed by the combination of free electrons between metal atoms is relatively weak. So the hardness of general metal materials is at a low level. The harder the workpiece is, the softer the grinding wheel is. Second: the grinding wheel should select when fine grinding and forming grinding. In order to adhere to the necessary shape accuracy of the grinding wheel. Third: the hardness selection of the grinding wheel and the relationship between the size of the grinding wheel. The larger the size of the grinding wheel. In order to prevent the grinding wheel from being blocked by grinding chips, we usually choose a softer grinding wheel. Fourth: grinding wheel size selection and application range: 12~15#: used for rough grinding, rough grinding and burr grinding tools.20~# : used for grinding ingot. Polishing casting burr, blocking bullets, grinding electrical porcelain and refractory materials grinding tools; Fifth: the molecular bond formed by the combination of the molecular attraction between particles is the weakest. So the hardness of the molecular crystal is the smallest. Such as graphite, talc, kaolinite, etc.. The value varies with the measurement method, but the change rule is similar. The greater the hardness is, the greater the value is. Therefore, when grinding soft materials such as nonferrous metals, rubber, and resin, a softer grinding wheel should select.
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