The General Steps Of Cutting Fluid Selection
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The General Steps Of Cutting Fluid Selection


The choice of cutting fluid must consider the machine tool, cutting tool, processing technology, and other comprehensive factors to determine, as shown in the figure to choose the steps of cutting fluid. Before the cutting fluid is selected according to the machining method and required accuracy, limited items such as safety and waste liquid treatment are set.

Where fire and safety are emphasized, consideration should be given to choosing a water-based cutting fluid. When selecting a water-based cutting solution, the problem of waste solution discharge should be considered and the enterprise should have facilities for waste solution treatment. Some procedures, such as grinding, generally can only choose water-based cutting fluid. For the use of carbide tool cutting, generally consider the choice of oil-based cutting fluid.

Some machine tools use oil-based cutting fluid in the high-efficiency regulations. Do not use water-based cutting fluid lightly, so as not to affect the performance of the machine tool. By weighing these conditions, you can decide to choose oil-based or water-based cutting fluid. After determining the main items of the cutting fluid. The second step can be selected according to the machining method, required machining accuracy, surface roughness, and other items as well as the characteristics of the cutting fluid, so as to meet the requirements of the selected cutting fluid. Expected identification requirements. Determine whether there is a problem, solve it again, determine the cause of the problem, improve it, and finally make a clear choice.

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