The Future Development Direction Of BT-150D 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder
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The Future Development Direction Of BT-150D 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder


In recent years, China's CNC tool grinding machines have developed steadily and are suitable for turning the outer circumference. Inner hole, end face, slot, and metric, inch, modulus and warp threads of workpieces. The output value of CNC tool grinding machine has increased slightly but the import volume requirement is still very large. The demand for imported CNC tool grinding machine is mainly inclined to high-end CNC tool grinding machine, such as Demina CNC tool grinding machine, and then BAHMUELLER (Bamiler) CNC tool grinding machine, second KOYO CNC tool grinding machine. Most domestically produced CNC tool grinders are mainly low-end products. Before the workpiece is ground on the inner and outer cylindrical grinding machines, the counterweight should add during the clamping to ensure the grinding balance.

Development Status of CNC tool grinder in China

In recent years, due to the development of defense, high-speed rail, automobile, mold, machining, and other industries. The demands for major components of tool grinding machines have been increasing. Localized CNC tool grinding machines have not been able to meet the needs of domestic machinery processing enterprises, so that leading domestic companies to import foreign CNC tool grinding machines. The high-speed, composite, refined and high-end of domestic CNC tool grinding machines is the development direction of domestic CNC tool grinding machines. The BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder for CNC grinding machines was created in this context. The high-precision 4-axis CNC tool grinding machine is a finishing machine that checks whether the grinding machine stroke needs to adjust. The main purpose is to replace the imported CNC tool grinding machine. First, the work is required to make up for the domestic market gap. CNC tool grinding machines, in fact, there are vertical and horizontal points, so for question one, the answer is yes. As for its common types, it is a planetary internal grinding machine, a centerless internal grinding machine, and some internal grinding machines with a special purpose. With the rapid development of national economic technology, can it use in CNC tool grinding machines? This conclusion will be reached by continuous innovation in technology and technology. Domestic market demand has changed, and it is necessary to check and confirm with the dial gauge. Traditional machine tools are no longer able to meet the needs of modern construction. In view of the numerical control tool grinding machine, the domestic ordinary CNC tool grinding machine and the simple numerical control cylindrical grinding machine have not met the requirements of domestic modern processing technology. And the domestic advanced CNC tool grinding machine has been introduced continuously. For example, CNC cylindrical grinding machine giant UVA, Camille, Harding, Fumade, the second Toyo CNC cylindrical grinding machine. Almost monopolized more than 95% of the domestic high-end CNC tool grinding machine market. In such a market environment, domestic high-end CNC tool grinding machines are developing and growing stronger in the bud. Demina is currently developing the status of CNC cylindrical grinding machines in China. If it is to become a powerful country of CNC tool grinding machines, it will take a long time.

Development direction OF BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder

As far as the current economic development trend is concerned, China's will become the main production tool and functional product. The development direction of the future tool grinding machine includes the following four aspects. 1. Green CNC tool grinding machine. Green manufacturing is an eternal topic in the equipment manufacturing industry. For grinding machines, energy-saving and emission reduction will is an indicator for measuring the greenness of CNC tool grinding machines. The accuracy, speed, and efficiency of CNC tool grinding machines have always been the main reference factors for measuring equipment performance. In the future, reducing power loss and reducing waste emissions will consider an important factor in CNC cylindrical grinding machines. For example, CNC tool grinding machines use CBN grinding wheels to reduce the grinding wheel grinding consumption is the performance of the green CNC tool grinding machine. 2. Intelligent CNC tool grinding machine. With the development of Internet computer technology, the intelligent CNC tool grinding machine has gradually penetrated into the market. The intelligent CNC tool grinding machine can not only improve the stability but also improve the reliability of the CNC tool grinding machine. The intelligent CNC tool grinding machine can use various sensors. Monitor your own status and analyze the state of the tool grinder and the machining process. And you can also send your own information to think. To ensure excellent processing accuracy. 3. "Private customized" CNC tool grinding machine. BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder from low-end batch production to custom manufacturing. High-end tool grinders not only have to meet the common process needs of customers, but also to meet the special process needs of customers. The service of providing customers' picking is not empty talk. Provided to the customer is a custom-made tool grinding machine. CNC provides customers with a grinding machine, grinding wheel, roller, processing technology one-stop service. 4. Soft and hard combination. At present, the tool grinding machine is not only production equipment but also a contact point in the factory network. The CNC tool grinding machine should establish an Internet + IoT system with the supplier of the production management system and the grinding wheel material management system machine tool.
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