The Exclusive Interview Of Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co.,LTD
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The Exclusive Interview Of Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co.,LTD


According to the current market trend, what is the strategic choice of CNC tool grinding industry in China as far as you're concerned?

CNC tool grinder is not a large-scale industry either at home or abroad, and can not obtain the advantage of repression from the scale of operation. I think the strategic choice of CNC tool grinding machine in China should: according to the production model and market positioning of domestic tool manufacturing. According to the overall level of domestic machine manufacturing and machine tool production. Carefully study the technological requirements of tool grinding and develop a variety of targeted products.

What effective measures have been taken or what products have been introduced in time to meet the increasing demands of users for tool quality? Can you explain it in one or two cases?

The new BT-150B superhard tool grinder introduced recently by Demina can manufacture and grind PCD, PCBN and CVD tools economically. The characteristics of the machine are mainly embodied in two aspects: efficiency and accuracy. The machine adopts electronic handwheel and control servo structure. Grinding feed and fast forward and fast backward are realized by manual and programmable control. Which not only ensures the operation safety but also reduces the technical requirements for operators. This greatly shortens the auxiliary time and improves grinding efficiency. The grinder can also realize on-line CCD measurement. By using an optical microscope zoom and CCD camera zoom technology, the magnification can reach 100 times. The "electronic dividing line" generated by computer software replaces the traditional optical comparison lines. So that the machine tool can accurately detect various tool-tip arcs from R0.05 to R20. And can also accurately measure the width of the slotting tool and the angle of the tooltip to realize on-line monitoring and measurement of real significance. Moreover, the machine also supports many functions such as "no mechanical adjustment", "automatic center search", "automatic edge search", "automatic measurement", "coordinate display", "image acquisition", "video recording" and "on-line teaching" after adopting software technology. Thus improving the working efficiency by more than 30%. Based on years of sales and service experience, this machine tool developed by Demina reflects the current most realistic user needs. And also represents the development direction of automation and numerical control.
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