The Difference Between A Natural Diamond And A Synthetic Diamond
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The Difference Between A Natural Diamond And A Synthetic Diamond


Synthetic diamond is the artificial stimulation of natural diamond formation conditions so that the non-diamond structure of carbon into the diamond structure of carbon. To put it simply, the raw material of graphite powder is transformed into the diamond structure through high temperature and high-pressure processing.

There are two main types of artificial diamond manufacturing processes that we can achieve today: high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Since the first successful use of high-pressure and high-temperature diamond production methods in 1950, this method has gradually been promoted in many countries. Gem-quality synthetic diamonds produced using this method are now mainly in China, Russia, the United States, and other countries.

Difference Between A Natural Diamond And Synthetic Diamond

1. The value

There is not much difference in appearance between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds. But in terms of value, synthetic diamonds of the same quality are much cheaper than natural diamonds. Some synthetic diamonds cost only a fifth of the price of natural diamonds. The value of natural diamonds on the market is relatively stable and sustainable, and there may be greater production value in the future.

2. Colour and luster

Both natural and synthetic diamonds are made of carbon atoms and are arranged in the same lattice, so they have the same physical properties. The only feature is irregularities or defects in the micro and atomic lattice. In this regard, natural diamonds and artificial diamonds are no different due to different growth environments, such as chemical atmosphere and growth rate. Most artificial diamonds on the market today are very strong yellow, orange, and brown, while natural diamonds are transparent and easy to distinguish.

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