The Characteristics Of BT-150E Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder
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The Characteristics Of BT-150E Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder



BT-150E is a five-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder. It consists of five CNC axes, namely, the horizontal axis of grinding wheel (X-axis), the vertical axis of grinding wheel (X-axis), workpiece feed axis (Y-axis), the horizontal axis of the workpiece (C axis) and the axial axis of the workpiece (A-axis). The machine is suitable for large-scale production and grinding of rotary cutters, such as milling cutters, drill tips (including shovel back angle and double plane back angle), end of gun drills and other cutters, especially for the manufacture of superhard rotary cutters and the grinding of various alloy cutters.


1. Machine tool mechanical structure: The machine tool bed (base) uses integral castings weighing 1.5 tons, which can meet the requirements of grinding any superhard material. The machine tool has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid does not splash around. The interior of the machine tool is equipped with a lamp and a headlamp of the machine tool. 2. Machine tool motorized spindle: grinding head adopts motorized spindle which has high precision frequency conversion speed regulation. Power: 5 kW; maximum speed can reach 6000 rpm, using circulating water cooling. Grinding head spindle rotation accuracy: end jump 0.002 mm, diameter jump 0.003 mm. 3. Linear guideway of machine tool: The rigidity, accuracy, and durability of the machine tool are improved obviously by adopting high precision needle-rolling NO guideway. 4. Servo mechanism: Using control servo structure, servo motor control three linear feeding axes (X, Y, and Z axes) and two rotating axes (C and A axes) and can be driven by an application program to do five-axis linkage. It improves the grinding efficiency and the quality of edge grinding. 5. Control system: The five-axis five-linkage digital control system (TWINCAT) of BECKHOFF, Germany, has a resolution of 0.0001 mm. The system provides an open development interface for WINDOWS operating system and can run a non-standard tool grinding program specially written for users. 6. Lubrication system: Lubrication system adopts intermittent automatic grease lubrication system. Users can set the interval of refueling time and refueling time to ensure the service life of the screw rod.
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