Super Hard Cutting Tool Grinding Machine
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Super Hard Cutting Tool Grinding Machine


With the continuous development of grinding tool technology, super-hard cutting tools have put forward higher requirements for the processing of modern engineering materials. The chemical composition of superhard materials and the tool materials and other cubic boron nitride forming different hardness rules are non-metallic boride, and the crystal structure is face-centered cubic. The crystal structure of cubic boron nitride is similar to that of a diamond by changing the carbon element. Their hardness is much higher than other substances.

Super hard cutting tool materials, especially diamond, many kinds of.

Cubic boron nitride is artificial and widely used in industry today. Cubic boron nitride CBN single product powder used for manufacturing tools and PCBN spherical wafers and PCBN spherical composite wafers used for manufacturing tools and other tools.

Diamond subnatural diamond (ND) and synthetic diamond. Artificial diamond PCD in a single crystal powder, used for the production of abrasives. PCD single grain, tools to do. PCD polycrystalline films and polycrystalline composite sheets used to make knives and other tools. CVD diamond thin film and thick film can be used for the production of tools, and as optical and electronic high-tech materials.

Demina tool grinder can grind the PCBN, PCD, and CVD super hard cutting tools. It has strong rigidity and high precision, which can grind these materials easily.

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