Software Technology And Tool Grinding
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Software Technology And Tool Grinding


Modern tools have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, and long life as the product. Its production and service mode is small and medium batch and fast delivery .these are difficult to achieve without CNC tool grinder. These tools are roughly divided into two categories: inserts and axisymmetric cutters. Mechanical grinding is the final process for the processing of this type of tools, and also a crucial link. Among them, the automatic grinding machine for the inserts is: CNC insert end surface grinder, CNC insert peripheral grinder and insert passivation grinder; The automatic machine of axisymmetric tools is: five-axis linkage CNC tool grinder, CNC drill tip grinding machine, CNC tool flute grinder, etc., They are the key machines of tool manufacturing. The key technology of these key machines is software technology, the manufacturing accuracy, and stability of the machine tool is very important, but this depends on the key transmission parts, such as guide rail, screw, reducer and so on. These parts are made by professional manufacturers and can be purchased as long as supported by the brand and the affordable price. In contrast, control technology and the application software that includes the grinding process are the souls of the machine tool. They are the parts that continuously and quickly meet the personalized needs of customers and the collective wisdom in the products with a concentrated embodiment of the company's market insight, customer service experience. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has a professional software development team as our technical support. Taking “BT-150D 4-Axis machine “as an example, adapt the software developed by our company. Compared with outsourcing software, we can more directly meet customers' needs in this aspect. 150 d d
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