Selection Tips Of APE 60 - Sharpening Machine
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Selection Tips Of APE 60 - Sharpening Machine


Demina has developed a variety of models and specifications of sharpening machines according to user needs and market needs. Which can be selected by users. Aligned with the blade material, length, cutting edge type, cutting data, cutting precision. And the number of blade units that need to be ground every day, the grade of the sharpener used. The maximum grinding length and the level of automation is also echoed.

Features OF APE 60 - Sharpening Machine

Firstly, the material of the blade, the international blade or the general blade. The Demina brand sharpening machine can ground, aligned with the overseas export knife, or the hard alloy steel knife. We recommend using the FM_B type sharpening machine only for the grinding wheel. Secondly, the required length of sharpening, Demina High-quality APE 60 - Sharpening Machine the maximum grinding length from 1.6M to 10M. Can basically meet the world's various lengths of flat blades. Such as "DMSQ-1700B" type, the number in the middle of the word "1700" is the maximum grinding length of the person is 1700MM. If there is a blade beyond 10M, can customize. Thirdly, the cutting edge type of the blade, the cutting edge type is normally a single cutting edge. That is, the demand can sharpen once, or the repeated double sharpening can stop after the movement of the sharpening position. Therefore, the international end face sharpening machine is also a single grinding head sharpening machine. As long as the Futian company's DMSQ-FJ type sharpening machine has two grinding heads. It can stop the two positions of the blade in the same sound. Fourthly,  cutting data and precision, sharpening machine grinding blade. Secondary to the slat-like straight blade, capable of cutting packaging board, printing paper, copy paper, plastic mulch, leather, slate. Meat and other families need the center of straight-blade cutting, and they are using printing. Papermaking, carpenter, plastic leather, health care paper, and other businesses. There is no same cutting data, there is no same cutting precision request. According to the cutting precision is not the same, to choose the same type of sharpener. Fifthly, the unit for grinding the blade every day. Demina sharpening machine users include large and medium-sized books, printing factories, sharpening cores and collective households. There is no user type, the sharpening unit is not the same. Requesting the sharpening machine task the frequency and consumption rate are not the same. And they are all reacted to the level of the grinding machine.

Selection tips of APE 60 - Sharpening Machine

In addition, when the user of the sharpening machine chooses the sharpening machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following points. 1. Understand the need for sharpening of the blade and the main force of the economy. According to the practice, there must be an alignment facility. 2. Supply manufacturers survey corporate consumption, scientific research stagnation, and other major forces, facilities market share, brand reputation. 3. How to guarantee the after-sales service of the goods, whether the service system can be perfect. Whether the service quality can keep up with the demand, for the enterprise users of the additional work. Such as the core of the sharpening knife, the demand is also discerning the root of the grinding machine market. machine. 4. APE 60 universal drill tool grinder market conditions. Market integration: the blade unit and the blade sharpening quality request up and down. 5. Also, unite its own economic main force. 6. An appropriate amount of reference to the manufacturer's proposal or opinion.
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