Selection Of PCD Tool Sharpening Equipment
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Selection Of PCD Tool Sharpening Equipment


PCD Tool Sharpening Equipment

In order to improve the cutting efficiency of PCD tools, the cutting equipment needs to have certain conditions, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Enough rigidity and stability: because the grinding material hardness is very high, there is no certain pressure between the grinding wheel and the grinding part can not be removed PCD tool material. Therefore, the sand wheel shaft and other mechanisms must have enough rigidity. In addition, the spindle power should large enough, should not less than 1kW, recommended to use 2kW.

2. Unique wheel tilting mechanism: unlike general tool grinding machine, special tool grinding machine used grinding wheel rack for transverse swing, to prevent caused by grinding wheel wear than low grinding wheel surface groove, bearing, precision grinding machine should be used precision guide rail and precise belt drive system. In order to avoid the grinding wheel on the tumbler to produce small jitter and affect the quality of blade.

3. Adjustable grinding force: according to the difference between the processed tool and the grinding wheel, the grinding pressure should be adjustable at constant pressure. The purpose of adjusting the grinding force is to compensate for the change of grinding force between the grinding wheel and the contact area of the workpiece.

4. High precision rotary table system and optical projection device on more advanced tool grinding machine are usually with optical projection equipment and high precision rotary table, so that after an outfit card, not only can grind the edge, and can accurately grinding tool arc between the two edges, and can through projection device on the machine tool directly observe arc and edge quality.

5. Coolant can be fully supplied: the cooling system should have a flow rate of at least 20L/min, and an aqueous solution with an anti-rust agent is usually used as the coolant.

Demina produces PCD tool sharpening equipment. The equipment can grind the edge of the PCD tool with a good finish. Welcome the customer to visit our plant.

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