Safe Operation And Procedures Of CNC Tool Grinding Machine
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Safe Operation And Procedures Of CNC Tool Grinding Machine


CNC tool grinding machine is used to process end mills, ball end mills, step drills, reamers, PCD tool grinding machines, CBN inserts, etc. It can sharpen the cutting edges and grooves of metal cutting tools and the outer circles, planes and complex shapes of generally small and medium parts. The diameter of the larger grinding workpiece is 250 mm. So what safety regulations should we pay attention to when using CNC tool grinding machines? The following Beijing Demina uses the BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine as an example to introduce some safety regulations of CNC tool grinding machines.

Safe Operation And Procedures Of CNC Tool Grinding Machine

1. Lubricate all parts of the machine tool before starting the tool grinder, check whether the mechanical transmission is normal and whether the switch button is reliable to ensure that the grinding wheel is intact without damage.

2. Pay attention when installing the grinding wheel.

(1)Check whether the shape of the grinding wheel is complete before installation. Tap the grinding wheel to hear a crisp sound to ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and not damaged.
(2)Place the asbestos pad on the grinding wheel, balance it for the first time after clamping and balance again after the machine is trimmed. The new grinding wheel needs to idle for five minutes.

3. The Overspeed running of the grinding wheel is prohibited and must not exceed the warning speed.

4. PCD tool grinder machine reasonably selects the grinding amount, and overload grinding is strictly prohibited.

5. Check whether the workpiece is sucked or clamped firmly before grinding. When clamping high workpieces and workpieces with a small bottom area, use stoppers or special clamps to prevent failure.

6. It is forbidden to stand in front of the grinding wheel when it is turned on to prevent the grinding wheel from flying out or the workpiece flying.

7. After the work is finished, the machine tool is cleaned, the power is cut off. The parts are neatly arranged, and the workplace is kept clean.

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