Processing Characteristics Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine
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Processing Characteristics Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine


With the production and use of various tool grinders on the market, more and more users now use tool grinders for grinding work. Among them, the PCD tool grinding machine is more commonly used. So how much do you know about the processing characteristics of this tool grinder? Let’s summarize it with Beijing Demina.

Processing Characteristics Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

1. Can realize rough machining with a large allowance
The integrated PCD tool grinding machine can realize rough machining with large allowances. At this stage, the integrated PCD tool can reach a depth of 8mm, which can fill the entire blade, and the production efficiency is doubled.

2.High-speed cutting
Due to the good performance of the manual PCD tool grinder, it can completely realize high-speed cutting. And it can perfectly combine with CNC machine tools, which enables efficient cutting of workpieces and greatly improves production efficiency.

3. Dry processing
Because the PCD tool grinding machine has a high hot red hardness. If the coolant is added, the cutting edge is likely to crack due to the sudden temperature drop. Therefore, PCD tools generally use dry cutting when machining workpieces. Especially in the case of intermittent cutting, dry turning is not only environmentally friendly but also saves certain costs.

4. Suitable for processing high hardness materials
PCD material hardness ranks behind diamond and PCD is an extremely hard tool material that is second only to diamond. So it is collectively referred to as a super hard tool with diamond tools. Generally works best with PCD hardness greater than 48HRC (PCD wears quickly when processing soft materials). Temperatures up to 2000 ° C are also excellent in redness. Properly tailored PCD tools can withstand the cutting loads of high-power roughing. The impact of intermittent cutting, and the thermal and wear properties required for fine machining.

In general, PCD tools are currently the most ideal tool materials for processing ferrous metals. In the future, with the application of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, they will gradually become more widely used. In addition, the market share of PCD tools will gradually increase, and it will become the mainstay of the hard material processing industry in the future. A professional PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer in Beijing, our tool grinding machines are not only good in performance but also cheap in price. Welcome everyone to buy.

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