Precautions When Operating A Universal Tool Grinder
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Precautions When Operating A Universal Tool Grinder


Today, universal tool grinders have been widely used. So many times, when we operate tool grinders, due to the wider grinding technology, proper operation of the tool grinder is a prerequisite for operator safety. At the beginning of work, we should decelerate the grinding wheel, with the hand approaching the workpiece, and the initial feed should be small to prevent collision with the grinding wheel. When it is necessary to use the iron stop to control the reciprocating motion of the worktable, it is necessary to accurately adjust the length of the workpiece according to the grinding length of the workpiece and tighten the retaining iron. Therefore, the work of grinding safety technology is particularly important. Reliable safety devices must use during the grinding process. You should concentrate on the operation to make sure there are no errors. At the same time, in PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine. When grinding on the surface, fine sand and metal fragments splash onto the workpiece of the grinding wheel, causing damage to the operator's eyes. If the operator inhales a large amount of dust, it will be harmful to the body and should take appropriate protective measures. Below Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd explain the things you need to pay attention to when operating the tool grinder.

Precautions when operating a universal tool grinder

during the grinding process, the following safety technical issues should be noted: Grinding is one of the main methods for the precision machining of mechanical parts. However, due to the high rotational speed of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is hard and brittle and cannot withstand heavy impacts. If the careless operation is not correct, the grinding wheel can cause very serious consequences. The grinder should thoroughly inspect prior to start-up, including inspection of control mechanisms, electrical equipment, and magnetic chucks. After inspection, lubricate and test it. It is confirmed that everything is in good condition before use.

Operating tool grinder needs to master the factors

During the use of the tool grinder, care must take to ensure that the grinder is functioning properly and that it will operate for long periods of time. For the operator, there are three main factors that must master in operating the tool grinder: 1. The configuration of the grinding wheel, different grinding wheels with different materials, the grinding wheel shakes the large diamond pen dressing wheel to shake and repair. When the grinding wheel is restored, the speed of the grinding wheel should be adjusted to achieve the clarity of the grinding wheel dressing, in order to smooth the workpiece. 2. The grinding machine is hygienic and the grinding machine can use for a long time. This demand is very important. It seems to be ordinary, but it must adhere to it. When people dress neatly, the table is clean, people operate the grinding machine comfortably, and the precision of the cleaning machine is maintained. Constant, you can maintain accuracy, and the product can also be high precision! 3. The hand control of the surface grinder depends on years of experience. The same grinding machine is operated by different masters. The workpieces that are ground are not the same. When splicing, the groove should be cut, finely polished, and the products should be carefully watched. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd professional BT-200 tool grinder supplier, our universal tool grinder equipment is cheap, good performance, and high grinding efficiency, welcome everyone to buy.  
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