Precautions When Installing The Sharpening Machine
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Precautions When Installing The Sharpening Machine


The sharpening machine is a kind of mechanical equipment often used in grinding work. When installing, the sharpening machine needs to pay attention to some matters in order to make better use of the equipment. The following Beijing Demina uses the APE 60-sharpening machine as an example to tell you some of the matters needing attention when installing a sharpener.

Precautions When Installing The Sharpening Machine

First, pay attention to the stability of the installation to prevent vibration. Ensure that the fasteners are securely connected. The rotation of the sharpening disc should smooth and free from jitter and wobble. Otherwise, they will easily wear the blade and sawtooth edges will appear.

Secondly, make sure that the APE 60 universal drill tool grinder is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise, it will wear the blade. And note that the position of the knife holder is 6 mm from the disc surface. The incorrect position of the knife holder is likely to cause the blade to abraded and damage the knife sharpener.

Users who have used sharpening machines know that if the equipment is not installed properly, it will affect the sharpness of the sharpener. So in addition to this situation, what are the other operating methods that affect the sharpness of the sharpener?

Operation Methods Affecting The Sharpness Of Sharpener

The first is the uneven pressure of the sharpening machine, which makes the blade uneven. The sharpness of each tooth is different. When swinging, uneven pressure will make the blade bulge. Excessive pressure causes the blade to anneal and deform, which shortens the service life of the blade. If the pressure is too small, the blade cannot smoothly fit, which is prone to partial wear and toothing. The impact of the swing speed on the sharpness is also very large. If the swing speed is too fast, it is easy to scrape off the abrasive. As a result, the cutter teeth are easily damaged, and the balance of the blade cannot be grasped well. If the swing speed is too slow, it will also accelerate the wear of the blade and shorten the service life, which is not good.

The APE 60 drill tool grinder stroke should not too short, it will cause the middle of the sharpening disc to sag quickly and shorten the service life of the sharpening disc. So the stroke of the sharpening disc should be as long as possible.

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