Performance Structure Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine
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Performance Structure Of APE-40 Drill Grinding Machine


The APE-40 drill grinding machine consists of a bed, table, wheel frame, headstock, CNC box, electric control box, end gauge, and radial gauge components. Here is a detailed introduction to the functions of each part.

Structure of APE-40 drill grinding machine

1. Bed and workbench This bed is made up of large round holes and shark fin ribs. After long-term use, the dynamic and static stiffness of the machine tool is good. The table can dive into upper and lower surfaces for grinding the cone. The bed and table rails are made of plastic bonded rails with low friction coefficient. The table is directly driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw, and the movement is stable and reliable. 2. Grinding wheel frame The grinding wheel has a linear speed of 35 m/s or 50 m/s or 80 m/s and has high grinding efficiency. The grinding head is a three-watt hydrodynamic bearing or a hydrostatic bearing with high rotation accuracy. The servo motor and the ball screw directly driven the wheel frame movement (X-direction) with a resolution of 0.0001 mm. 3. Bedhead frame The motor frequency control drove the   the rotation of the mainframe dial. The dial rotates at a speed of 40-500r/min and is steplessly variable to accommodate the grinding of workpieces of different diameters, materials and requirements. 4. CNC box, electric control box There are independent CNC operation box, liquid crystal display, machine operation button, 1um band compensation switch, hand pulse generator and so on. 5. End face meter and radial meter When the numerical control cylindrical grinding machine has a radial measuring instrument, the measured value is automatically input into the numerical control system, and is sent by the numerical control system to rotate the X-direction servo motor to drive the ball screw to a given position. So that the size of the grinding workpiece is stable to the required position. Batch grinding of workpiece size dispersion. Less than 0.003 mm.

Performance structure OF APE-40 drill grinding machine

1. APE-40 drill grinding machine mechanical and electrical integration structure layout. Using work area protection or overall protection, easy maintenance, in line with ergonomic requirements. 2. The grinding wheel spindle system has high rotation precision and strong rigidity. The line speed of the grinding wheel can reach 60 m/s, and the line speed of the CBN grinding wheel can reach 80 m/s. 3. Two axes are input in series. The table and the wheel holder are driven by an AC servo ball screw pair. 4. Various types of diamond dressing devices can be selected to achieve precise CNC dressing and automatic compensation. 5. APE-40 drill grinding machine is equipped with an active measuring device to achieve closed-loop control of the grinding process. 6. The numerical control system has all-round control functions such as grinding process program conversion, workpiece quality management, machine condition monitoring, fault self-diagnosis, and abnormal alarm. The menu interface is simple to input.

Operation precautions OF APE-40 drill grinding machine

1: APE-40 drill grinding machine positioning 1 The machine should be reserved for more than 300mm outside the maximum movement space. Each foot screw is tight, and the front and rear sides of the table are within 0.04/1000mm. 2 Check every three months, adjust the level of the work surface, and tighten each foot screw. 2: APE-40 drill grinding machine 1 The selected grinding wheel must able to withstand a peripheral speed of 2000m/min or more. 2 It is forbidden to use a damaged grinding wheel. 3 The new grinding wheel must balance on the flange. 4 Before the formal grinding, the grinding wheel needs to idle for 5 minutes. 5 The maximum infeed stroke is 0.03mm for the grinding machine below 800mm, and 0.05mm for the grinding machine with 800mm or more. 3: APE-40 drill grinding machine spindle 1 Before installing the grinding wheel, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise. 2 When starting up, you must first open the spindle and then start flushing. 4: APE-40 drill grinding machine hydraulic device 1 This equipment uses a hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 46. 2 The new machine needs to replace with hydraulic oil after three months of use. And then replaced once a year, and the tank must clean at the same time. 3 Check the hydraulic oil level every day. The oil level should between the lowest and highest lines. 4 Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow speed control lever is in the closed position. 5 must first open the magnetic absorption and then open the hydraulic pressure. 5: Lubrication device 1 Lubricating oil uses a guide rail lubricant with a viscosity of 32. 2Check the fuel tank volume every day to ensure that it is above the line. 3 Check the rail oil circuit for smoothness every week to prevent the rail from losing oil. 4 It is recommended to clean the fuel tank every three months. 5 Grease is regularly filled as required. 6: APE-40 drill grinding machine 1 It is forbidden to adjust the left and right strokes while the table is in motion. 2 When the work platform cable is loose, it should adjust immediately. 7: APE-40 drill grinding machine flushing and vacuuming device 1 The filter box filter must be cleaned every two weeks. 2 The cold water tank must clean once a month. 3 It is forbidden to use an empty cleaning surface grinder.
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