PCD Tool Manufacturing Process
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PCD Tool Manufacturing Process


About PCD tool manufacturing

The use of the PCD tool to process aluminum workpieces has the advantages of long tool life and high metal removal rate. Its disadvantages are that the tool is expensive and the processing cost is high. This point has reached a consensus in the machinery manufacturing industry. However, in recent years, many changes have occurred in the development and application of the PCD tool. Today, the performance of aluminum materials is not what it used to. When processing various newly developed aluminum alloy materials (especially high-silicon-content composite materials). In order to optimize productivity and processing quality, the PCD tool grade and geometric parameters must select carefully to suit Different processing requirements. Another change of PCD tool is that the processing cost has been continuously reduced and the market competition pressure has improved the manufacturing process of tools. The price of the PCD tool has dropped by more than 50%.

Use correctly of PCD tool

Prerequisites for the correct application of the PCD tool to obtain satisfactory processing results. Although the specific reasons for tool failure vary, they are usually caused by incorrect use of the object or method. When ordering the PCD tool, the user should correctly grasp the tool adaptation range. For example, when using a PCD tool to process ferrous metal workpieces (such as stainless steel). Because diamond easily reacts with steel carbon elements, it will cause PCD tools to wear quickly. Therefore, the correct choice of PCBN tool for machining hardened steel. Generally, in order to reduce the cutting force and prevent the build-up edge, the PCD tool should use a positive cutting angle. However, when processing high-silicon aluminum alloys (especially when PCD tool is used instead of hard alloy tools), the back angle of the PCD tool should slightly smaller than that of the original carbide tool (such as 250) to improve the cutting of PCD tool. Cutting performance on high silicon aluminum alloy. The positive rake angle of a PCD tool should not too large, because of the larger the tool rake angle, the lower the cutting edge strength. In other words, the smaller the PCD tool rake angle, the higher the cutting edge strength.  
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