PCD Tool Grinding Method
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PCD Tool Grinding Method


The main task of the Beijing Demina PCD tool fine grinding is to control the final dimensional accuracy accurately and stably. Grinding wheel wear, accurate positioning of the grinding point of the edge tip, and grinding resistance will ultimately affect the machining accuracy. These factors have nothing to do with the motion accuracy of the machine tool but are related to when to start grinding (that is, to the tool point) and to what extent to finish grinding, etc., and are closely related to the monitoring of grinding state. Although the grinding wheel wear is difficult to measure, and the blade height (which affects the grinding point position) is also difficult to measure within a certain range, the control system with a voice-activated device can always easily record the exact position of the tooltip and grinding wheel surface at the moment of contact. As a starting point, the relative feed can accurately control the dimensional accuracy, we call this "knife grinding method".Of course, the premise of the "knife grinding method" is that the last process has accurate datum, or can accurately measure the size before grinding, which can be done with the CCD system online measurement system. In the industry with manual machine tool grinding, the PCD tool's first back Angle (also the polishing edge) grinding process is: on the basis of the coarse grinding size and then grinding down 0.02~0.03mm, to form a 0.05~0.1mm edge belt. This and the "on the knife grinding method" also happened to coincide.

In the grinding process, the grinding wheel is still constantly worn. The system can detect such wear-in time and compensate for it. The time of "grinding air" is compressed to nearly zero, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency.


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