PCD Metal Cutting Tools Introduction
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PCD Metal Cutting Tools Introduction


PCD metal cutting tools can use PCD materials with high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, and low friction coefficient to achieve high precision, high efficiency, high stability, and high surface finish of non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant non-metallic materials. This kind of tool from the structure can be divided into welding PCD tool and indexable PCD blade.

In recent years, PCD tools with standard shank have developed rapidly, such as PCD milling cutter with shank, PCD boring cutter, PCD reamer, etc. The tool shank types are mainly cylindrical shank, taper shank, and HSK shank. This kind of tool (especially the multi-tooth tool) is characterized by the cutting edge of the shank runout small (such as the blade length of 30mm HSK handle PCD milling cutter cutting edge runout is only 0.002mm), especially suitable for a variety of non-ferrous metal parts of the forming surface, hole, step hole and other large quantities of high-speed processing. For example, the PCD high-speed milling cutter with aluminum matrix cutter head (six edges, diameter 100mm), the maximum speed can reach 20,000R/MIN, above, the cutting speed can reach 7,000M/MIN, suitable for forming surface processing of automotive parts.

The indexable PCD blade is made by inlaying a PCD knife blank on the indexable carbide blade and then grinding it. It can be clamped on the cutter bar, cutter holder, or cutter head of various CNC machine tools and used for high-reliability mass processing. With the increasing popularity of CNC machine tools, machining centers, and automatic production lines, the use of indexable PCD blades is more and more, and the tool’s durability can be improved dozens of times compared with carbide tools.

(2) PCD woodworking tools

PCD woodworking tools can be divided into PCD saw blades and PCD shaped woodworking milling cutter two categories.

PCD saw blade is to weld the PCD blade blank on the saw blade matrix and then warp

The structure of the PCD saw blade is similar to that of the carbide saw blade after grinding. The difference is that the front Angle of the PCD saw blade is smaller than that of the carbide saw blade, generally, 5° ~ 10°, wedge Angle 65° ~ 75°, the size of the saw blade is generally from 100 to 450mm, and the number of sawteeth can be up to 72 teeth.

The main varieties of PCD forming woodworking milling cutter are used for processing Al2O3 layer of laminated wood floor trimming knife, PCD groove knife, PCD furniture forming knife, etc. Its processing method is the shape of PCD cutting tool one-time copy (or combination) to be processed wood. The cutting speed of PCD forming woodworking milling cutter can reach 3,000m/min, and the cutting volume can reach several meters per minute. The cutter’s durability is dozens or even hundreds of times that of carbide cutting tools. Because of its high efficiency and high durability, it is especially suitable for mass processing.

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