PCD Laser Cutting Machine
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PCD Laser Cutting Machine


Laser cutting is a new cutting method and also one of the important aspects of laser material processing technology. Super-hard materials are through the control of high precision solid laser cutting machine, energy, and the width of laser pulse peak power and repeating frequency parameters, emit an infrared laser beam with a wavelength of 1064nm, through the expanded beam focusing laser focal spot diameter is 0.05 to 0.1 mm. Thousands of degrees Celsius temperature is reached, the material and contact instant vaporization is then with laser coaxial scattered formed by high-pressure gas blowing. The precision NC software is used to control the motion platform to drive the workpiece to move relative to the laser beam and the laser hole is connected into a line segment to achieve the purpose of cutting.

It is mainly used for cutting, punching, grooving, and other processing of superhard materials. For example, PCD, PDC, PCBN, CVD, sapphire, zirconia ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, and other superhard materials cutting, drilling processing. Widely used in the production and manufacturing of CNC tools, wire drawing die electronic substrate, electronic screen manufacturing, and other industries.

This machine adopts the laser power source with adjustable pulse width and high repetition frequency as the excitation source, with low single pulse energy and more fine beam quality. It is widely used in the precision cutting and drilling of all kinds of superhard materials. With high cutting efficiency, the cutting gap is narrow, the heat damage area is small, and the cutting surface roughness is fine.

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