PCBN Tool Processing Technology
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PCBN Tool Processing Technology


PCBN Tool Processing Technology

According to the processing technology to divide:

1.Heavy-duty cutting: turning large parts with great cutting depth, Demina PCBN blade bn-k1 and bn-s20 material with high strength, wear resistance, good impact toughness and other characteristics, compared with other tools, can obtain higher processing efficiency, widely used in the energy, mining, steel, metallurgy industries.

2. High-speed cutting: refers to the cutting which is carried out at a speed much higher than the normal cutting speed. Valin super hard tool BNK30 material can be machined at a cutting speed of 3000m/min, nearly 10 times higher than the limit cutting speed of carbide tools.

3. Grinding: Demina ultra-hard cutting tools are used as the final finishing hardening steel turning technology, which can replace the grinding processing to obtain the machining quality. This kind of cutting to the end has the characteristics of high hardness, strong collapse resistance, and continuous processing. It is a complete set of “hard tool grinding turning” machining solutions for intermittent, roughing and superfinishing.

4. Dry cutting: cutting without cooling lubricant at all. It does not affect the environment and is convenient for chip recovery. It is a “green manufacturing” process. Valin can be cast iron, hard steel, aluminum alloy, high-temperature alloy, carbon fiber composite materials for dry cutting, to help green manufacturing.

Demina PCBN tool grinding machine can grind the PCBN tools with a sharp blade, improving the cutting efficiency.

The tool grinder is with good rigidity, making the PCBN tools good finish.

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