PCBN Tool Grinding
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PCBN Tool Grinding


BT-150N tool grinding machine for PCBN tool grinding

Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel bond diamond and ceramic bond have the common characteristics, grinding force is strong, grinding temperature is relatively low, grinding tool wear is relatively small. Can adapt to a variety of coolant action. The shape of the grinding tool is good, and the precision of the grinding part is high. There are a lot of air holes in the grinding tools we usually use. The design of these air holes is conducive to chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding. It is not easy to block and burn the workpiece. Generally, the abrasives we use have the advantages of higher sharpness, longer trimming intervals, and easier trimming, which greatly improves our production efficiency.

Selecting reasonable process parameters, ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel in grinding PCBN tool, due to the resin bond is soft, easy to deformation in grinding, can not effectively grinding PCBN tool. Due to the strong binding ability of metal binders to the abrasive particles, the grinding tool has poor self-sharpening and low grinding efficiency. Moreover, metal binders can cause the most serious damage to the edge of the PCBN tool. Combined with grinding efficiency, grinding tool durability and workpiece surface quality, ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel is an ideal choice for grinding PCBN tools.


Advantages of BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD & PCBN tool grinder

1. the main part of the auxiliary time is a sharp reduction in the time required for tool operation. The turning of the working table forms the arc of the blade. Adjusting the center of the tool's arc to coincide with the rotation axis of the table is a prerequisite for grinding, and the "knife setting action" runs through the entire process of tool grinding, and is repeated continuously. This is the fundamental reason that traditional machine tools cannot get rid of manual operation. 2. Easy and reliable operation, try not to rely on the manual skills of the operator. These two processes have the effect of "giving in" to natural brittle diamond knives with strong brittleness. Traditional equipment uses a cylinder feed method to achieve this effect, which greatly sacrifices the grinding efficiency of PCD and PCNB tools. 3. Increase the proportion of indexable blade grinding, which requires the equipment to have a strong specificity, a simple and rigid structure. But for a single requirement, the structure of the machine can be simplified and the rigidity of the equipment can be greatly enhanced. This not only reduces equipment costs but also lays the foundation for a solid and efficient production.
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