PCBN Tool Grinding Process
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PCBN Tool Grinding Process


There are two types of PCBN sintered directly by CBN single-crystal sintering and PCBN sintered with a certain proportion of binder. According to the way of manufacturing composite: there are integrated PCBN sintered blocks and cemented carbide composite sintered PCBN composite pieces.PCBN composite tablets with the binder are widely used. The hardness of PCBN varies according to the proportion of binder added. The higher the binder content, the lower the hardness and the better the toughness. Different binder types, the use of PCBN is different.

Grinding process of PCBN tool

The produced blank body needs to be sharpened before it can be used for cutting. Generally divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, and grinding process. Rough grinding adopts no. 180 ~ 240 resin bond diamond grinding wheel, feeding volume is 0.01mm/double stroke. Wlo ~ W14 resin bond grinding wheel for fine grinding, feed 0.05mm/double stroke; Special attention should be paid to the effect of cutting edge dressing of diamond grinding wheel on cutting edge grinding. Although the cutting tool swings back and forth across the whole end face of the grinding wheel during the grinding process to make the surface of the grinding wheel consume uniformly. In fact, the surface of the grinding wheel is still prone to be uneven, which requires frequent dressing. Our company's tool grinding machine can grind PCD, PCBN and CVD insert. In addition, the PCBN tool can grind carbide and machine tool inserts, boring tools, HSS non-standard inserts, standard or non-standard welding lathe tools, grooving tools, and various other tools. Users in need are welcome to come to buy.
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