Operation Scheme Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder
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Operation Scheme Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder


BT-150D CNC tool grinder is a precision grinding equipment. In industrial production, it is commonly used to grind PCD tools, CBN tools, and carbide tools. However, during the grinding process, in order to ensure the safety of the operator, according to the working nature and machining accuracy requirements of the CNC tool grinder, the following points are proposed for the operation of the equipment.

Operation Scheme Of BT-150D CNC Tool Grinder

1. CNC tool grinder is a kind of fine processing machine tool. In order to ensure the processing accuracy requirements of the equipment, the grinding machine needs to be stable during operation. The reciprocating motion of the worktable requires small inertia and no impact force when changing directions. Therefore, the hydraulic reciprocating motion of the worktable uses hydraulic transmission for the work process.

2. In order to simplify the mechanical transmission organization of the grinder, multiple motors are selected for dragging alone. The CNC tool grinding machine uses three motors for dragging, and the rotary motion of the grinding wheel is dragged directly by the mounted motor.

3. In order to improve the grinding quality and efficiency, a higher speed of the grinding wheel is required. Generally, the north-south and north-south cage asynchronous motors are used for dragging. In order to improve and adjust the style of the grinding wheel spindle, we can use a built-in motor to adjust the grinding wheel spindle.

4. BT-150D CNC tool grinder the reciprocating pendulum mechanism of the grinding head. The grinding wheel consumes evenly and grinds in time to ensure grinding accuracy and roughness. The CNC program-controlled grinding wheel swing and moves very smoothly through speed optimization. You can set the oscillation length, position, and frequency in the program.

The above are some operation plans about the BT-150D CNC tool grinder. I hope to help everyone use the equipment better. Beijing Demina specializes in producing all kinds of grinding machine equipment. The equipment we produce not only has good performance but also the BT-150D CNC tool grinder price is relatively cheap. Welcome to come and buy.

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