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  • Grinding Characteristics Of PCD Materials

    Factors to consider when selecting PCD tool material As with other tool materials, PCD tool material is not suitable for every kind of machining. The following points should be considered when selecting. 1. Cutting depth: PCD tool material is very sharp. When using a large cutting depth, the processing effect is not obvious enough. This depends to a large extent on the material of the workpiece, cutting speed and feed rate. So when the cutting depth is greater than 0.02mm, It is not suitable to use PCD tools for processing. It is best to use PCD tools for rough machining, and then use SCD tools for finishing. 2. Workpiece materials: When processing non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass) and non-metallic materials (plastic, wood, etc.), it is best to use PCD tool material, and any iron-based materials should not be processed using PCD. 3. Price: The performance of the PCD tool material is superior to other advanced tool materials. Processing with this material can obtain huge economic benefits, but its price is very expensive. For example, the price of a PCD tool material is more than 4 times that of SCD tools. Although PCD tools the price is high, if the PCD tool is used correctly, it can reduce the cost of the machining process and can greatly increase the production efficiency. 4. Handling: Diamond is the hardest material, and it is also extremely brittle and sensitive to thermal shock. The PCD blade is sharp, and any real impact (such as inadequate tool loading or unloading or tool landing) will cause the blade to be chipped, cracked or damaged, so operators should be trained. In order to avoid subtle blade damage, generally, we should place a thin film piece between the diamond cutter and other parts. In short, although PCD tools are expensive and limited to the processing of certain materials. Due to their high processing efficiency, good surface roughness, and long tool life, they make up for the lack of expensive tools. In ultra-precision machining, in addition to high-precision machine tools and ultra-stable machining environments, the main factor for ensuring the quality of the machining surface is also a very important aspect. Natural diamond has high hardness, good wear resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient with non-ferrous metals, good anti-adhesion, excellent corrosion resistance, and chemical stability. It can sharpen extremely sharp blades. It is considered to be the most ideal ultra-precision cutting tool material, which has an important position in the field of mechanical processing, especially in the field of ultra-precision processing, and has been widely used.
  • BT-150HS Неуматична машина за шлайфане на PCD инструментите за обработка на метали

    BT-150HS气动立式多晶转刀磨床是一款经济实用的磨削PCD、PCBN和CVD工具的磨床;可制造和磨削硬质合金和高速钢的非标准刀片。当磨削标准或非标准焊接插片、卡片刀片、钻孔插片、槽凿插片和其他类型的工具时,易于磨削这些工具上的角度和弧形过渡刀片。 BT-150HS气动立式多晶转刀磨床的特点:机床的机械结构:机床床身(底座)采用高品质整体铸造,主要组件重量为1.6吨,能够满足任何超硬材料磨削的要求。机床的电主轴:磨头采用高精度变频调速电主轴,采用循环水冷却,磨头主轴旋转精度:端跳:0.002毫米;径跳:0.003毫米。气动进给机构:机床采用“恒压磨削”技术,即在工具磨削过程中,工具始终承受恒定的气压,使磨削过程平衡稳定,整体磨削效率高。辅助工作:刀具接近磨盘,在磨削后刀具返回装载位置。这两个动作通过气动进给装置的快速前进和快速后退进行,可以节省辅助时间高达70%。磨头往复伺服摆动:伺服电机实现磨盘的往复摆动,范围在0和30毫米之间随机调整,使磨盘均匀磨损,及时自我锋利,确保磨削精度和粗糙度。在线CCD测量:采用光学显微镜和CCD摄像放大技术,放大倍率在25~80之间,用于生成由软件生成的对齐线,经过校准作为基准,确保对齐精度,使机器能够准确检测尖锐的弧线、角线和图形导入函数,非标准工具对齐测量。磨盘径向轴向锁紧:磨盘主轴径向锁紧技术使两个圆弧导轨的凹凸相持制动紧密,实现平滑接触无间隙,大大增强了设备的刚性。磨盘高度(决定刀具的后角)的调节不改变磨盘中心线的位置,因此粗磨和精磨不需要调节磨盘高度。磨头升降调整轴:专为非标准切削工具(如V型刀具、密齿铣刀和刀具前切削面等)开发的磨点垂直升降装置,升降距离为±75cm,操作简便。II.技术突破点:优化垂直轴:微调后的垂直轴升降一体化于工作台夹具上,大大增强了设备的稳定性和刚性。更稳定的进给:PCD是一种硬脆材料,不能承受冲击力(尤其是周期性冲击力),所以我们公司改进的机床设计了带气压的“柔性进给”装置,使刀片具有冲击力,有效改善了刀片的粗糙度。我们公司采用了大屏幕显示工具图像,位于操作站直接面前,不需要频繁转动头部,只需“抬头”即可配合操作,将生产效率提高约50%。配备磨头升降调整轴,开发了非标准切削工具(如V型刀具、密齿铣刀和刀具前切削面等)的磨点垂直升降装置,升降距离为±75cm。
  • Correct Use And Operation Of BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder

    For the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder in the grinding machine, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. And should also have accumulated some expertise on this kind of grinding machine so that it can be used in practical work. So In order to achieve the correct and standardized operation of the product, in order to get good results, and good economic benefits. Below, CNC grinding machine manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to the correct use and operation of the BT-150HG PCD tool grinding machine. Operation of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder 1. After the CNC grinding machine is used, is it necessary to do its finishing work? After the CNC grinding machine is used, it is necessary to finish the finishing work of the equipment. Because this is very important for the equipment. If this work is not done, it will affect the performance and use the effect of the grinding machine. And the service life of the grinding machine. In the specific work content, it is to retreat the grinding wheel, put the handle on the empty position and cut off the power of the equipment. In addition, we must do the daily maintenance of the equipment. 2. CNC grinding machine manufacturers of CNC grinding machines, which grinding is suitable for grinding? In addition, BT-150HG PCD tool grinder, can it be automatically changed? CNC grinding machine This kind of grinding machine is suitable for internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, surface grinding, universal grinding, and composite grinding. As for which one to choose, it is to see the specific production and processing requirements. BT-150HG PCD tool grinder, which cannot perform automatic tool change. Can only perform one process after one knife and then perform manual tool change to carry out the next process. 3. Is the motor power of the CNC system in the CNC grinding machine related to the price of the grinding machine? In CNC grinding machines, CNC systems are an important and fundamental part, so they are indispensable. Its role is to control the grinding process to improve the working efficiency of the grinding machine. The motor power is one of the main parameters of the system, and the larger the motor power, the larger the grinding machine specification, and the higher the price of the grinding machine. Therefore, the motor power of the CNC grinding machine is related to the , and it is a proportional relationship. Correct use of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder 1. First, determine the diameter of the milling cutter. If you want to grind the 8MM end mill. Use the 8MM collet and lock the cutter to the 50D sleeve. 2. Set the angle and swing the milling cutter sleeve slightly 4° (the bottom angle of the milling cutter is between 2°-6°) 3. Start grinding the bottom surface, for example, a 4-edge milling cutter, align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel. Complete the tool setting step and then grind the bottom angle of the milling cutter, finish grinding one edge and then replace another cutting edge to finish grinding. 4. Grind the center of the cutter to escape the angle, swing the sleeve to about 10 °. And then grind the center escape angle of each milling cutter. 5. Grinding the milling cutter second clearance angle in turn 6. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter, use the milling cutter to press the spiral groove of the milling cutter. Align the grinding wheel, and push the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter.
  • Китайският производител на машини за шлайфане на супер твърди инструменти.

    中国超硬工具磨床生产商 北京德密纳精密机械有限公司是工具磨削行业的倡导者和开创者,主要为工具制造行业和工具使用行业提供工具磨床工具。北京德密纳成立已有10多年,主要产品:通用/金刚石/超硬工具磨床,数控金刚石工具磨床、数控金刚石刀片磨床、工具测量仪器、铣刀/周边磨床、钻床磨床。 磨削是指采用磨料工具作为“刀具”对工件进行精密切割,可以获得高加工精度和小表面粗糙度。北京德密纳生产的超硬工具磨床主要针对超硬工具的磨削,提高工具的几何尺寸精度,以实现工具的精密加工。北京德密纳的工具磨床采用左右摆动的运动方式,超硬工具在磨削时可实现磨轮的自磨功能。 北京德密纳精密机械有限公司在中国市场的超硬工具磨床占有率达30%,为工具制造商提供磨削解决方案。他们生产的PCD、CBN工具磨床分为三类,手动机床TOOL BT-150H、半自动机床BT-150N和全自动机床BT-150D。客户可以根据资金需求选择适合的磨床。
  • Motorized Spindle

    The motorized spindle is the last ten years in the field of CNC machine tools will machine tool spindle and spindle motor integration of new technology. It is the "core" components of high-speed CNC machine tools, its performance directly determines the high-speed machining performance of machine tools. As motorized spindles are high-speed precision components regular maintenance is very necessary. The motorized spindle is maintained as follows: 1. The radial runout of the inner cone hole of the motorized spindle is generally required to be 0.002mm(2 m) and detected twice a year. 2. The radial runout of the far end of the spindle (250mm) is generally required to be 0.012mm(12 m) and tested twice a year. 3. The extended distance of broach is 10.5±0.1mm when the broach is released (take HSK63 as an example) for 4 times a year. Analysis and treatment of severe heating during high-speed rotation of spindle: Heat and temperature rise in spindle operation is always the focus of research. There are two main heat sources inside the spindle unit: one is the spindle bearing, the other is the main motor. The most prominent problem of the spindle unit is the heating of the main motor. As the main motor is next to the spindle bearing, if the heat dissipation of the main motor is not solved well, it will also affect the reliability of the machine. The main solution is to adopt the cycle cooling structure, including the external cycle and the internal cycle. The cooling medium can be water or oil so that the motor and the front and rear bearings can be fully cooled. Spindle bearing is the core 2113 core support of motorized spindle and also one of the main heat sources of the motorized spindle. At present, high-speed motorized spindles are mostly made of angular contact ceramic ball bearings. Because ceramic ball bearings have the following characteristics: 1. Because of the lightweight of the ball, the centrifugal force is a small, a small moment of dynamic friction. 2. Small thermal expansion caused by temperature rise, so that the bearing pre-tightening force stability. Small elastic deformation, high stiffness, long life. Due to the high running speed of the motorized spindle, there are strict requirements for the dynamic and thermal performance of spindle bearing. Reasonable preload, good and sufficient lubrication is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the spindle. Oil mist lubrication is adopted. The air pressure of the atomizing generator is 0.25~ 0.3mpa. 20# turbine oil is selected. The lube mist, while fully lubricating the bearings, also carries away a lot of heat. The distribution of lubricating oil in the front and rear bearings is a very important issue and must be strictly controlled. The inlet section is larger than the sum of the sections of the front and rear injection orifices, and the exhaust shall be smooth. The injection Angle of each injection hole is 15O with the axis so that the oil mist is directly sprayed into the bearing working area. Key points of the motorized spindle maintenance process 1. According to the damage of the motorized spindle, measurement of static, dynamic radial runout and lift clearance, and axial movement momentum. 2. Remove the motorized spindle with a special tool made of 5261. Clean and measure rotor pendulum and wear. 3. Optional bearing. The consistency error of the inner hole and outer diameter of each group of bearings shall be ≤0.002~0.003mm. Keep a clearance of 0.0025~0.005mm from the main shaft. In practice, it is best to use both thumbs to push the bearing into the sleeve. Too tight will cause bearing outer ring deformation, bearing temperature rise is too high, too loose will reduce the stiffness of the grinding head. 4. Bearing cleaning is to ensure the normal work and service life of the important link, do not use compressed air to blow the bearing, because the compressed air in the hard particles will make the racetrack hair. 5. Tapered bearings or angular contact ball bearings must pay attention to the direction of bearing installation, otherwise, they can not reach the rotary precision requirements. The whole assembly process adopts special tools to eliminate assembly errors and ensure assembly quality. 6. When the inner hole of the sleeve is deformed, the roundness is out of tolerance, or it is too loose with the bearing. The local electroplating method can be used to compensate and regrind to the requirement, and this method can also be used at the shaft neck. 7. The end face of the round nut and oil seal cover on the motorized spindle is in close contact with the end face of the inner and outer rings of the bearing respectively. Therefore, the perpendicularity of the threaded part and the end face is very high. If the contact rate & LT;80%, can grind the end face, make it reach perpendicularity requirement.4102 this work is very important. Its accuracy will affect the radial runout of the grinding spindle extension rod, thus affecting the surface roughness of the grinding workpiece. 8. The spindle shall be adjusted in axial direction after assembly (measured by tension spring balance during adjustment). At the same time, static and dynamic radial run-out and lifting clearance shall be measured until the assembly process requirements are met. 9. Under the actual running conditions of the machine, excluding the influence of assembly. Thermal deformation, and other factors during the operation of the machine, under a certain rotating speed, a dynamic balancing instrument is used to balance the rotor in motion. Maintenance analysis and elimination method of common faults of motorized spindle 1. Spindle heating (1) The spindle bearing preload is too large, causing the spindle rotation friction too large, causing the spindle temperature sharply increased. Troubleshooting: It can be eliminated by readjusting the preload of the spindle bearing. (2) Spindle bearing grinding or damage will also cause spindle rotary friction too large, resulting in a sharp rise in spindle temperature. Troubleshooting: It can be eliminated by replacing new bearings. (3) Spindle oil dirty or impurities will also cause spindle rotation resistance is too large, causing spindle temperature rise. Troubleshooting: remove the problem by cleaning the headstock and changing the oil. (4) When the lubricating grease of spindle bearing is exhausted or too much lubricating grease, it will also cause the resistance and friction of spindle turning to be too large, which will cause the temperature of the spindle to rise. Troubleshooting: Remove by reapplying grease. 2. Spindle when the strong cutting stop (1) The transmission belt connecting the spindle motor and the spindle is too loose, resulting in too small spindle drive torque, insufficient spindle torque during strong cutting, the alarm will be generated, and the CNC machine will stop automatically. Troubleshooting methods: By adjusting the tension of the main shaft belt, to eliminate. (2) There is oil on the surface of the transmission belt between the spindle motor and the spindle, which causes the transmission belt to slip when the spindle is driving. In the case of strong cutting, the spindle torque is insufficient, giving an alarm and the CNC machine stops automatically. Troubleshooting: Remove by scrubbing after cleaning with gasoline or alcohol. (3) The driving belt connecting the spindle motor and the spindle becomes invalid after being used for too long, which causes the spindle motor's torque to be unable to drive. When the spindle torque is insufficient during strong cutting, an alarm will be generated and the CNC machine will stop automatically. Troubleshooting: remove the fault by replacing a new spindle drive belt. (4) In the spindle driving mechanism, the clutch, coupling connection, adjust too loose or wear, resulting in the spindle motor torque transmission error is too large, strong vibration spindle cutting. Generate alarm, NC machine automatically stops. Troubleshooting: remove by adjusting or replacing the clutch or coupling. 3. Too much noise when the spindle works (1) Poor dynamic balance of spindle components, so that the spindle rotation vibration is too large, causing working noise. Troubleshooting methods: All spindle components should be checked and adjusted by professionals from the machine tool manufacturer. (2) Spindle transmission gear wear, so that the gear meshing clearance is too large, spindle rotation impact vibration is too large, causing work noise. Troubleshooting: it is necessary to have the spindle drive gear inspected, repaired, or replaced by a professional from the machine tool manufacturer. (3) Spindle bearing drawing or damage, so that the spindle rotary clearance is too large, rotary impact, vibration is too large, causing work noise. Troubleshooting: Professional personnel from the machine tool manufacturer are required to inspect, repair, or replace the bearings. (4) The spindle belt slack or wear, so that the spindle rotary friction too large, causing work noise. Troubleshooting: remove by adjusting or replacing the belt. 4. The tool cannot be clamped (1) The displacement of the dish spring is too small so that the spindle grasping knife, clamping device cannot reach the correct position, the tool cannot be clamped. Troubleshooting: by adjusting the stroke length of the spring dish to eliminate. (2) The spring chuck is damaged, making the spindle clamping device unable to clamp the cutter. Troubleshooting: remove the problem by replacing the spring chuck. (3) Disc spring failure, so that the spindle grasp knife, clamping device can not reach the correct position, the tool can not be clamped. Troubleshooting: remove the problem by replacing a new dish spring. (4) The pull nail on the handle is too long and hits the grasping knife and clamping device of the spindle, making it unable to move to the correct position and the tool cannot be clamped. Troubleshooting methods: By adjusting or replacing the pull nails, and correct installation to remove. 5. Do not loosen the tool after it is clamped (1) Release hydraulic cylinder pressure and stroke is not enough. Troubleshooting methods: By adjusting the hydraulic pressure and stroke switch position to eliminate. (2) Saucer spring pressing is too tight so that the spindle clamping device cannot fully move to the correct position, and the tool cannot be released. Troubleshooting: by adjusting the nut on the dish spring, reduce the spring pressure to eliminate. 1653 electric spindle for a high-speed CNC machine tool is the most key component, its performance depends to a large extent determines the processing accuracy and production efficiency of the high-speed machine tools, electric spindle as the core component of the machining center. It will close 2 for one, machine tool spindle and ac servo motor shaft of the spindle motor stator and rotor directly into the interior of the spindle component, and through the accurate dynamic balancing correction, have good rotation accuracy and stability, forming a perfect high-speed spindle unit, also known as the built-in motorized spindle, it no longer USES the belt gear transmission, so as to realize the "zero transmission" of machine tool spindle system. After energizing, the rotor drives the spindle directly.
  • The Structural System Of PCD Tool Grinding Machine

    The structural system of PCD tool grinding machine PCD tool grinding machine The grinding head motor system, the grinding wheel feed control system, the table hydraulic reciprocating control system, the tool sharpening coolant supply system, the disk suction control system, the demagnetization device, and the lubrication control system constitutes a grinding machine. The core structure of the knife. Among them, the PCD tool grinding machine is the core system of the whole grinding machine, and it is the main support for the precision of the grinding machine. The stability, continuity, and amplitude of the machining process will have different processing precision. The impact of the gapless grinding heads of many of the invention patents that have been developed by our company is developed in response to these influencing factors, and the current customer feedback proves that the device provides customers with a strong precision guarantee. PCD tool grinding machine The grinding wheel feed control system includes the energy-saving frequency conversion speed control and the tool axis positioning control system of the grinding wheel motor. The tool axis positioning control system is mainly supported by the custom-grade servo control system, that is, the servo drives active operation control industrial-grade AC servo Motor implementation. The hydraulic reciprocating control system of the worktable is powered by an oil pump to control the grinding head to achieve high-precision reciprocating grinding on the left and right movement of the linear guide. At the same time, the speed can be changed by adjusting the power of the oil pump. The tool sharpening coolant supply system is used in the same way as the conventional method. The coolant in the cooling tank is pumped and cooled by the pump during the sharpening of the tool. The demagnetizing device is that after the grinding process is completed, the electromagnetic chuck eliminates its own magnetic force in the first time so that the tool can be taken out immediately. The lubrication control system supplies pressure to the moving joints of the various components of the equipment through the hydraulic oil pump to lubricate the components and reduce friction. Manual PCD tool grinder Appearance quality requirements 1. The appearance of the equipment shall not have any defects such as protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages as specified in the drawings. 2. The exposed parts of the sharpening machine and the edges of the exposed joint surface should be neat, and there should be no obvious misalignment. 3. The color tone of the plated parts, bluing and blackening parts should be the same, and the protective layer should not fall off. 4. After painting, the outer surface of the sharpening machine should be even and bright, and there should be no defects such as spots, bubbles, wrinkles and peeling. Manual PCD tool grinder Basic operation flow of the sharpener 1. Open the window and exhaust fan of the sharpening room before using the sharpening machine, so that the sharpening room is in a ventilated state. 2. Check whether the grinding wheel is tight and eccentric before using the sharpening machine. Whether the wear is serious or it must be tightened, adjusted and repaired. 3. Measurements must be made with a micrometer when performing tool grinding radius 4. In the specific process of sharpening the knife, the feed of the tool to the direction of the grinding wheel should not be too large, and it is strictly prohibited to operate in violation of the barbaric operation. 5. When using a magnifying glass to observe the tool, etc., when the knife sharpener is suspended, the power of the sharpener must be turned off. 6. The scrapped tool should place in the designated waste box. 7. When leaving the sharpening room, you must wipe the sharpening machine clean, clean the sharpening room, arrange and put the work and measuring tools, and do the “five off” (shutdown, turn off the lights, turn off the fans, close the door, close the window), seriously Fill in the "instrument, equipment usage record" Adjustment of PCD tool grinder sharpener In the process of using the sharpening machine, some problems and malfunctions will inevitably occur. During this period, the machine must first adjust the gap after changing the tool or adjust the maintenance. When adjusting the sharpening machine, adjust the spacing from the beginning with a feeler. For the various thicknesses of the sheet, the edge clearance of the sharpening machine is different. The relationship between the size of the gap and the thickness of the plate is shown in the chart. When adjusting the cutting edge clearance, rotate the flywheel by hand to make the upper tool holder to the bottom dead center, loosen the screws of the fixed blade on the worktable, and determine the gap value according to the thickness of the shearing plate. Use the feeler gauge to measure the full length of the sharpening machine. At this time, the vibrating flywheel moves the upper tool holder up and down several times, gradually tightening the bolts, nuts, and adjusting the gap value of the cutting edge to the required level. Adjust the other one without adjustment and adjust the knife-edge of the sharpener to zero. Then make careful adjustments. It is enough to ensure that the three wires can not enter into the five wires. Grinding machine tool body organic body, work table, electromagnetic table, grinding head, electrical appliances, most of the components, the structure between the components is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable, the grinding head is even and stable, the equipment has precision and stability, work High efficiency, long service life and other characteristics, suitable for the processing of various straight edge tools. The precision sharpening machine is indispensable mechanical equipment for grinding straight-blade blades. A good sharpening machine can not only greatly improve the working efficiency of the working host, but also the work of sharpening is simple and convenient. The sharpening machine and the sharpened edges are all in a straight line, which increases the strength of the blade compared to manual grinding, increasing the service life and processing capacity of the insert.
  • Grinding Characteristics Of PCD Material

    PCD is made by sintering specially treated diamond with a small amount of binder at high temperature and ultra-high pressure. The unordered arrangement of diamond grains gives PCD uniform, high hardness and wear resistance.PCD can be used for cutting tools, grinding wheel dressing, geological drilling, measuring tool probe, wire drawing tool, sandblasting tool, etc. However, the high hardness and high wear resistance of PCD also bring great difficulties to its processing. Scholars at home and abroad have conducted a lot of research and tests on the processing problems, including EDM, ultrasonic machining, electrochemical machining, laser machining, etc., and achieved certain results. However, the final research data show that these processing technologies are most suitable for the roughing of PCD materials. In order to obtain high-quality PCD cutting edges and improve the efficiency of grinding, the best machining method is still grinding or grinding with diamond wheels. Grinding characteristics of PCD materials The main process of PCD grinding is mechanical and thermochemical mixing. Mechanical action refers to the result of the fine crushing, abrasion, peeling or cracking of the diamond formed by the continuous impact of the diamond grinding wheel abrasive on the PCD material during the production process. Thermochemistry refers to the process of oxidizing or graphitizing PCD at high temperatures by a diamond wheel. The combination of the two results in the removal of the PCD material. Its grinding processing characteristics are mainly as follows: (1) Great grinding force Diamond is the hardest substance in the known minerals, and the wear amount of friction with various metallic and non-metallic materials is only 1/50 ~ 1/800 of that of cemented carbide. The hardness (HV) of PCD is 80 ~ 120KN/mm2, which is second only to single-crystal diamond and much higher than cemented carbide. When PCD is ground with a diamond wheel, the initial cutting strength is very high, about 10 times that of cemented carbide (0.4mpa). Specific grinding capacity: 1.2 × 104 ~ 1.4 × 105J / mm3; Therefore, the grinding force is much higher than that of cemented carbide grinding. (2) The grinding ratio is very small Due to the high hardness and wear resistance of PCD (the relative wear resistance is 16 ~ 199 times that of cemented carbide). Therefore, in order to ensure the cutting tool edge quality and removal, grinding time is very long, processing efficiency is very low. In addition, when the hardness, content and particle size of PCD are different, the grinding time is also different. (3) Particle size has a great influence PCD materials used in cutting tools are mainly divided into three types according to the particle size: coarse particle size (20 ~ 50 cm), medium particle size (about 10 cm) and fine particle size (~ 5 cm). The difference in grinding force and grinding ratio is several times to dozens of times. Coarse grain PCD has the highest grinding ratio, the most difficult grinding, the most serrated edge after grinding, the worst quality, but the strongest wear resistance. Fine-grained PCD has the lowest grinding ratio, the easiest grinding and the best edge quality after grinding.
  • The History Of Demina

    Demina Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in July 2007, the company not only has the excellent technical background, but also has abundant service experience, thus we can provide constructive services according to the customers' features. Demina has been always devoting to the development and research of tool grinder related software, design, production and manufacture. In addition, Demina closely combined the technology of conventional tool grinding skills with software technology, realizing digitalization of grinding skills and popularization of intelligent tool grinding machine. At the begining of Demina's establishment,the company acts as an agent for various kinds of cutters and drill grinding equipment in developed countries. It can provide suitable products for the same users and provide comprehensive technical consulting services. In the early of 2006, Demina established Tool Service Center in Beijing, which made us can provide customers in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas with the manufacture and re-grinding of monolithic alloy tools, monolithic alloy drills and non-standard tools. In 2009, company began to manufacture BT-150 series Diamond Tool Grinder, BT-150E CNC tool grinding machine and BT-560 Tool Testing Machine. At the same time, company also began to develop and research the controlling system and application software of tool grinder. In 2016, company founded perfect machine tool manufacturing base in Jing'an county Yichun city Jiangxi province. Based on this, company set about to conduct the training job of talents.
  • Safety Operation Procedures OF PP-60N Universal Drill Grinding Machine

    Machine Features OF PP-60N universal drill grinding The wheel frame mechanism is flexible and can adjust in two dimensions. The headframe can be rotated in both directions and has an international standard 50-gauge hole for easy installation of various tools and fixtures. The table is supported on a preloaded ball guide for smooth and precise operation. The worktable can hydraulically be driven by manual or stepless speed regulation. Scope of application OF PP-60N universal drill grinding machine PP-60N universal drill grinding machine suitable for sharpening high-speed steel, carbide or other material tools. As well as grinding outer circles, flat grooves and forming surfaces. If equipped with special accessories, it can also grind various gears, worm gear hobs, forming knives, ball-end milling cutters, twist drills, cone reamer and so on. Operating procedure OF Universal drill grinding machine 1. The universal drill grinder should securely fix with bolts. Keep it upright and do not overturn it. The road should boring and tidy, safe, dredging, ventilated, and excellent in light. The power cords should not surround by each other. Keep away from high temperature and oily and vulnerable places. 2. Before starting the universal drill grinder, please read the machine manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the machine structure, each handle function. The transmission smooth system and the safe operation specifications before operating the machine. 3. power plugs and socket equipment should strong and reliable, excellent contact. Stop the power plug of non-electrical professional machine tools, stop non-professional equipment and repair the electrical system of the machine tool. 4. Before use, check whether the voltage and frequency of the equipment's power supply are consistent with the motor nameplate requirements. 5. Before operating the machine, you should check the reliability of the electrical system maintenance grounding. You should check the reliability of the electrical system maintenance grounding. 6. It is necessary to lock the handle that should lock in the universal drill grinder before the operation. The workpiece should firmly clamp. The workpiece should firmly clamp before starting the machine. Before starting the grinding machine, fix the wheel guard and remove the wrench and other things left on the machine. 7. Before servicing and repairing the machine, be sure to plug the machine power first. After acknowledging the safety, before you can maintain and repair the machine, you must first plug the machine power supply and acknowledge the safety before proceeding. 8. Before turning on the power, make sure that the machine switch is in the off position. When the operation is finished or temporarily disconnected. Before turning on the power, ensure that the machine switch is in the off position. When the operation ends or temporarily detaches, please turn off the machine smoothly. Power switch; please turn off the machine power switch. 9. In the case of faults and abnormal sounds in the operation, the machine power supply should be blocked immediately. And the cause of the machine tool should block. The machine tool should faulty and abnormally sounded. The machine power should block immediately, the cause should check, and the machine can restart. Maintenance Universal drill grinding machine 1. You must first read the instructions, familiar with the structure of the machine. The functions of each handle, the transmission, and the lubrication system. In order to operate the device better. 2. Add lubricant to the lubrication instructions of the machine before using the equipment. 3. Before using the drill grinder, check whether the locking parts are clamped. Check whether the grinding wheel rack lifting system and the worktable movement and electrical equipment are normal. 4. When using PP-60N universal drill grinding machine, select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material and processing part requirements of the grinding tool. And repair the grinding wheel working face in time. 5. If the drill grinder malfunctions or abnormally sounds during operation, immediately cut off the input power and check the cause. 6. Keep the rail surface clean when in use. After the work is finished, the sand, iron filings and dust on the machine should remove, and the anti-rust oil should apply to the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion. 7. The drill grinder should regularly maintain. If there is any fault, it should repair in time to ensure that the machine is in good condition. 8. Parts of the grinding machine, random accessories, and tool damage should replace with accessories of the same specifications and performance. and the equipment supplier's accessories should use as much as possible to ensure the performance and life of the machine.
  • 4 Key Technologies Of BT-150E 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

    BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder machine, especially multi-axis CNC, multi-axis CNC tool grinding machine is a high-precision. High-precision grinding machine for manufacturing precision, complex shape tools, high-precision, sharp key equipment. But also various types of CNC the mechatronics high-tech products with complex structure. The high degree of automation, high precision and high reliability in machine tools have considerable technical difficulty in research and development. Using BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder to grind tools must rely on tool grinding technology and programming technology. The status of BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder The current situation of the five-axis CNC tool grinding machine, the domestic CNC tool grinding machine is still in the primary imitation stage. There are not many high-grade CNC tool grinding machines, and there are almost no high-end mature products. The foreign five-axis CNC tool grinding machine is relatively mature, it's precision, speed. And rigidity is relatively high, and its functions are relatively complete, representing the development trend of today's CNC tool grinding machines. Lubricate all parts of the machine before starting the . Check whether the mechanical transmission is normal, whether the switch button is reliable. And ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and not damaged. Start the grinding wheel to the normal processing speed in jog mode and idle for five minutes. Before installing the five-axis CNC tool grinder, check whether the grinding wheel is complete. If you tap the grinding wheel, you should hear the crisp sound to ensure that the grinding wheel is intact and not damaged. The asbestos pad should place on the clamping wheel, and the first balance should make after clamping. After the machine is trimmed, it will balance again. The new wheel needs to idle for five minutes. The grinding wheel is prohibited from running at over speed and must not exceed the warning speed. Reasonable selection of grinding amount, super-load grinding is strictly prohibited. Before grinding, check whether the workpiece is sucked or clamped firmly. When clamping high workpieces and workpieces with the small bottom area, use the block to hold or special clamps to prevent malfunction. When the machine is turned on, the front position of the grinding wheel is not allowed to stand. Preventing the grinding wheel from breaking out or the workpiece flying. At the end of the work, the machine tool is wiped clean, the power is cut off, the parts are placed neatly, and the work site is kept clean. 4 key technologies of BT-150E 5-axis CNC tool grinder (1) The column adopts a monolithic gantry structure. (2) The beam adopts a linear guide block on the column, and the ball screw is driven by the double servo motor to drive the beam up and down for synchronous movement. (3) The rolling guide is adopted on the beam, and the ball screw is driven by the servo motor to make the grinding head seat move left and right on the beam. The five-axis CNC tool grinding machine moves and adjusts the distance on the horizontal and vertical planes. (4) The grinding head uses a high-speed and high-power electric spindle.
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