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  • Attended 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition

    BEIJING DEMINA PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD has attended 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition in Beijing from April 15 to April 20, 2019. We mainly show two tool grinding machines: BT-150D 4-Axis CNC PCD Insert Grinder and BT150N 3-Axis PCD Grinding Machine in the exhibition. Many audiences from different countries are interested in these two products. Here are some pictures of the scene in the exhibition and the two products showed. BT-150D Features and uses is made of grinding wheel oscillation axis(X-axis), grinding wheel tilt angle axis (B-axis), rotation axis in the horizontal plane(C-axis), working piece feeding axis(Y-axis). Working piece feeding axis(Y-axis) is equipped with a raster ruler, and the closed loop position feedback is used to ensure the precision of micron level grinding. The tool grinder is suitable for massive production of carbide inserts, PCD and CBN inserts. Once centering is finished, grinding will be done automatically, realizing constant pressure grinding and flexible feed. The even consumption of grinding wheel can be measured and compensated by the system, so production with long cycle time can be achieved.   BT150N Features and uses BT150N is suitable for massive production of carbide, PCD and CBN insert. Once centering is finished, grinding will be done automatically. It is specially designed for “One person Two Machines”.The machine can also be set back to manual mode, which is easy and quick for small batch production. If you want to know more details, please continue to visit our website.    
  • Structural Features Of CBN Tool Grinder

    From the current status of the CBN tool grinder, domestic tool grinders are still in the initial stage of development. There are not many high-end tool grinders and a few high-end mature products. The foreign CBN tool grinder is relatively mature, its accuracy, speed, and rigidity are relatively high, and its functions are complete, representing the development trend of today’s tool grinding machines. However, with the development of research and development technology, the production technology of tool grinders in China has gradually entered a stage of rapid development.From the current status of the CBN tool grinder, domestic tool grinders are still in the initial stage of development. There are not many high-end tool grinders and a few high-end mature products. The foreign CBN tool grinder is relatively mature, its accuracy, speed, and rigidity are relatively high, and its functions are complete, representing the development trend of today’s tool grinding machines. However, with the development of research and development technology, the production technology of tool grinders in China has gradually entered a stage of rapid development.Structural Features Of CBN Tool Grinder1. Special high-strength polymer bed, self-heavy, stable structure, good rigidity, strong shock absorption, no special requirements for installation.2. Finite element design, reasonable design of the structure, compact space, convenient operation, and larger effective stroke.3. The main shaft is subjected to high-speed dynamic balance processing and a labyrinth seal. The spindle is water-cooled to effectively control temperature rise.4. Large-scale workbench design, standard T-slot table, convenient to install various auxiliary fixtures. Effectively expand the scope of application, and easily face the processing of various special tools.5. BT-150HG CBN tool grinder can grind tool is now widely used in many grinding industries.6. Equipped with a 3D tool automatic measurement system, which can be automatically measured in a few seconds and start grinding.7. Unique and ultra-high-precision cutting oil cooling filter device, which greatly improves the processing effect and ensures the machine tool’s long-term cleanliness and the quality of the tool.Beijing Demina manufactures various tool grinders. Welcome to inquire about the BT-150HG CBN tool grinder price.
  • The Working Nature Of BT-150M Tool Grinder

    Maintenance of BT-150M tool grinder 1. You must read the instructions before using the tool grinder, familiar with the structure of the machine. The functions of each handle, the transmission, and the lubrication system. 2. Add lubricating oil according to the lubrication instructions of the machine before starting the machine. 3. Check whether the locking parts are clamped first. Check the movement of the wheel frame lifting system and the worktable and whether the electrical equipment is normal. 4. When using, select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the requirements of the material of the grinding tool and the processing part. And repair the grinding wheel working face on the working face of the grinding wheel in time. 5. If the BT-150M tool grinder malfunctions or does not sound normal during the work, immediately cut off the input power and check the cause. 6. Keep the surface of the guide rail clean during use. After work, remove the sand, iron filings and dust on the machine, and apply anti-rust oil on the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion. Safety technology of Semi-auto tool sharpening machine Most of the semi-auto tool sharpening machines are ground using high-speed rotating grinding wheels. A few are processed with other abrasive tools such as oilstone, abrasive belts, and free abrasives. They can combine with machine tools for one-time clamping. One-piece grinding, fully automatic intelligent operation, one-time processing finish to Ra0.2 or less. The surface of the roll directly reaches the mirror effect. The processing efficiency is greatly improved, and the roughness Ra of the parts is ≤0.2um. More importantly, the fatigue performance of the parts is improved, the surface microhardness is increased by more than 20%. The wears resistance and corrosion resistance are improved by more than 50%, and the surface is pre-treated. The ideal compressive stress and metal lattice nano-arrangement are arranged. And the processing efficiency is more than three times higher than the conventional processing technology. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine is especially important to carry out the safety work during the grinding process. When manufacturing, it is necessary to take reliable safety protection devices. And the operation should concentrate on the spirit and ensure that nothing is lost. At the same time, the fine sand and metal scraps splashed on the workpiece of the grinding wheel during the grinding of the sharpener will damage the eyes of the operator. If the operator inhales the dust in a large amount, it will be harmful to the body. Protective measures. Pay attention to the following safety technical issues when grinding. The arrangement of the grinding wheel is different. The grinding wheel of the material is shaken with different grinding wheels. The grinding wheel is sharpened with a sharp diamond pen. When the grinding wheel is closed, the rotation speed of the grinding wheel should adjust. And the sharpness of the grinding wheel can adjust to smooth the workpiece. A Semi-auto tool sharpening machine can use for a long time. This requirement is very important. It seems to be ordinary, but it must be consistently maintained. The table is clean, the grinding machine is comfortable, and the machine tool is clean. The accuracy can also be maintained. The working nature of BT-150M tool grinder Based on the working nature and machining accuracy requirements of the precision BT-150M tool grinder. The following requirements are imposed on the power drag control scheme: (1) Precision BT-150M tool grinder is a precision machining machine. In order to ensure machining accuracy requirements, the machine requires a stable operation. The reciprocating motion of the table requires small inertia and no impact force when commutating. Therefore, the reciprocating motion of the table is hydraulically driven. The hydraulic pump is driven by the electric motor to supply the pressure oil. And the longitudinal feed motion of the worktable is realized by the hydraulic transmission device. And the hydraulic reversing valve on the bed is manipulated by the collision block on the worktable to change the flow direction of the pressure oil to realize the worktable. Reversing and automatic reciprocating motion. (2) In order to simplify the mechanical transmission mechanism of the grinding machine, multiple motors are used for separate dragging. The precision tool grinder is driven by three motors, and the rotary motion of the grinding wheel is directly dragged by the load motor. The hydraulic pump is dragged by the hydraulic pump motor, and the reciprocating motion of the table is completed by the hydraulic transmission device. The lateral feed movement of the grinding wheel frame, the rapid lateral movement of the grinding wheel frame, and the lubrication of the table rail. Drag the motor of the cooling pump to provide coolant for the grinding process. (3) In order to improve the grinding quality, the grinding wheel is required to have a higher rotation speed and is usually driven by a two-pole cage type asynchronous motor. In order to improve the wind of the grinding wheel spindle of the adjusted operation, the motor is dragged by the motor. And the motor is coaxial with the grinding wheel spindle, thereby improving the machining accuracy of the grinding machine. (4) in the grinding process, due to the high grinding temperature. In order to reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece, the workpiece must be sufficiently cooled, and the coolant can wash away the grinding debris and sand to ensure grinding precision. (5) Electromagnetic chucks for precision tool grinding machines are easy to install and machine small workpieces by electromagnetic suction. And the workpieces have free expansion and contraction due to heat deformation during the machining process, thus ensuring machining accuracy.  
  • Precision Diamond Tool Grinder

    The rough and fine grinding of precision diamond tools is carried out by mushroom grinding machine. The grinding machine is equipped with a high-speed rotating cast iron grinding disc, plus diamond powder to grind diamond tools. During fine grinding, the grinding disc is required to rotate smoothly, have no vibration, and the end beat is small in order to make the cutting edge reach extremely sharp without defects.Structure Of Precision Diamond Tool GrinderAt present, the widely used precision diamond tool grinder is very simple in structure. The cast iron grinding disc is mounted on a shaft with a precise anti-center at both ends. The center seat is made of hardwood (mahogany or pear wood) so that it can automatically adapt to the center of the grinding disc shaft and achieve a high degree of rotation sugar. The shaft of the grinding disc is driven by a soft silk flat belt to rotate, so as to reduce vibration and make the grinding disc rotate smoothly. The grinding disc is made of high quality cast iron. The surface is required to be smooth. After the grinding disc is mounted on the shaft, it is necessary to balance the fine mountains with the shaft to ensure the stability and no vibration during rotation.A certain load is added on the grinding disc, and diamond powder is added to the diamond for grinding processing. The surface of the grinding disc should be regularly trimmed to remove scratches left on the surface during grinding.The grinding machine can ensure the minimum run-out error of the grinding disc is 1-3mm, which can meet the requirements of the general precision diamond tool grinding. Due to the rapid development of ultra-precision turning technology for the requirement of increasing the diamond tool. Now requires precision diamond tool cutting edge blunt round radius r is 0.01 ~ 0.05 m or less, the original diamond tool grinding machine can not meet the requirements of the new air bearing grinding machine has been made into use. It can guarantee the end of the grinding disc is below 0.5 nm, the diamond tool manufacturing technology and improve the step.
  • Beijing Demina Will Attend The 15th China International Machine Tool Show

    China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) founded by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association in 1989 to be held in each even year is the most prestigious international machine tool exhibition in China. It’s one of the four famous World International Machine Tool Exhibitions along with the EMO (European International Machine Tool Exhibition), IMTS (Chicago International Machine Tool Fair of America) and JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition). Through more than 20 years’ development, the international status and influence of CIMT have been continuing to improve becoming an important venue for exchanging international advanced manufacturing technology and trade. It has become the platform displaying the latest achievements of modern equipment manufacturing technology. It’s also the vane and barometer of development and progress of China's machinery manufacturing technology and machine tool industry. CIMT brings together the most advanced and applicable machine tool products of the world, and for domestic buyers and users, it’s an international investigation at home. The theme of this exhibition is “New Demand. New Supply. New Momentum ”, intended to explore in the integration of the two characteristics under the background of the fourth industrial revolution, with the association and interaction of new demand, new supply, and new momentum among the development for the new situation, to promote the rapid development of the new industrial revolution. Exhibition theme closely linked to times characteristics and development demands will cause great concern and resonance in the industry. We will see in the future. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd will participate in the exhibition. E1-796 April 17-22,2017 China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing
  • How To Repair The Natural Diamond Forming Tool?

    The natural diamond forming tool is mainly used to modify the shape of the NC cylindrical grinding wheel.In the grinding wheel process of forming blade edge, according to the grinding ratio of 1.6 million mm: 1mm to calculate, generally, a natural diamond forming knife that meets the quality requirements of the grinding ratio can continuously trim the diameter of 600mm white corundum grinding wheel for more than 6 hours, and the cutting edge diamond will wear 1mm high.The cutting edge wear of the above samples has been more than 1mm in height because the wear surface is too large (more than 2 square millimeters), the significance of repair is not big.The company provides natural diamond cutter repair, it is to point to in the diamond wear surface, within 1 mm2 for ultra-precision CNC cylindrical grinder. The general recommendation grinding machine after the staff in grinding wheel dressing can be visual blade wear, such as wear surface lead to larger cannot keep grinding wheel finishing workpiece roughness requirements. Suggested to use the other end, exchange 180 degrees to wear can be returned after the repair, in order to save cost. The customer can use our BT-150N tool grinder for resharpening diamond tools.
  • Knowledge Of Five-axis Grinding Machine

    The first thing we need to do is to understand what is a five-axis machining center. Five Axis (5 Axis Machining), as the name implies, refers to the addition of two-axis of rotation to the three usual straight axles (X, Y, Z). Two of A, B, C three rotation axis with different forms of exercise. The axis of rotation can be A axis, can also be A B or C axis, the axis of rotation can rotate 360 degrees. In addition to the axis of rotation. The swing axis is defined (such as A axis), the remaining one of the two axes (e.g., B or C). Swing axle can only be carried out within a certain Angle oscillation (e.g., plus or minus 90 degrees). Principle of five-axis grinding machine The principle of the five-axis grinding machine also is the same. Compared with the conventional triaxial and four-axis machine with higher spatial degrees of freedom. So it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision. And one clamping workpiece pentahedron processing can complete.
  • The Machining Methods Of Diamond Tools

    The machining methods of diamond tools are as follows: thin-film coated tools, thick-film diamond welding tools, diamond sintered body tools, and single-crystal diamond tools.Thin-film coated diamond cutters thin-film coated diamond cutters are made by deposition of diamond films by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on collective materials with good rigidity and high-temperature properties. As the thermal expansion system of SiN4 series ceramics, WC+Co series cemented carbide and metal W is close to that of the diamond, the thermal stress generated during film preparation is small, so it can be used as the matrix material of the cutter body.WC+Co is a kind of cemented carbide. The presence of Co in the bond phase makes it easy to form graphite between the diamond film and the matrix and reduce the adhesion strength.Therefore, pretreatment is needed before the deposition to eliminate the influence of Co (generally, the Co is removed by acid corrosion). The chemical vapor deposition method is to activate the gas containing C source in a certain way and deposit carbon atoms in a certain area at a very low gas pressure. The carbon atoms form a diamond phase in the process of condensation and deposition. At present, the CVD methods for diamond deposition mainly include microwave, hot filament, and dc arc injection. The advantage of diamond film is that it can be used in a variety of tools with complex geometry, such as blades with chips, end milling cutters, reamers, and drill bits. Can be used to cut many non-metal materials, when cutting, cutting force is small, deformation is small, smooth work, wear slowly, the workpiece is not easy to deformation, suitable for the workpiece material is good, small tolerance finishing.Thick Film Diamond Welding ToolThe fabrication process of diamond thick film welding tool generally includes the preparation of large-area diamond film; Cut the diamond film into the shape and size required by the cutting tool; Welding of diamond thick film and tool base material; The grinding and polishing of the cutting edge of diamond thick film tool. The diamond is deposited on WC+Co alloy (the surface is processed in the mirror), and the diamond film falls off automatically during the cooling process of the matrix. The deposition rate of this method is fast (up to 930 m/h), the bonding between lattices is close, but the growth surface is rough. The diamond film has high hardness, abrasion resistance, and non-conductivity, which determines its cutting method is laser cutting (cutting can be done in the environment of air, oxygen, and argon). The use of laser cutting can not only cut the diamond thick film into the required shape and size but also can cut the tool Angle, which has the advantages of the narrow slit, high efficiency. There is a high interface between diamond and common metal and its alloy, so that diamond cannot be infiltrated by a common low melting point alloy, and the weldability is very poor.At present, the weldability between diamond and metal is improved mainly by adding carbide forming elements in copper-silver alloy solder or by metalizing diamond surface. Solder generally USES Ti – containing copper-silver alloy, without flux in inert gas or vacuum welding.The commonly used filler metal composition Ag=68.8wt%, Cu=26.7wt%, Ti=4.5wt%. The commonly used preparation methods are arc smelting and powder metallurgy. The heating temperature is generally 850℃, holding for 10 minutes, slow cooling to reduce internal stress. Metallization of a diamond surface is to coat the diamond surface with metal by surface treatment technology so that its surface has the performance of metal or metal-like. Generally, Ti is plated on the surface of the diamond, and Ti reacts with C to form TiC. TiC ag-cu alloy solder has better wettability and bonding strength. At present, the commonly used methods of titanium plating are vacuum physical vapor deposition (PVD mainly includes vacuum evaporation, vacuum sputtering, vacuum ion plating, etc.), chemical vapor deposition and powder covering sintering. The temperature of the diamond during the process of plating is lower than 500℃. There is no chemical metallurgy between the coating and diamond.CVD method Ti and diamond chemical reaction to form a strong metallurgical bond, the reaction temperature is high, damage diamond.
  • Deficiencies In The Development Of Tool Grinding Machines

    The development of tool grinding machines The sharpening machine of the tool grinding machine was first known as the end face sharpening machine. In the early days, it only had a gantry structure, which was mainly used by users such as the sharpening center, forestry industry, printing factory, papermaking plastics and so on. Today, Semi-auto tool sharpening machine mainly has automatic sharpening machine, precision sharpening machine, CNC sharpening machine, printing sharpening machine, paper cutter sharpening machine, multi-function sharpening machine, double grinding head sharpening machine. Woodworking sharpening machine, scraper special sharpening machine, round knife sharpening machine, and other types. Through continuous research and improvement, the sharpening machine used now has changed the original loose frame structure to the steel plate closed welded structure. This modification improves the strength of the body and improves service life. In addition, it is fully utilized during use. The vibration aging treatment process reduces the chance of overall deformation after processing. In production, China BT-150M tool grinder is a precision instrument, which also needs daily maintenance, good maintenance, can significantly increase the service life of semi-automatic tool sharpener. The deficiencies in the tool grinding industry In the tool grinding machine industry, the number of axes is generally specified by the number of axes. The height below the three axes is high, the three to five axes are medium and high, and the five axes are higher. For the industry, the tradition of production configuration and the ancient markings are traditional sharpening machines and CNC sharpening machines, which have become the industry resonance. The single-machine alarm and active of the sharpening machine is the bias of the sharpening machine industry. Its high precision, high precision, high speed, flexibility, and intelligence are the marks of the ancient industry. The ancient equipment industry is moving towards extreme manufacturing. One is getting smaller and smaller, the second is getting bigger and bigger, the third is getting bigger and bigger, and the production process is highly integrated. But the sharpener industry has many other deficiencies. The lack of tool grinding machine industry is: First, the gaps in accuracy, stability, and reliability. For example, the foreign products of the five-axis linkage CNC sharpening machine have no problem for 1500 hours, and the domestically produced is about 1000 hours, a difference of 1/3. Second, the gap in the CNC system. The numerical control system is the center of the CNC sharpening machine. Now the numerical control system of the medium and high sharpening machine used by the international sharpening machine enterprises is all exported abroad. Third, the gap between other key components. Sharpeners can 95% up to the international advanced level. But the remaining 5% is not a business or even an industry can do, including steel materials, gauges, screws, nuts, etc., the need to promote the national industry to the full extent. In addition, the process, testing, etc. are now not up to the world's advanced level. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd a professional BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer, our tool grinder equipment is developed and produced by our technicians, with good performance and advanced equipment. Welcome users who need it to consult the price of equipment.
  • Method For Making Tool Grinder More Accurate And Environmentally Friendly

    CNC tool grinder is a product commonly used in the industry. It has many kinds and can process many kinds of products. In order to meet the needs of the times, the CNC tool grinder companies began to produce more energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. So, how can we produce energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and should we make changes in these areas? Beijing Demina will take the BT-150N universal tool grinder as an example to tell you.Method For Making Tool Grinder More Accurate And Environmentally Friendly1. The output speed of the grinding wheel is stableWhen producing tool grinder equipment, the grinder company can improve the product quality by stabilizing the output speed of the grinding wheel to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and environmental protection. There are many kinds of products processed with the BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine. Different workpiece sizes have different processing accuracy. It is not possible to process all products at a uniform grinding wheel speed. We need to stabilize the speed of the grinding wheel and set it intelligently to achieve a stable effect. Controlling the output speed of the grinding wheel can reduce the generation of vibrating knife lines/burning lines, ensure the grinding accuracy, and improve the production efficiency and quality rate.2. Reduce the production cost of grinding machineThe production cost of CNC tool grinders is very high and requires a lot of resources for processing. We can reduce resource utilization by simplifying the production process. Grinding machine companies can reduce production difficulty by improving production technology, or they can develop more efficient and cheaper products.3. Apply frequency conversion speed regulation technology to grinderThe grinder company can reduce the waste of resources by improving the processing quality and efficiency. So as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and environmental protection. CNC tool grinding machine Standard grinding wheel motor starting circuit is difficult to adapt to different workpiece sizes and different processing speeds. And is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece processed by the grinding machine. Therefore, when the grinding machine is performing grinding work, the grinding tool uses frequency conversion technology to reduce circuit fluctuations and make the grinding work more stable. After improving the operating precision of the precision grinding machine, the scrap rate and product failure are reduced, thereby improving the processing efficiency and achieving the purpose of energy-saving and consumption reduction.Tool grinder machine company can carry out energy-saving and environmental protection design from the above three aspects. We can reduce the energy consumption of products by improving the design and manufacture of tool grinders, thereby improving environmental protection capabilities.
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