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  • The Main Application Of BT-150HG PCD Tool Grinder

    Development of PCD tool grinder The research on the PCD tool grinder has been carried out earlier in developed countries, and its application has been relatively mature. Since the synthetic diamond was synthesized in Sweden in 1953, the research on the cutting performance of the PCD tool grinder has obtained a lot of results. And the application range and usage of PCD tool grinding have rapidly expanded. At present, the application range of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder has been expanded from initial turning to drilling and milling. The domestic PCD tool grinder market has continued to expand with the development of tool technology. At present, many wood-based panel companies also use a PCD tool grinder to process wood products. The application of the PCD grinding machine has further promoted the research on its design and manufacturing technology. At present, the processing range of BT-150HG PCD tool grinder has been expanded from traditional metal cutting to stone processing, wood processing, metal-based composite materials, glass, engineering ceramics, and other materials. Application of PCD tool grinder 1. Difficult processing of non-ferrous metal materials: When processing non-ferrous metal materials with ordinary tool grinders, defects such as easy tool wear and low processing efficiency often occur, while PCD tool wear can show good processing performance. Such as the use of the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder can effectively process the new engine piston material-hyper eutectic silicon aluminum alloy. 2. Difficult processing of non-metal materials: PCD tool grinder is very suitable for processing non-metal materials such as stone, hard carbon, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and artificial board. At present, laminate flooring and other wood-based boards are increasingly used. Processing these materials with PCD tools can effectively avoid defects such as easy tool wear. Now and with the development of technology, the range of use of tool grinders is not only more and more extensive, but the also tends to civilian prices. The price is cheap, and the quality of the grinding machine is good enough to meet the needs of most users, so now more and more people choose the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder for grinding work.  
  • The Difference Between A Natural Diamond And A Synthetic Diamond

    Synthetic diamond is the artificial stimulation of natural diamond formation conditions so that the non-diamond structure of carbon into the diamond structure of carbon. To put it simply, the raw material of graphite powder is transformed into the diamond structure through high temperature and high-pressure processing.There are two main types of artificial diamond manufacturing processes that we can achieve today: high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Since the first successful use of high-pressure and high-temperature diamond production methods in 1950, this method has gradually been promoted in many countries. Gem-quality synthetic diamonds produced using this method are now mainly in China, Russia, the United States, and other countries.Difference Between A Natural Diamond And Synthetic Diamond1. The valueThere is not much difference in appearance between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds. But in terms of value, synthetic diamonds of the same quality are much cheaper than natural diamonds. Some synthetic diamonds cost only a fifth of the price of natural diamonds. The value of natural diamonds on the market is relatively stable and sustainable, and there may be greater production value in the future.2. Colour and lusterBoth natural and synthetic diamonds are made of carbon atoms and are arranged in the same lattice, so they have the same physical properties. The only feature is irregularities or defects in the micro and atomic lattice. In this regard, natural diamonds and artificial diamonds are no different due to different growth environments, such as chemical atmosphere and growth rate. Most artificial diamonds on the market today are very strong yellow, orange, and brown, while natural diamonds are transparent and easy to distinguish.
  • Application Prospect Of CBN And PCD Tools

    Cubic boron nitride tools(CBN tools) and polycrystalline diamond tools(PCD tools), as the "teeth" of industry, they provide the basis for the hard-working materials and batch high-speed cutting. At present, the advanced countries have been large-scale use of CBN and PCD tools, accounted for more than 30% of the tools market share. CBN and PCD tools with the high-speed CNC machine, cannot only shorten the non-processing time to more than half but also increase the service life of the machine and improve the processing efficiency. And with its high hardness, high wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and low friction coefficient and other excellent properties, especially suitable for applications of various CNC automatic processing line. In addition, CBN and PCD tools in the machining field of high speed, high precision, green manufacturing, and other advantages, will be like the development process of high-speed CNC machine. It is a general trend and irresistible.
  • General Configuration Of BT-150N Four-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    BT-150N four-axis CNC tool grinding machine, this grinding machine is a new grinding machine developed and produced by Beijing Demina. The BT-150N four-axis CNC tool grinder consists of four axes, such as the swing axis (X-axis) of the grinding wheel, the inclination angle of the grinding wheel (B axis), the feed axis (C axis) of the workpiece and the workpiece feed Axis (Y-axis). When working, the various shaft components are divided and coordinated, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency of the equipment. And when grinding high hardness materials, due to the high hardness of the diamond material (PCD) and the rapid wear of the grinding wheel, the system can automatically detect and compensate for this wear, so that the dimensional accuracy of the grinding can be maintained for a long time. This saves a lot of labor costs.Host And General Configuration1) Power of spindle motor: 3 kW;2) The electric spindle adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and its speed can be adjusted freely from 500-4,000 RPM.;3) The main shaft is cooled by circulating water;4) The Angle of the abrasive wheel shaft can be adjusted, and the Angle of the vertical plane from -5° to 25° can be adjusted arbitrarily;5) The maximum swing stroke of the grinding wheel is 30mm and the maximum swing frequency is 50 times/min;6)100 x optical CCD system;7) Industrial control machine and grinding application software (including high-definition video display);8) One piece of ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel;9)Adjustable height clamps for blade mounting (adjustable range: +/ -30mm;Adjustable dip Angle range: +/-15 °).
  • Safety Instructions For The Micra-10 Sharpening Machine

    China Micra-10 sharpening machine although the name is a sharpening machine, its use is not only purely sharpening. But also the processing of small hardware, scraper for papermaking machinery, bending machine mold, plastic mechanical cutting edge, mower cutting edge, cutting machine cutting edge, harvester cutting edge, and processing of some small parts plane and so on. Its electromagnetic chuck can design to adjustable in angle or fixed, so its use is very extensive. Some applications are recommended by users. We can make various special specifications according to user requirements. Grinding machines such as grinding machines, grinding machines, etc. Safety instructions for the sharpening machine As a high-precision grinding machine, we must pay attention to the standard operation when using the Micra-10 sharpening machine to prevent accidents. Below Demina has sorted out the safe operation of the sharpener and hopes to help you. First, check whether the grinding wheel is tight and eccentric before using the sharpener to sharpen the knife. If cannot meet the user requirements, be sure to adjust and use them. In addition, safety measures such as protective glasses must be worn when sharpening the knife. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the locking tool holder when the grinding wheel is running. If it needs to adjust, it must stop the grinding wheel. Also, in the process of sharpening the knife with a sharpener, it is important to remember that the feed of the tool in the direction of the grinding wheel should not too large. In addition, the Micra-10 small drill grinding machine requires different grinding wheels for the grinding of different tool materials. It is strictly forbidden to grind high-speed steel tools on the alloy grinding wheel. The general-purpose grinding wheel is a resin grinding wheel, and the common grinding machine is used. Accessories must place in a designated position, and tools that cannot be repaired must be disposed of. The sharp situation of sharpening machine 1. Operate with a small amount of force, but both hands are raised. And the practice of sharpening the point of view also increases, only grinding the edge of the blade, but not the blade. Because the operation of the sharpener is very small, even if it happens by chance, as long as it is a micro-cut. The blade will not form an early roll, but it also constrains the sharp progress. 2. Both hands are reduced, the practice sharpening point of view is reduced. No matter whether the force is applied, the edge and the blade face can not ground, only the inner edge line can ground. In this case, the edge line will be rounded. However, there is no harm to the cutting edge. 3. Adhere to the Micra-10 sharpening machine height of the blade ridge is unchanged. And the hand pressing the blade is unstable due to instability, and the blade is suddenly sinking. Because of the elastic deformation, the sinking of the blade caused the tip to lift 2.620. The practice sharpening point of view dropped to 22.210. The added force is transferred to the inner edge line through the blade, although this will cause the edge line to be rounded and untidy, it is useful to maintain the edge. 4. Adhere to the height of the knife sharpener and the hand of the knife is unstable, causing the blade to tilt. Because of the elastic deformation, the ridge of the blade not only does not increase the point of view of the sharpening but makes the tip of the blade lift up 1.323. The sharpening point of view is reduced to 23.899. The situation is extremely similar to the third condition and can also maintain the cutting edge. 5. Because the oil stone is not smooth, and the particle size is not uniform. The blade will be impacted from time to time, the blade body's elastic deformation will make the blade upturn, and then avoid or reduce the direct impact on the cutting edge, which is conducive to the improvement of sharpness. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd Specializing in the production of sharpener equipment. Now Micra-10 sharpening machine for sale, welcome users who need to come to buy.
  • System Basic Functions Of CBN Tool Grinding Machine

    CBN tool grinder is suitable for sharpening high-speed steel, cemented carbide or other materials. It is also convenient for grinding outer circles, flat grooves and forming surfaces. If equipped with special accessories, it can also grind various gears and worm gear hobs. Formed to, ball nose cutter, twist drill, cone reamer, etc.The grinding wheel mechanism of this grinding machine is flexible and can adjust in two degrees of space. The work head can rotate in both directions and has an international standard No. 50 tapered hole. The table is supported on pre-loaded ball guide rails for smooth movement. The table can be driven manually or steplessly by hydraulic pressure.System Basic Functions Of CBN Tool Grinding MachineAfter the use of the CBN tool grinder for transformation, the system has the following three basic functions.1. General CBN system functionsThe CBN tool grinding machine system retains the basic functions of the original universal CBN system. Such as the 16-axis CBN 9-axis linkage axis control function, program verification function, MDI function, linear, circular arc, and spiral interpolation functions. T function, fault diagnosis display function, embedded PLC function, etc.2. Automatic CBN functionThe great feature of this system is that it integrates the tool grinding processing programming software on the basis of the standard universal numerical control system. And directly enters the structure size and processing technology of the tool being ground in a graphical menu on the CBN system. Processing, integrated programming, and processing.3. Tool measurement and automatic tool setting functionThe 5-axis CBN tool grinding system integrates tool measurement functions into the CBN system. In the NC grinding process of the tool, the automatic tool setting solves the problems of tedious manual tool setting and poor accuracy.Beijing Demina specializes in producing various tool grinding machines, and we have different models for users to choose from. The grinding machine equipment we produce is developed and produced by our technical team. The equipment not only has good performance but also has high grinding efficiency. Welcome everyone to come to consult and buy.
  • Small Business, Mighty Work

    Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is not well known, but it is well known that Demina specializes in machining tools grinding related business. Grinding is the birth opportunity of Demina, then becomes the source of its growth and will also be the direction of its development. Modern machining equipment represented by machining centers and its processes has claimed very high requirements for cutting tools. Precision, service life and structure of tools are becoming the bottleneck which affects machining ability and production efficiency. Expensive tools are a big part of the cost of production. Therefore, the re-grinding of cutting tools and drill bits has become a problem that cannot be ignored in the manufacturing industry. In a few years ago, the grinding of tools has not been paid attention to by the industry, but with the improvement level of manufacturing, the situation has changed a lot. More and more enterprises are aware of the importance of this. and more and more companies provide this kind of service. The effect produced by grinding (re-grinding) of tools is more and more obvious. In this process, Demina has experienced a continuous exploration of the developing road. We have been improving our products and services and striving to achieve better standards. There is a sentence can completely summarize our concept and goal:  Demina, an expert of grinding!
  • Classification And Function Of Tool Grinding Machines

    The tool grinding machine has high precision, good rigidity, and is economical and practical. It is especially suitable for sharpening various small and medium tools. Such as reamer, tap, twist drill, reaming drill, various milling cutters, PCD tools or PCBN tools. With the corresponding accessories, it can grind tools in many industries such as outer circle, inner circle, and flat surface. Diamond wheels can be used to sharpen a variety of carbide tools. Equipped with corresponding machine tool attachments, it is possible to grind machining tools, fixtures, and molds with complicated shapes such as shafts with small outer diameters, rectangular planes, bevels, grooves, and hemispheres.Classification And Function Of Tool Grinding Machines1. Manual PCD tool grinder: This series of grinders can operate with a computer when in use, and require very little manual operation. This type of grinder combines the functions of a cylindrical grinder and a tool grinder, and can not only grind PCBN and CVD blades. It can also grind hard alloys and sharpen general tools, such as milling cutters, reamers, gear cutters, turning tools, planers and so on. BT-150J PCD Grinder can sharpen straight groove gear hobs, drills, etc. with special accessories. The wheel shaft runs well and is easy to adjust. The worktable can be automatically reciprocated by hydraulic transmission, and can also be controlled by the novel manual hydraulic follow-up mechanism, which is flexible and lightweight.2. BT-150M Tool Grinder: This series of machine tools are suitable for grinding PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, cemented carbide and other materials. As well as the grinding angle and radius on many types of special turning tools. The grinding range is also very wide. China BT-150M Tool Grinder can also grind various milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools, etc. if equipped with special accessories. This series of the machine tool has a flexible grinding wheel mechanism, which can adjust two degrees of space. The work head can rotate in two directions and has an international standard No. 50 tapered hole, which is convenient for installing various tools and fixtures. The table is supported on pre-loaded ball guide rails for smooth movement.Beijing Demina is a professional PCD tool grinding machine manufacturer. We produce a variety of tool grinding machines with various models to meet your grinding needs. Users in need are welcome to come to buy.
  • Indexable Tool

    The advantages of the indexable tool The advantages of the indexable tool compared with a welding turning tool, indexable turning tool has the following advantages: (1) High production efficiency because the operator of the machine tool does not grind the knife anymore. It can greatly reduce the auxiliary time such as stopping the machine and changing the knife. (2) Conducive to the promotion of new technology, a new process indexable tool is conducive to the promotion of coating, ceramic and other new tool materials. (3) Help to reduce the cost of cutting tools because of the long service life of the tool rod, greatly reduce the consumption and inventory of the tool rod, simplify the management of the tool, reduce the cost of the tool. (4) High tool life because the blade avoids defects caused by high-temperature welding and cutting, the tool geometry parameters are completely guaranteed by the blade and tool groove, stable cutting performance, thus improving the tool life. Our company has developed for PCD tool grinding. BT-150M is designed for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of cutting tools made from PCD, PCBN, CVD, tungsten, carbide and other materials. It can grind angles and radii on standard and special turning and milling inserts, boring tools, grooving tools and many types of special turning tools.
  • Selection Of PCD Tool Sharpening Equipment

    PCD Tool Sharpening EquipmentIn order to improve the cutting efficiency of PCD tools, the cutting equipment needs to have certain conditions, mainly manifested in the following aspects:1. Enough rigidity and stability: because the grinding material hardness is very high, there is no certain pressure between the grinding wheel and the grinding part can not be removed PCD tool material. Therefore, the sand wheel shaft and other mechanisms must have enough rigidity. In addition, the spindle power should large enough, should not less than 1kW, recommended to use 2kW.2. Unique wheel tilting mechanism: unlike general tool grinding machine, special tool grinding machine used grinding wheel rack for transverse swing, to prevent caused by grinding wheel wear than low grinding wheel surface groove, bearing, precision grinding machine should be used precision guide rail and precise belt drive system. In order to avoid the grinding wheel on the tumbler to produce small jitter and affect the quality of blade.3. Adjustable grinding force: according to the difference between the processed tool and the grinding wheel, the grinding pressure should be adjustable at constant pressure. The purpose of adjusting the grinding force is to compensate for the change of grinding force between the grinding wheel and the contact area of the workpiece.4. High precision rotary table system and optical projection device on more advanced tool grinding machine are usually with optical projection equipment and high precision rotary table, so that after an outfit card, not only can grind the edge, and can accurately grinding tool arc between the two edges, and can through projection device on the machine tool directly observe arc and edge quality.5. Coolant can be fully supplied: the cooling system should have a flow rate of at least 20L/min, and an aqueous solution with an anti-rust agent is usually used as the coolant.Demina produces PCD tool sharpening equipment. The equipment can grind the edge of the PCD tool with a good finish. Welcome the customer to visit our plant.
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