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  • 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Precautions When Machining Parts

    Outstanding features OF BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder BT-150D 4-axis CNC tool grinder is equipped with a tool magazine and can change tools. This is the main difference between it and CNC machine tools, CNC boring machines. And other machine tools. It can realize continuous, high-efficiency and high-precision machining of multi-surface. Multi-features and multi-station after one clamping, that is, process concentration. Use of BT-150D CNC tool grinder  high-speed machining center undertakes precise and complex multitasking machining. The high-speed machining center can use as a stand-alone machine or multiple machines under computer-aided control to form a flexible production line. It can also combine with industrial robots and stereo warehouses to form an unmanned chemical plant. 4-axis CNC tool grinder Precautions 1. When programming a small machining center, the machining part with asymmetrical tolerance should program with the intermediate value of the dimension. The starting point should select on the reference plane or reference point. 2. Since the workpiece has symmetry requirements, and the workpiece size is mostly given by the symmetrical size. The workpiece coordinate origin is set at the center of the upper surface of the workpiece during the toolset. 3. The choice of cutting amount should base on the blank material, tool material. Machine tool performance and other factors depending on the processing conditions while taking into account the surface quality. 4. 4-axis CNC tool grinder The machining center must use G40 and G49 commands to cancel the tool compensation before changing the tool and return the tool to the reference point to change the tool. After replacing the new tool, you must first establish the length compensation for the new item. 5. When installing the workpiece, the horn should avoid from the processing position of the through-hole. Advantages of 4-axis CNC tool grinder First. Small size: From the appearance point of view, the BT-150D CNC tool grinder center usually has a small overall size. It can handle by manual insertion and can transport to the factory floor elevator for transportation to the floor-floor workshop. The X-axis of the maximum stroke of the machine tool is generally not more than 700mm, and the Y-axis is not more than 400mm. It is very suitable for processing small parts such as automobile and motorcycle parts, valves, 3G industry, electronics industry, medical equipment and so on. Second, the efficiency is high: the moving speed of the machine tool is at least 48m/min, usually, 60m/min, and the fast-moving acceleration can reach more than 1G. The spindle speed is at least 10,000 rpm or more, typically 12,000 rpm. Especially in the speed of tapping, the CNC Drilling Center has especially improved this function. The speed of tapping can reach more than 3000 rpm and the maximum can reach 6000 rpm, which is many times faster than the ordinary vertical machining center. BT-150D CNC tool grinder the tool change speed is usually less than 1.2 seconds, the fastest can reach 0.6 seconds, saving half the tool change time than the vertical machining center. Third, environmental protection: CNC drilling and milling center is 2 times higher in processing efficiency than vertical machining center, the more efficient and environmentally friendly. The drill center has a small form factor and a 21% reduction in floor space compared to vertical machining centers. Energy consumption is reduced by 70% compared to vertical machining centers.
  • Difference And Characteristics From PCD Tool And CBN Tool

    In the CNC machining center, PCD tool and CBN tool belong to the super hard tool, many people may also distinguish their performance characteristics, now let’s say PCD tool and CBN knife has what characteristics.Difference And Characteristics From PCD Tool And CBN Tool1.PCD cutting toolPCD cutting tool is also called artificial polycrystalline diamond, so it can be called diamond PCD cutting tool, generally used for non-ferrous metal processing, such as copper, aluminum alloy, steel, hard alloy, graphite, fiber materials, and high hard wear-resistant material finishing. And it has the characteristics of long service life, high production efficiency, high surface finish, and high machining precision. Compared with the hard alloy processing efficiency is high, compared with the natural diamond knife cost is low, so it is widely used in automobile, diesel engine, motorcycle, aerospace, home appliances, instruments, precision machinery, and other industries.2. CBN toolCBN and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride superhard cutting tools, dedicated to finish machining, mainly in the cutting of hardened steel, alloy steel, tool steel, die steel, manganese steel, spring steel, bearing, chilled cast iron, high chromium cast iron, and grey cast iron, powder metallurgy, Ni and CO base superalloy Rockwell hardness in (HRC45-80 °) between all kinds of difficult processing and high hardness of the steel.CBN tool features1. Good finish: the surface finish can reach between (RA0.6-RA0.8);2. Super hard wear resistance: high hardness tool wear resistance;3. High cutting speed: high-speed cutting speed can effectively improve processing efficiency and reduce costs.Demina brand PCD CBN tool grinding machine can grind PCD CBN inserts with high efficiency. If you are interested in our tool grinder, please feel free to contact me.
  • Select Proper Diamond Grinding Wheel Is Very Important For Tools

    A select proper diamond grinding wheel is very important for tools It is widely used in grinding hard materials such as industrial ceramics, hard alloy, optical glass, diamond cutter, and gemstone. The diamond grinding wheel generally adopts a lower grinding speed. If the speed of the grinding wheel is increased, it can obtain a lower surface roughness. Then, how to choose the diamond grinding wheel reasonably in the grinding process? Next, Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd to everyone to explain, diamond grinding wheel how to choose a reasonable, so as to improve grinding efficiency. (1) grinding depth If grinding depth increases, grinding force, and grinding heat will also increase. The selection of grinding depth can depend on the abrasive size or reference key selection or grinding methods. (2) grinding speed Artificial diamond wheels usually use a lower grinding speed. If the speed of the grinding wheel is increased, it helps to obtain a lower surface roughness. However, if the grinding temperature increases correspondingly, the abrasion of the grinding wheel will become serious. (3) workpiece speed The speed of the workpiece is generally selected within 10 to 20 meters/min, internal grinding and fine-grained grinding wheel, the operator can appropriately improve the speed of the workpiece. But it is detrimental to be too high, or grinding wheel wear or vibration will increase. At the same time, when the feeding speed increases, the grinding wheel wear will increase, the surface Roughness will also increase, especially resin bonding. Through the analysis of the above materials, the recommended speed of the commonly used diamond grinding wheel is as follows: External grinding: VS = 12~25 m/s flat grinding: VS = 25~0 m/s Inner grinding: VS = 12~15 m/s tool grinding: VS = 12~20 m/s 
  • Operation Method PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine

    The design of most domestic diamond tool grinders has the following two characteristics: one is to sharpen PCBN and PCD tools while taking into account natural diamond tools; the other is to sharpen and weld super-hard turning tools and boring tools, and also to take care of them. Disc and shaft tools.At present, with the rapid development of technology and the market, PCBN and PCD tools have been widely used. The market puts forward high requirements for PCD and PCBN tool grinding equipment in terms of grinding efficiency, mainly as follows, such as BT-150H universal grinder.1. The increased proportion of indexable blades for grinding requires strong equipment specificity, simple structure, and strong rigidity. With the deepening of the division of labor and cooperation, more than 80% of customers use this equipment to mass-produce the same type of tools, namely PCNB, PCD or alloy indexable inserts, welding turning tools, etc. For a single demand, the structure of the machine tool can be simplified, and the rigidity of the equipment should be greatly enhanced. This not only reduces equipment costs but also lays a solid foundation for high-efficiency production.2. The main part of the auxiliary time-the tool setting time requirement is greatly shortened. The arc of the blade is formed by the rotation of the worktable. Adjusting the arc center of the tool to coincide with the rotation axis of the worktable (ie, the tool setting action) is a prerequisite for grinding, and this “tool setting action” runs through the tool grinding The whole process is repeated continuously, which is the fundamental reason why traditional machine tools cannot get rid of manual operation.3. The BT-150H tool grinder is required to be easy and reliable to operate and try not to rely on the manual skills of the operator. If traditional equipment is used to achieve this effect by air cylinder feed, it will greatly sacrifice the grinding efficiency of PCD and PCNB tools. In addition, due to the lack of precision in mechanical manufacturing, this machine tool is very unstable and requires strong manual skills to give full play to its strengths.Operation Method PCD&PCBN Tool Grinding Machine1. First determine the diameter of the milling cutter. If you want to grind an 8MM end mill, then choose an 8MM chuck, and then lock the milling cutter on a 50D sleeve.2. Set the angle and slightly swing the milling cutter sleeve by 4° (the bevel of the bottom surface of the milling cutter is between 2° and 6°).3. Start grinding the bottom surface, such as a milling cutter. Align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel. After completing the tool setting step, then grind the bevel of the bottom surface of the milling cutter. After grinding one edge, replace the other edge to grind in turn.4. Grind the center clearance angle of the milling cutter, swing the sleeve to about 10°, and then grind the center clearance angle of each milling cutter edge in turn.5. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in sequence.6. Use the PCD&PCBN tool grinding machine to grind the side edge of the milling cutter. Before the operation, use the center to hold the spiral groove of the milling cutter, align the grinding wheel, and push the sleeve to grind the side edge of the milling cutter.According to the above-mentioned BT-150H universal grinder grinding end mill method, you can keep your milling cutter new and solve the problem of milling cutter grinding.
  • Tool Grinder Prices

    The BT-150J diamond tool grinding machine has many high-quality features, and among them, users are welcomed for its reliable performance and easy operation. Users only need very little manual skills when using it. It can not only grind PCD but also PCBN and CVD blades. The tool grinders produced by our company can also grind carbide and HSS non-standard inserts, standard or non-standard welding lathe tools, machine tool inserts, boring cutters, grooving cutters and various other tools. Description of BT-150J diamond tool grinder Main Machine and Standard Configuration: 1.Spindle Motor Power: 4.5Kw, Variable speed (500-4000 rpm); 2. Spindle Declination can be arbitrarily adjusted -5°-25°; 3. Max oscillation length is 30mm, the max oscillation frequency  is 60times/min; 4. Tool shaft is equipped with air brake; 5. Optical CCD system with 100x zoom and 15-inch monitor; 6. One Diamond Grinding Wheel; 7. Height fixture(optional); 8. Wooden case package. Notes of BT-150J diamond tool grinder 1. In order to facilitate users to operate the machine, we also provide the instruction and parts manual; 2. One-year limited warranty; 3. Delivery time: normally 30 workdays after signing a contract; can be consulted if any special requirement; 4. Payment terms:  30% payment to confirm the order and the balance before delivery; Technical data of BT-150J diamond tool grinder The diameter of Grinding wheel:150mm; Power of grinding spindle:3KW; RPM of Grinding Spindle: 0~3,000RPM; Changeable Clearance Angle:-5°~25°; Quick Approach Withdraw and Precisely Feeding:3mm/turn;0.5mm/turn; Linear Encoder Resolution (X-Axis and Y-Axis):0.001mm; Electrical Supply:12kw; Overall Dimensions L╳W╳H:1700╳1150╳1970mm; Weight With Coolant Tank:2000kg. We are welcome customers to visit our factory. Please remember the Demina brand.
  • Performance Of Diamond Bit

    The life of the bit is not only affected by the rock it acts on, but also depends on its own properties, structure, and other performance parameters. Because the nature and composition of the rock are uncontrollable factors, the quality of the bit itself can be improved through reasonable design and advanced manufacturing processes. For the diamond bit itself, among the factors affecting its life, the wear resistance of the bit plays a decisive role (under some conditions, the wear resistance of the tire body is consistent with the hardness and erosion resistance of the tire body. For example, in the case of the same tire body formula, the higher the wear resistance and erosion resistance of the tire body is, the higher the wear resistance and erosion resistance of the tire body is). The wear resistance of the bit includes the wear resistance of lip diamond and the wear of body material. In a diamond-impregnated bit, these two aspects should cooperate with each other to achieve good results, that is, the wear of diamond is slightly slower than that of the tire body, so as to ensure the continuous cutting of diamond in the drilling process, maintain the high efficiency of the bit, and improve the efficiency of drilling construction. Otherwise, it will cause the bit to not out of the edge and fail.
  • Grinding Process Of PCD And PCBN Tools

    Now in the tool grinding industry, rough machining does not require high cutting edges. Generally, we can choose electric machining or grinding. High processing efficiency, suitable for machining complex tools, such as printed circuit boards with drills, and cutting laminated wood floors with forming mills. Coarse-grain wheels can optionally be ground. Large contact area and high grinding force (300 ~ 400N) can quickly remove excess machining allowance. Fine-grained grinding wheels are used for fine machining. Small contact area, low grinding force (100 ~ 200N), low grinding amount, but Low material removal rate. This stage is mainly to further improve the quality of the cutting edge by grinding and polishing. Processing characteristics of PCD and PCBN tools 1. Can realize rough machining with a large allowance The integrated PCD and PCBN tools can realize large-volume roughing. At this stage, the integrated PCD and PCBN tools can reach a knife depth of 8mm. Which can fill the entire blade, and the production efficiency is doubled. 2.High-speed cutting Due to the good performance of PCD and PCBN tools, high-speed cutting can completely be realized. And it can perfectly combine with CNC machine tools, which enables highly efficient cutting of workpieces and greatly improves production efficiency. 3. Dry processing Because PCD and PCBN tools have high hot red hardness, if the coolant is added, the cutting edge is likely to crack due to the sudden temperature drop. Therefore, CBN tools generally use dry cutting when machining workpieces, especially in the case of intermittent cutting. Dry turning is not only environmentally friendly but also saves some costs. 4.Suitable for processing high hardness materials The hardness of PCD and PCBN tools ranks behind diamond and PCD is an extremely hard tool material that is second only to diamond, so diamond tools are collectively called super-hard tools. Generally works best with PCD hardness greater than 48HRC (PCD wears quickly when processing soft materials). Temperatures up to 2000 ° C are also excellent in redness. Properly tailored PCD tools can withstand the cutting loads of high-power roughing, the impact of intermittent cutting, and the thermal and wear properties required for fine machining. In general, PCD and PCBN tools are currently the most ideal tool materials for processing ferrous metals. With the application of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials in the future, the market share of PCD and PCBN tools will gradually increase. Become the mainstay of the hard material processing industry.
  • How To Use BT-150HG CBN Tool Grinder

    With the development of industrial tools, the use of tool grinders is constantly improving. The original old-fashioned grinders have been transformed into fool-type grinders. Looking forward to the future, the BT-150HG cutter grinding machine is another trend.1. The old-fashioned grinder has many functions and many accessories. It is suitable for users who have a small amount of but a large variety of products. The corresponding operation is a bit cumbersome, so it requires high technical requirements for the users of the factory.2. The fool-type grinder is generally special equipment with a single function and relatively simple operation, but it is necessary to choose targeted equipment.3. Numerical control type knife grinders are mostly used by tool manufacturers and refinishing shops. The high value is not acceptable to ordinary factories.How To Use BT-150HG CBN Tool Grinder1. First check the number of edges to be ground, such as 2-edge, 3-edge, 4-edge, etc., and then select the corresponding fixture, such as 2-edge, 4-edge with quadrilateral; 3-edge, 6-edge with 6-edge Yes, it must not be used wrong. Then select a suitable collet according to the diameter of the milling cutter, clamp it into the tailstock of the fixture at a 45-degree angle, and lock it slightly.2. Adjust the tool holder according to the diameter of the milling cutter, put the locked knife into the tool holder, let the edge of the milling cutter against the holder press block, align the tool, and then check the effect of the tool: 2 blades, For 4-flute and six-flute milling cutters, the blade must be flat with the corresponding edge of the fixture, and the three-flute should only have a flat blade, otherwise, it must be corrected.3. After the BT-150HG CBN sharpening machine tool is positioned, it starts to grind the tool, and the end face is ground. First, adjust the end face grinding seat according to the size of the tool so that the grinding wheel can just grind each face of the tool.4. Adjustable center escape angle grinding: 2 edge milling cutter grinding is to pay attention to the blade and the fixture surface, 1 blade depth (first screw to the bottom), the corresponding surface is shallow (losing 2 to 3 grids), and it must be rotated when grinding . 3 edge milling cutter grinding pay attention to the 246 surfaces on the fixture, 24 deep, 6 shallows, to rotate. The 1324 face on the 4-blade tool unlocking clamp is 13 deep and 24 shallows and does not rotate (the tool will be broken after rotation). The 361425 surface on the 6-blade tool unlocking clamp is 36 deep and 1425 shallow, without rotation. BT-150HG CBN tool grinder can grind tool.5. The second clearance angle grinding, the 2-blade knife has a special grinding seat, and the parallel surface of the milling cutter on the grinding jig can be put into grinding. 3, 4, and 6-blade cutters are ground at the rear grinding seat. For 3-blade milling cutters, pay attention to the insert grinding of the cutting edge of the milling cutter and the jig. The 4-blade milling jigs can be ground in sequence, and the 6-blade cutters are not ground.If you need a BT-150HG CBN tool grinder or want to know about the BT-150HG CBN tool grinder price, you can contact me directly. Or check it out on our company’s official website. Website: https://www.jxgeqi.com/
  • Structural Characteristics Of Super Hard Tool Grinding Machine

    Diamond tool grinder is used to manufacture and grind PCD, PCBN, CVD and other superhard material tools. These superhard materials have high hardness (such as PCD hardness is HV6000). And strong brittleness. There are special technological requirements for grinding them. Therefore, this kind of tool grinder has special structural characteristics. In addition, manual machine tools are the mainstream equipment for superhard tool grinding at present. Because the complex grinding process requires that the machine tools have enough flexibility for the operator to intervene manually. The grinding wheel oscillates back and forth The abrasive tools used in the superhard tool grinder are diamond grinding wheels. Which rub against each other and cause wear and tear. In order to prolong the service life of the grinding wheel and minimize the times of dressing. The grinding wheel is required to oscillate back and forth within the specified range (as shown in Figure 1) so as to make the grinding wheel wear uniformly in the direction of ring width. There are two ways to realize the swing of grinding wheel: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and ball screw driven by the NC program. The former is to turn the rotation of the motor into the reciprocating oscillation of the grinding wheel through the mechanical structure. The program controls the latter. On-line tool setting device. The removal of materials on superhard tools by grinding not only consumes time. But also consumes precious diamond grinding wheels, which is a high-cost task. In order to reduce the grinding allowance as much as possible, this kind of machine tools is equipped with an on-line tool alignment device. Before starting grinding, tool alignment is carried out. That is to say, the standard markings on the microscope are used as the benchmark. And the crosstable is adjusted to make the edge of the tool comparable to it so as to minimize the grinding allowance (as shown in Figure Of course, most of the super-hard cutting tools are turning tools or blades, unlike axisymmetric cutting tools with accurate positioning datum (cylindrical surface). Online tool setting device is an effective tool to determine its processing position. This is also one of the reasons why Superhard Tool Grinders adopt online tool setting device. Heavy-duty guideway Super hard tool grinder is known as "strong grinding". It means that the whole grinding device bears a lot of force during grinding. This requires that the machine tool has a great bearing capacity. Super hard tool grinder adopts N-O type linear guide with strong ability to bear the heavy load. N-O type linear guide can bear the higher rated load, can bear a certain amount of torque. But also has great stiffness. The contact surface of the two guideways is a needle-roller retaining bracket. When the machine tool guideway moves, the needle supports and rolls between the two guideways. Which greatly reduces the friction coefficient and even reduces it to one-fifth of the normal sliding guideway. It can quickly respond to the requirements of the machine tool dragging system and make the swing shaft realize high precision and smooth linear motion under high load. At the meanwhile,  the needle-roller retaining bracket distributes the wear amount of the guide rail to each needle roller. Thus prolonging the service life of the linear guide rail.    
  • PCD Metal Cutting Tools Introduction

    PCD metal cutting tools can use PCD materials with high hardness, high wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, and low friction coefficient to achieve high precision, high efficiency, high stability, and high surface finish of non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant non-metallic materials. This kind of tool from the structure can be divided into welding PCD tool and indexable PCD blade.In recent years, PCD tools with standard shank have developed rapidly, such as PCD milling cutter with shank, PCD boring cutter, PCD reamer, etc. The tool shank types are mainly cylindrical shank, taper shank, and HSK shank. This kind of tool (especially the multi-tooth tool) is characterized by the cutting edge of the shank runout small (such as the blade length of 30mm HSK handle PCD milling cutter cutting edge runout is only 0.002mm), especially suitable for a variety of non-ferrous metal parts of the forming surface, hole, step hole and other large quantities of high-speed processing. For example, the PCD high-speed milling cutter with aluminum matrix cutter head (six edges, diameter 100mm), the maximum speed can reach 20,000R/MIN, above, the cutting speed can reach 7,000M/MIN, suitable for forming surface processing of automotive parts.The indexable PCD blade is made by inlaying a PCD knife blank on the indexable carbide blade and then grinding it. It can be clamped on the cutter bar, cutter holder, or cutter head of various CNC machine tools and used for high-reliability mass processing. With the increasing popularity of CNC machine tools, machining centers, and automatic production lines, the use of indexable PCD blades is more and more, and the tool’s durability can be improved dozens of times compared with carbide tools.(2) PCD woodworking toolsPCD woodworking tools can be divided into PCD saw blades and PCD shaped woodworking milling cutter two categories.PCD saw blade is to weld the PCD blade blank on the saw blade matrix and then warpThe structure of the PCD saw blade is similar to that of the carbide saw blade after grinding. The difference is that the front Angle of the PCD saw blade is smaller than that of the carbide saw blade, generally, 5° ~ 10°, wedge Angle 65° ~ 75°, the size of the saw blade is generally from 100 to 450mm, and the number of sawteeth can be up to 72 teeth.The main varieties of PCD forming woodworking milling cutter are used for processing Al2O3 layer of laminated wood floor trimming knife, PCD groove knife, PCD furniture forming knife, etc. Its processing method is the shape of PCD cutting tool one-time copy (or combination) to be processed wood. The cutting speed of PCD forming woodworking milling cutter can reach 3,000m/min, and the cutting volume can reach several meters per minute. The cutter’s durability is dozens or even hundreds of times that of carbide cutting tools. Because of its high efficiency and high durability, it is especially suitable for mass processing.
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