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  • Acceptance Skills Of APE-40 Drill Point Grinder

    Do you know how the semi-auto drill grinder is accepted? Below APE-40 UP- sharpening machine for sale factory Demina to introduce to everyone. Safety aspect 1. The grinding head moves up and down and moves back and forth to limit or prevent a collision, which is safe and reliable. 2. The operation and demagnetization of the electromagnetic worktable should interlock reliably. 3. The grinding head up and down, front and rear moving rail surface should have good protection devices and should strong and durable. 4. The wheel cover should meet the requirements of JB4029. 5. The protection device for the grinding machine to prevent the workpiece from flying out. And the splash of the coolant should safe and reliable. 6. The electrical and hydraulic systems should meet the requirements of GB/T 5226.1 and JB/T 10051, respectively. 7. Safety protection should also comply with the provisions of GB 15760. 8. the joints of the grinding head and the pressure plate. The joint of the column and the guide rail shall be inspected according to the requirements of “special important fixed joint”. 9. Assess the column and bed joints as required by the “Important Fixed Joints”. 10. Vertical feed handwheel operation check and confirmation. Dry running 1. The temperature rise test of the sander should no less than 4 hours of idling. When the steady temperature is reached, the temperature rise should not exceed the relevant standards and design specifications by measuring. The temperature near the shaft of the grinding shaft (or tank) and near the oil pool of the bed. 2. Vertical feeding accuracy test of grinding head, each feeding error should not exceed vertical feeding. And the cumulative error of 10 consecutive feedings should not exceed 20% of 10 consecutive feedings. (Inspection method: Fix the micrometer or another measuring instrument on the grinding head to make it measure the vertical contact of the grinding head. The tabletop and the grinding head are continuously fed 10 times with the minimum feed amount, and the reading is recorded). 3. Check the stability of the table at low speed, adjust the moving speed of the table to about 0.05m/min. And check the maximum stroke range with an indicator with a value of 0.01mm. The pointer should rotate evenly and continuously. 4. APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder Worktable reciprocating speed difference test shows that the difference between the reciprocating speed. And the maximum stroke of the table moving in the range of 0.1-2 m / min is not more than 10%. 5. In the reciprocating speed difference test, the reciprocating speed difference between the movement of the column in the range of 0.1-2 m/min and the maximum stroke is not more than 10%. 6. The table reciprocating motion, the maximum impact test at both ends. The speed of the grinding machine less than 35m / min, the weight of the grinding machine is less than 5t, the maximum impact of the table is less than 80mm. The weight is between 5-10t, the workbench maximum impact is less than 120mm, speed the maximum impact greater than 10t is less than 150mm. 7. The table reversal accuracy test shows that the table moves at a speed of 0.1-0.2 m/min. Moves all the way, the same speed or different speeds 5 times, and checks with an indicator with a value of 0.01. When checking, the dwell time at both ends of the workbench is less than or equal to 1.5s. The reverse error at the same speed is not more than 0.1mm. And the reverse error at different speeds is not more than 0.3mm. 8. Semi-auto tap grinder should not malfunction during the whole process of idling. The automatic cycle of idling should include all functions and all working ranges. And the rest time between these automatic cycles should not exceed 1 minute. The workbench should be at all Smooth operation within the grinding range, no impact and vibration at high speed. The table should fast and not fall, not crawl at low speed. Demina specializes in the production of High-quality APE-40 UP- sharpening machine. Welcome to buy.
  • Carbide Rod Introduction

    Carbide Rod IntroductionCarbide bar is characterized by stable mechanical properties, easy welding, high wear resistance, and high impact resistance.Advantages: 1. Good wear resistance; 2. Good corrosion resistance;3. High toughness;4. Extrusion and HIP sintering.Application: carbide rod is mainly used for drill, end milling cutter, and reamer. It can also be used for cutting, stamping, and measuring tools. It is used in papermaking, packaging, printing, nonferrous metal processing industries. In addition, it is widely used for machining high-speed steel cutting tools, carbide milling cutter, carbide cutting tools, cutting tools of NAS, air tools, carbide drill, milling cutter core bit, high-speed steel, tapered milling cutter, the metric system of milling cutter, the micro end milling cutter, hinge, electronic tools, ladder drill, metal cutting saw, double margin drill, a gun, Angle cutter, tungsten carbide rotary file, etc.Cemented carbide rods can be used not only for cutting and drilling tools (e.g., micron, Twisted, and vertical mining tool targets), but also as input pins, various roller wear parts, and structural materials. In addition, it can be widely used in many fields, such as machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics, and defense industry.Demina tool grinding machine can grind carbide inserts with high quality. Welcome to visit our factory for more details.
  • CCD Camera

    CCD camera on the diamond tool grinding machine Industrial camera refers to the camera equipment that can be applied in the industrial field. It can adapt to the complex industrial environment and work steadily for a long time. Industrial camera refers to the video image acquisition equipment that can be applied to the industrial scene stably and efficiently, and can directly store the image on the hard disk. Compared with ordinary cameras, industrial cameras have high comparability in resolution, frame rate, light requirements, and exposure mode, among which the main component is CCD photosensitive chip. Beijing Demina diamond tool grinding machine on-line monitoring device with CCD camera eyepiece scoreboard, the eyepiece coaxial scoreboard installed in the CCD camera eyepiece with relative on the side of the tube, the eyepiece score for a glass plate, glass imprint several scoreboard used in diamond tool images to be monitored for comparison and/or measuring range and radius of concentric circles, glass score on the board also set to have a number of total magnification and adapted to the corresponding magnification tool arc radius value. Just set the eyepiece coaxial scoreboard in CCD camera eyepiece with relative on the side of the tube, then the CCD camera monitoring, the CCD camera can be monitored the diamond tool to image compared with glass scoreboard on different concentric circles and/or measurement, can be made by monitoring online measuring parameters of the diamond tool, no step by step operation, reduce the processing steps, improve the production efficiency. Online CCD measurement: optical microscope magnification and CCD camera magnification technology are adopted, and the magnification factor is anywhere from 25 to 80. The marking line used for comparison remains unchanged after calibration, which ensures the accuracy of comparison and enables the machine tool to be accurately detected blade arc.
  • Software And Tool Grinder

    The grinding process to machine tool spindle intelligent reasoning as the research object and developed to meet intelligent manufacturing grinding process for axle shaft of machine tool software. The software brings together the spindle grinding process based intelligent database, process knowledge base, optimization, and intelligent reasoning process instance, multiple modules such as NC automatic programming and applied to the CNC cylindrical grinder production practice. The results show that the grinding process software can significantly enhance the accuracy of the spindle of CNC grinding process decision-making. Decision-making accuracy reached 96%, process decision time reduced by about 50%, thus improve the machining efficiency.Software And Tool Grinder1. There is an innate connection between software technology and tool grinding, and the complexity and diversity of the tool can be precisely satisfied by the flexibility of the software.2. The requirement for skillful operation of blade grinding can also be satisfied with the high intelligence of software.3. The adoption of software technology can reduce the complexity of the structure of machine tools. These mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle, and software can greatly shorten the r&d cycle of equipment and even reduce the cost.4. By the market competition and product upgrading, tool manufacturers are required to provide personalized service. That is, a non-standard tool supply, the software can be upgraded features just to meet the changing needs of customers.Demina’s CNC tool grinding machine has developed its own grinding software. The tool grinder can grind the tools automatically, which is populated with customers.
  • PCD Inserts

    Diamond tools have the characteristics of high hardness, high compressive strength, good thermal conductivity and wear resistance, etc.The above characteristics of diamond tools are determined by the crystal state of diamond.In diamond crystals, four valence electrons of carbon atoms are bonded according to tetrahedral structure, and each carbon atom forms covalent bonds with four adjacent atoms, thus forming the structure of diamond. This structure has strong binding force and orientation, thus making the diamond extremely hard.Because the structure of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a sintered fine-grain diamond with different orientation, its hardness and wear resistance are still lower than that of single-crystal diamond, although the mixture is added.However, because PCD sintered body is isotropic, it is not easy to crack along a single cleavage surface. Main indicators: 1.The hardness of PCD can reach 8000HV, which is 8 ~ 12 times of the hard alloy; 2.The thermal conductivity of PCD is 700W/mK, which is 1.5 ~ 9 times of cemented carbide, even higher than PCBN and copper, so PCD tool heat transfer quickly; 3.The friction coefficient of PCD is generally only 0.1 ~ 0.3 (the friction coefficient of carbide is 0.4 ~ 1), so PCD tool can significantly reduce the cutting force; 4.The thermal expansion coefficient of PCD is only 0.9×10^-6 ~ 1.18×10^-6, only equivalent to 1/5 of the cemented carbide, so PCD tool thermal deformation is small, high processing accuracy; 5.PCD tools and non-ferrous and non-metallic materials between the affinity is very small, in the process of processing chip is not easy to stick on the tip of the knife to form a chip tumor. Beijing Demina manufacturing BT-150H can grind PCD inserts with good finish through constant pressure grinding and flexible feed.
  • Five-Axis CNC System

    Five-Axis CNC SystemA five-axis, five-axis CNC system for grinding high-speed steel (HSS), hard alloys, and other materials. To grind the wheel at the right position, Angle, and track. For manufacturing and regrinding can realize the fast switch between different specifications of the tool, save time. The distance between the grinding position of grinding wheel and grinding wheel shaft is short and rigid. All guides and other moving parts are lubricated by a central lubrication system. The Spindle cooling system and grinding wheel flange are integrated with high frequency grinding head with built-in motor. Grinding fluid injection system with filter. An air conditioning system is provided in the electric cabinet. The computer is connected directly to the numerical control system (CNC), the intelligent core of the machine tool, and can also be connected to the measuring probe.It is understood that NUMAFFUT software can reflect the description of the tool to be ground and measure the parameters obtained by the probe. Description of tool grinding process. Selection of grinding wheel to be used and other parameter options (pre-stored on hard disk). Selection of process parameters, such as spindle speed, feed rate, feed quantity, etc. Longmen processing center any data have default values, but also can modify or optimize NUMAFFUT software can calculate the trajectory and turn into NC program. The NC program drives five NC axes to perform the grinding. As the machine is processed, the next procedure can be prepared. The new grinding program can be started again without re-measuring or going back to the origin. All CNC programs for grinding machine are written with SMPNumaffut software.NCSIMUL is usually installed in machine tools to check numerical control programs written by programmers. Inspect and prevent all processing accidents. 
  • Application Of CNC Diomand Tool Grinding Machine

    With the decrease of non-renewable tungsten resources and the improvement of superhard (PCD-PCBN) materials, superhard (PCD-PCBN) tools will gradually replace cemented carbide tools and become the main tools for metal processing. Diamond cutting tools have high hardness, good wear resistance and thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient and thermal expansion coefficient, therefore, they are widely used in modern cutting processes. They have become an indispensable and important tool in modern material processing. Because of the high hardness of diamond, it is difficult to grind diamond tools. Diamond tool grinder, grinding technology and equipment are the necessary technology and equipment for the development and application of superhard tools. They are the important guarantee for the accuracy and quality of tool processing, and have a great impact on the promotion and application of diamond tools. The CNC diamond tool grinder manufactured by Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a morden innovative equipment which in order to realize the automation of domestic superhard (PCD&PCBN) tool manufacturing, to reduce labor costs, to improve production quality and efficiency by using intelligent means such as CNC technology, application software, video capture and sensors. 1. Self-developed CNC system: Providing the program of controlling grinding motion of machine tools, and various switching quantities of PLC program. It has all kinds of machine tool control knobs and easy-to-operate control panel. 2. Application software including superhard tool grinding process: The software calculates tool, grinding wheel and process parameters that has been input, then generates standard NC G code. The software also has a real-time video system for tool alignment and online dimension measurement. 3. Motion alrithm of uniform wear of grinding wheel: The grinding wheel of machine tool can swing back and forth, and the swing position, amplitude, frequency and times can be set in advance in the program. The grinding wheel realizes "sinusoidal" swing, which optimizes the motion quality and prolongs the mechanical life. 4. Automatic dressing and compensation of grinding wheel: The automatic dressing device of grinding wheel is installed on the end face of the grinding wheel. Driven by compressed air, the diamond grinding wheel is automatically dressed and cleaned. 5. The device of online measurement and compensation: The grinding tool is measured under the drive of NC program, and then the wear of grinding wheel is compensated according to the measured value.
  • Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

    Introduction Of Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder1. Five-axis CNC tool grinder is a CNC tool production machine tool developed for full grinding tools. The machine is A five-axis five-linkage machine tool, in which X, Y, and Z are linear servo axes and A and C are rotation axes.This machine is specialized in the production of standard milling cutters, non-standard milling cutters, drills, reamer, and other cutters, with low consumption, high efficiency, high precision CNC cutters production equipment. In the field of high-speed steel and carbide milling cutter manufacturing. It has an extraordinary advantage.JL215 is one of the main models of MD CNC tool grinding, and we are constantly improving and improving MC series equipment, with more advanced solutions to bring you higher benefits and returns.2. Scope of Use:Work materials: ∅3-∅12mm handle diameter of high-speed steel, hard alloy, stainless steel, etc.;Milling cutter types: milling cutter: cylindrical end tooth milling cutter, cylindrical ball tooth milling cutter, taper end tooth milling cutter, taper ball tooth milling cutter, multi-tooth milling cutter, multi-edge milling cutter, multi-tooth multi-edge milling cutter, disk milling cutter, saw blade milling cutter, left and right spiral cutter, welding milling cutter, non-standard milling cutter.Drill, tap, reamer: all kinds of left and right spiral blades, straight groove blades, standard and non-standard drills, reamer, common tap for hand and machine, extruding tap.Other tools: all kinds of rotary files, carving knives, woodworking tools, stamping tools, CNC blades, etc.Parts: five-axis grinding in product parts.
  • PCD Tool Manufacturing Process

    About PCD tool manufacturing The use of the PCD tool to process aluminum workpieces has the advantages of long tool life and high metal removal rate. Its disadvantages are that the tool is expensive and the processing cost is high. This point has reached a consensus in the machinery manufacturing industry. However, in recent years, many changes have occurred in the development and application of the PCD tool. Today, the performance of aluminum materials is not what it used to. When processing various newly developed aluminum alloy materials (especially high-silicon-content composite materials). In order to optimize productivity and processing quality, the PCD tool grade and geometric parameters must select carefully to suit Different processing requirements. Another change of PCD tool is that the processing cost has been continuously reduced and the market competition pressure has improved the manufacturing process of tools. The price of the PCD tool has dropped by more than 50%. Use correctly of PCD tool Prerequisites for the correct application of the PCD tool to obtain satisfactory processing results. Although the specific reasons for tool failure vary, they are usually caused by incorrect use of the object or method. When ordering the PCD tool, the user should correctly grasp the tool adaptation range. For example, when using a PCD tool to process ferrous metal workpieces (such as stainless steel). Because diamond easily reacts with steel carbon elements, it will cause PCD tools to wear quickly. Therefore, the correct choice of PCBN tool for machining hardened steel. Generally, in order to reduce the cutting force and prevent the build-up edge, the PCD tool should use a positive cutting angle. However, when processing high-silicon aluminum alloys (especially when PCD tool is used instead of hard alloy tools), the back angle of the PCD tool should slightly smaller than that of the original carbide tool (such as 250) to improve the cutting of PCD tool. Cutting performance on high silicon aluminum alloy. The positive rake angle of a PCD tool should not too large, because of the larger the tool rake angle, the lower the cutting edge strength. In other words, the smaller the PCD tool rake angle, the higher the cutting edge strength.  
  • Features Of CNC 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine

    Features Of CNC 5-Axis Tool Grinding Machine1. It can be equipped with an advanced man-machine conversational NC system, which can not only program G code but also uses tool software. The system is safe, stable, convenient, and anti-electromagnetic interference. The program transmission between CNC and PC can be realized through an Ethernet interface and USB2.0, which can be started with one key in the shortest processing preparation time so that the productivity can be greatly improved.2. Equipped with 3D simulation software, the necessary parameters of tool processing can be displayed in the form of a dialog box. After parameter input, the tool simulation can display the 3d graphics of the tool and the grinding steps of the machine. Use the anti-collision function of the software to avoid the collision phenomenon in the actual machining process.3. The corresponding software module can be used to process all kinds of tools, through the selection of probe, automatic cycle measurement of the workpiece and tool wear compensation, that is, the production of tools and repair tool.4. Make the ∅0.5 or above of the blade diameter and change the ∅150 or less of the cutter by changing the main shaft power.5. Heavy design, gantry frame structure, good rigidity, high strength, good stability.6. Imported screw and guide rail ensure high accuracy, high sensitivity, and good stability.7. The rotating shaft is equipped with an imported high-precision worm wheel and worm, which can drive smoothly and accurately.8. Can install the top and simple support point, used for long tool production.
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