Milling Cutters Introduction
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Milling Cutters Introduction


Milling cutters are used for machining mold cavities or punch forming surfaces. Die milling cutter is evolved from end milling cutter, according to the working part of the shape can be divided into three kinds of conical flat head, cylindrical ball head, conical ball head.

Carbide die milling cutter is very widely used, in addition to milling a variety of mold cavity, but also can replace the hand file and grinding wheel grinding head to clean the casting, forging, welding parts burr, and some of the forming surface for finishing. The milling cutter can be installed on the use of pneumatic or power tools, production efficiency, and durability than the grinding wheel and file dozens of times. And we often use Milling cutters grinder machine for grinding and milling equipment. The commonly used grinder is BT-150M Automatic Cutter Grinder.

Classification Of Milling Cutter

1. Sharp teeth milling cutter: grinding a narrow blade on the back surface to form a back Angle, due to a reasonable cutting Angle, its life is higher. The tooth back of sharp tooth milling cutter has a straight line, curve and broken line 3 kinds of forms. Straight tooth back is often used for fine-tooth finishing milling cutter. The cutter tooth strength of curve and broken line tooth back is better, can bear the heavy cutting load, often used for coarse tooth milling cutter.

2. Shovel teeth milling cutter: it’s back with a shovel cutting (or shovel grinding) method of processing into the Archimedes spiral tooth back, a milling cutter with blunt only re-grinding in front, can keep the original tooth shape unchanged, for the manufacture of gear milling cutter and other forms of the milling cutter.

Demina company has milling cutters resharpening tool grinder. They help customers to grind the used milling cutter. It can help the customers to save the cost.

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