Maintenance Tips Of CBN Grinding Machine Tool
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Maintenance Tips Of CBN Grinding Machine Tool


CBN grinding machine needs to be inspected before work. Grinder tools have a significant impact on the grinder, and you should not take it lightly when inspecting grinder tools. Below Beijing Demina will tell you about the maintenance skills of the 2-axis CBN grinding machine tools.

Maintenance Tips Of CBN Grinding Machine Tool

1. Before operation CBN grinding machine, check whether the various pieces of the cutter are used properly. Whether the handwheel handles are in the wrong orientation, and whether there are frictional obstacles in the advancement of the knife, and whether the limit switches can play a stable maintenance effect.

2. Every time you start the machine to start each moving part, pay attention to whether the cutting tool and each handle are on the scale of the operation. When you move the handle easily, first move it slightly to see if the moving part and orientation match. It is strictly forbidden to drive suddenly to move the handle.

3.2-axis CBN grinding machine the toolbar, bracket, washer, indexing head, vise, knife hole, etc. should be rubbed on the parallel surface, and the milling machine should be free of dirt and dirt.

4. Before the grinding tool is started, check whether the cutting tool is firmly installed and the workpiece is firm. The pressure plate must undulate. The horns supporting the pressure plate should not too high or too many pieces. The shank washer should not use for other pads.

5. The tool must be parked during the continuous uneven work, cutting tools, tightening, adjustment, speed change and measuring work on the tool. When replacing the toolbar, cutter head, end milling head, milling cutter, should stop it first. Open the power door and take care to prevent people from being damaged by the tool after the lever screws are loosened.

6. When disassembling and assembling the end mill, the countertop must slab and check the trays by hand.

7. When installing a flat milling cutter and using a wrench to pull the screw nut, pay attention to the proper selection of the wrench’s mouth. And do not use too much force to prevent slipping.

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