Installation Of Guide Rail
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Installation Of Guide Rail


Install the guide rail base

(1) At the bottom of the pit, ground fixed rail channel steel foundation. The center shall coincide with the centerline of the cage guide. (2) After leveling the channel steel foundation seat, make an M16 expansion bolt at both ends of the channel steel to connect and fix the channel steel and the floor of the pit. If the pet has a structural steel bar, it can also be welded with a steel bar. The levelness error of the channel steel foundation seat is not more than 1/1000. (3)The channel steel base position is determined, with concrete will be filled around the flat. Channel steel foundation seat at both ends used to fix the guide rail Angle frame, first with the cage guide rail centerline after alignment, then fixed. (4) If there is no channel steel base under the guide, the guide under the pad thickness of ≥12 mm, the area of 200 mm×200 mm steel plate, and the guide with electric welding spot welding. (5) The pit floor should not be higher than the plane of the channel steel foundation. (6)  Use oil lubrication guide, the foundation guide in front of its lower end from the ground level 40 mm high section of work face saw off, in order to set aside the location of the oil box.Or in the guide under the oil groove, oil directly into the oil placed in the side of the oil box.

Guide rail installation

(1)In the top floor center hole hanging a pulley, and fixed firmly, used to hoist guide. (2) The floor above 12 and above can consider the use of winding machine hoisting track. Lower than 12 can use nylon rope (or wire rope) manpower lifting, nylon rope (or wire rope) diameter should greater than 25 mm, lifting guide to use double hook guide connecting plate. (3) The rail of the convex tenon should face up, should remove the dust on the tenon, to ensure that the joint gap in accordance with the requirements of the specification. (4)The installation of the track at the same time to install the pressure plate and fill between the guide and bracket 1 ~ 2 mm spacer, the most on the top of a track and floor spacing are not greater than 100 mm. The extra guideway should be sawed off by the grinding wheel. Gas welding is strictly prohibited.

Adjust guide rail

(1) Remove the installation line of guide rail bracket, put the centerline of the guide rail on the template, and fix it.

(2) Check the distance between the end face of apricot guide rail and the centerline of cage guide rail with steel blind rule, adjust the distance between guide rail bracket and guide rail by adding or subtracting shim, so that the distance between the end face of each measuring point guide rail and the centerline of cage guide rail is consistent.

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