Five-Axis CNC System
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Five-Axis CNC System


Five-Axis CNC System

A five-axis, five-axis CNC system for grinding high-speed steel (HSS), hard alloys, and other materials. To grind the wheel at the right position, Angle, and track. For manufacturing and regrinding can realize the fast switch between different specifications of the tool, save time. The distance between the grinding position of grinding wheel and grinding wheel shaft is short and rigid. All guides and other moving parts are lubricated by a central lubrication system. The Spindle cooling system and grinding wheel flange are integrated with high frequency grinding head with built-in motor. Grinding fluid injection system with filter. An air conditioning system is provided in the electric cabinet. The computer is connected directly to the numerical control system (CNC), the intelligent core of the machine tool, and can also be connected to the measuring probe.

It is understood that NUMAFFUT software can reflect the description of the tool to be ground and measure the parameters obtained by the probe. Description of tool grinding process. Selection of grinding wheel to be used and other parameter options (pre-stored on hard disk). Selection of process parameters, such as spindle speed, feed rate, feed quantity, etc. Longmen processing center any data have default values, but also can modify or optimize NUMAFFUT software can calculate the trajectory and turn into NC program. The NC program drives five NC axes to perform the grinding. As the machine is processed, the next procedure can be prepared. The new grinding program can be started again without re-measuring or going back to the origin. All CNC programs for grinding machine are written with SMPNumaffut software.NCSIMUL is usually installed in machine tools to check numerical control programs written by programmers. Inspect and prevent all processing accidents.


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