Features And Operation Matters Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine
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Features And Operation Matters Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine


APE-40 UP-sharpening machine is used for wood processing, paper industry, and printing industry. It can use to sharpen all kinds of drills. Moreover, the equipment has good performance and high grinding efficiency and is now widely used in various industries. Beijing Demina will introduce the features and operation of the device.

Features Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine

The high-quality APE-40 UP-sharpening machine is simple and convenient. The sharpened drill blade is on a straight line. The strength of grinding is stronger than that of the manual sharpening knife. And it will not affect the machining ability and service life of the blade, which helps the tool to be used better. The machine tool consists of six major parts: electrical appliances, grinding heads, reduction motors, slides, fuselage, and workbench.

The structure between the various parts of the equipment is compact, the layout is beautiful and reasonable, and the cutting is smooth and even, which is suitable for the processing of various tools. Usually mounted on the guide rail, it is equipped with a tool pressing plate and a fixed knob, as well as an angle adjustment button, which can better adjust the extension and angle of the tool and greatly improve the working environment.

Operational Matters Of APE-40 UP- Sharpening Machine

When we use APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder, we put the knife on the knife table. The amount of both ends of the knife should the same, and we can use the top wire to fine-tune it. Turn on the magnetizing switch of the button of the electromagnetic device to make the knife attract to the knife table. Adjust the position of the angle between the grinding wheel and the blade. If you find that the blade is in contact with the grinding wheel, you should turn the knife handwheel to separate it.

Then, turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters the normal working state. Then turn the knife handwheel to advance the blade slowly and evenly until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. Adjust the tightness of the contact between the blade and the grinding wheel so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well. This series of procedures should operate under the guidance of a person to avoid unfamiliar operations and accidents.

Beijing Demina manufactures all kinds of drilling and grinding equipment. It is idle at the APE-40 UP-sharpening machine for sale. Welcome everyone to come and buy.

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